Friends, it has taken me a couple of very sad days to assemble some words about our mighty friend @MidwinCharles.

I hope you will read this - I’ve compiled some of her amazing quotes and photos.
2. Like many of you, I am shocked & heartbroken. I was texting with her less than a week ago. She was my friend, my hero, my collaborator; and still is.
For the past 6 years, Midwin has been - by far - my most frequent guest on our @SiriusXM show, and throughout the pandemic she still joined us every Wednesday night, from home, without fail.
I first met Midwin in the TV green rooms. @CNN, @MSNBC, @WendyWilliams.

Being on camera with her was an elevating experience, but becoming her friend made me a better broadcaster, a better synthesizer of information, and a better person.
When I first met her, I was smitten by her beauty, her intellect, her strength, her compassion - and her ability to make complexities seem powerfully simple.
When I was asked to do a show on SiriusXM, I sheepishly asked her to join me sometime as a guest. I had no idea I would be receiving a master class on law, politics, culture, history, style and wit for an hour every week.
What I didn’t expect was that she’d be asking me to do a selfie every time she appeared. Which is intimidating, considering how photogenic she is.

I can honestly say that I have been in more selfies with Midwin than with anyone else - I have no idea how many she took.
Over the years, she would sometimes sidekick w/me on air.
I can honestly tell you that she could share a mic w/anyone - journalist, comic, politician - always top of her game.

I put her on once with @JackieMartling & the Jokeman was dazzled.
w/@irenebremis13 & @KevinBartini
9. Midwin was always dynamite on TV -but radio, as it does, allowed her to go even deeper into her expertise, her life, her passions, her morality, and her humor.

To this day, whenever someone pushes a lie or disinformation, I often revert to Midwin & retort “Uh-uh, boo-boo.”
10. Our listeners came to love her and many felt as if they knew her. We often never got to all the calls she’d receive every week on the air.
And every week, we always looked forward not just to what Midwin would say, but what she would wear. I freely admit this.

Some days she’d be coming by after court, some days after a TV hit, some days she’d just come by doing casual-fabulous.
Last Feb we did a 'pass the mic' special for Black History Month where I turned my show over to guest hosts. Midwin was the 1st person we asked to take over.
A great misconception in broadcasting is that great guests automatically make great hosts - not the case. But Midwin was as solid as an anchor as she was marvelous as a guest.
Midwin was wonderful to my staff & all my producers. Tatiana Zamis & Thea Harper are both Haitian-American and Midwin adored them.

I had performed for the troops in Haiti after the earthquake and it’s very close to my heart. Midwin was passionately proud of Haiti’s history and deeply hopeful for Haiti’s future.
Midwin got her bachelor’s at Syracuse and her law degree from American University, Washington College of Law.
Like my Dad she was born in Brooklyn. Unlike my Dad, she never wanted to leave.
She loved her family, deeply, and was so kind and loving to me when my Mom passed.
The best part of knowing Midwin was getting to become her friend. I was thrilled when she came to see me perform political standup off-Broadway. She was the kind of lady one hopes to impress.
We went to see “Black Panther” at Lincoln Center opening week. I had to spend the previews explaining T’Challa’s role in “Captain America Civil War" as designated geek.

With @frankConniff @CarolinaDoesOK Kylie Edwars & @JenHegarty

I want to share a few of her quotes that convey her passion & compassion:

“Calling Martin Shkreli a ‘Pharma Bro’, but the black kid who's arrested for jumping a turnstile because he can't afford a metro card a ‘career criminal’ – is part of the problem.”
“94% of Black women voted against Trump in 2016. We know bullshit when we see it.”

Regarding Mike Pence saying he would do his job: “I look forward to the day when elected officials doing their job isn’t breaking news.”

“In 20 years of practicing law, the only consistent takeaway I’ve witnessed - no matter what the legal area: civil rights, divorce, elder care, criminal law, commercial litigation - is that this world does not believe Black women feel pain.”

