I joined the Army after college.
I had fired weapons before and was introduced to others during
my time in uniform. I was never in combat so I am grateful for that.
When I was discharged I lived and worked in D.C. Md, and NVa. There were Murders and
shootings but I was never at risk. I owned no weapons.
Then I moved to KC metro area. Again murders and shootings but none that were near me. Again I owned no weapons.

I moved back to my home town to stay with my family
as they needed. All the old family
hunting weapons were here. They were given out to family members as remembrances.

As I began to settle in here I began to experience the political changes that had occurred. Also the extremism that had taken
over the Republican Party.
God, Guns, Abortion were used as hot buttons to raise money, elect syncophantic pawns, and pass hate and bigoted legislation.

I bought a gun. Then another. There were some people here or moving here that did not recall the South Dakota Citizens I had grown
up around.

I have an acquaintance who possesses 90,000 rounds of ammunition. Because “you just never know” My
lawnmower repair guy wears a Glock.

Our legislature allows open carry in the building. I recall reading that there was a fear that some citizens
might be mad at them and they wanted to defend themselves. One of my former legislators was one of the prime sponsors of this. And the God plaques that went up in schools. Unclear as to what God they trusted.

Now we have stand your ground. You feel
threatened you can blast away. I can tell you if any Republican politician comes on my property I’ll Damn well feel threatened. So note that.

We have horrible leadership that likes us stupid! People seem eager to comply. Our Governor is a grifter of the
highest order. A syncophantic Republican clone of bigotry and hate painted with a thin coat of faux patriotism.

My great great grandfather left the oppression of Bismarck. He fought for the Union. Since then 22 other family members have served our country.
South Dakota has an oppressive dictator in the governor’s office and a majority, save a thin line in the legislature. She armed the populace even thought any habitat needed for hunting has been plowed under.

I don’t believe it will
last. The people eventually figure it out and the game is up. @govkristinoem you are a phony balony and your minions @IanTFury are just
squeaky toys for the unwashed. @FredDeutsch after all these sessions of being paid to legislate hate
you failed again.

• • •

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19 Feb
Every night I try to plan an act of kindness for the next day. If not planned then I look for spontaneous opportunities.
Sometimes it works and chances
What I find difficult is the political environment in our state.
There is so much provocation and it’s hard to ignore. Injustice, bigotry, hatred, arrogance and a dismissive attitude towards those in need but not in power. The ruling party consists of members who pull levers as directed.
If you dare question then you are punished(see Taffy Howard) if you are corrupt you can get a pass. If you run for office you are given an endowment to keep you secure. If you have any reasonable intelligence you are insulted daily
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18 Dec 20
🤔 If only
at the beginning
we would have had
a governor focused
in the health and well
being of her state. If
we had masks in March;
and shown leadership by
example. If we had cancelled
all potential superspreader
Instead of declaring dollars
over death. If only it doesn’t
appear that she was supporting herd immunity all along. If only
more CARES money had been
offered to the 9 tribes. If only we had transparency in government
and avoided pandering. If
Only our Governor focused her
efforts in the job she was elected to do, and didn’t become a professional syncophant to
a despicable human. If only all
the programs, Meth, Tourism,
Anti Legalizing Marijuana,
allowing a murderous AG to
continue to hold office
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22 Nov 20
And the people each became a number. A piece of data. Add them, subtract them, divide them, turn them to a percentage
and make a graph. This is the business method of government
not of, by, and for the people; rather one where people have no humanity.
It’s easy that way. It removes the emotion of death. It’s kept at a distance and credit is claimed.
Selective science is applied. It’s all about Work. Your ability to produce for the State. Might as well tattoo us on the forehead
We reach out to other locations offering the state’s bounties for a visit. No rules. A midwestern Vegas. But what happens here
not only stays here, you take it back with you to share and infect your home states. Then we offer ourselves as a destination for every so called
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