“Toxic masculinity afflicts men of every color. Those who feel significance only when asserting power over another. That’s why a portion of black men support Trump. They relate to him in this way. They’re weak.”

“I’ve been saying this for the longest: Democratic positions on the issues: sensible gun control, ACA, LGBTQ rights, civil rights, women’s right to choose, etc. are POPULAR. They need to start acting like it.”

[Regarding Mike Flynn] “Note who gets to call for violence, sedition, and voter disenfranchisement and more with little outrage from American institutions. But let a Black football player peacefully protest police brutality and take a knee during a football . . . .”
“What was the most vile thing Trump did?”
[His mocking of disabled reporter Serge Kovaleski] "It was so wicked. In a way I can’t quite explain. Google the coverage by media. That bothered me too. “Seems”, “appears”, etc. They gave him the benefit of doubt.”
“I hope more Americans can now see-after 11 mo. of a raging pandemic, CA fires, folks w/no power in frozen TX - that leadership based in hate does not govern. All those anti fill in the blank laws don’t keep food on your table, homes warm, roads safe, quality healthcare,etc.”

“The only thing that might stop this runaway train to authoritarianism Republicans have boarded is money. It most certainly will not be logic, reason, character, integrity, unity, comity, empathy, understanding, patriotism, respect, or love."
(on Marjorie Taylor Greene)

“Still thinking about how Cori Bush had to move her office to get away from an aggressive member of Congress because no one will hold the aggressor accountable. If that isn’t a metaphor for Black women at work, I don’t know what is."
“Remember when I said painting the words BLM on streets was just performance art and that cannot replace justice? …”

"Donald Trump has left the White House.” I love how these words string together into a sentence.”
“Now do you understand why Republicans suppress Black votes? I hereby declare that the Southern states are not red. They are suppressed.”

“I wonder how much further we’d be as a country if there were less insecure men in positions of power. I think of this often.”

“As I often say: America always shows us it does not believe that Black lives matter. It’s why we must continue to say and show that they do.”

“Black women on their way to the polls to save your democracy. Again.”
“Tell the truth at all times. Appeasement & coddling has disastrous consequences.”

Midwin remained a fixture on our show when we moved to nights and the pandemic began. All throughout lockdown I didn’t get to see her, but every Wednesday night I knew she’s be there to class up the joint.

Comics loved her. With @FrankConniff & @JudyGold.
That time Midwin joined the show with @BillyBaldwin. You could put her on the air with anyone and she was always just brilliant.
When I told Midwin that Rakim was coming on my SiriusXM show for a rare interview, we sneaked her in to meet him.
(I later reminded her that Rakim got to meet her, too.)
Midwin at our Christmas party, with @XorjeO and @taterTATi__

Tuesday evening, when we broke the news, a listener called to quote the Beatitudes - which Midwin admired as much as I did. This says so much about her.

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled" (Matthew 5:6)
I literally can't believe I have so many selfies with one person. I used to feel so awkward, posing with such an intense beauty. I always joked that I looked like a before pic in a gym ad.

Now I just treasure them all.

Midwin used her powers not just for herself, but to fight for the marginalized, the unheard, the powerless.

I can tell you that knowing her, working with her, and becoming her friend made me a better citizen, a better human, and a better man.

Thank you, Midwin. I love you.
actually @JewdyGold

• • •

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(2) That's Ringo in 1990 with Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Jim Keltner & Joe Walsh.

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-Stole from vets via his fraud online U
-Lied about donating $1 million to veterans' nonprofits
-Said he'd make troops commit war crimes
-Pardoned a guy who committed war crimes
-Falsely claimed he signed Vets' Choice into law
-Insulted POWs
-Insulted Gold Star Families
-Fined for misusing funds from 2016 Vets fundraiser
-Called Generals "dopes & babies"
-Falsely accused US service members of stealing funds for Iraqi reconstruction
-Deployed 5,600 soldiers to the border in a midterm election stunt
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