New information has surfaced, which may explain today's odd decision by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to rule compulsory vaccination being legal (see thread: )

Gates and Soros are the largest donors to ECHR:…

BIG SCANDAL enfolding: Judges at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) have apparently been influenced (meaning bought) by NGOs controlled by Bill Gates & George Soros according to a new Report by the European Center for Law & Justice:…
The Report entitled "NGOS AND THE JUDGES OF THE ECHR, 2009 - 2019" by the European Center for Law & Justice can be downloaded here:…

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The article states:
"Well-known and controversial US billionaire George Soros with his Open Society Foundation and Microsoft, a company founded by Bill Gates, are two of the largest donors to the European Court of Human Rights."…
This statement is remarkable: "Our report makes proposals... greater attention should be paid to the choice of candidates for the post of judge by avoiding the appointment of ACTIVISTS and CAMPAIGNERS."…
So, ECHR consists of UNPROFESSIONAL judges! Who knew?
No wonder that the European Court of Human Rights (apparently composed of activists & campaigners with major conflict of interests) issued a ruling today about compulsory vaccinations that violates the Nuremberg Code: Most judges on the Court are not legal professionals!

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8 Apr
Evidence for corrupted decisions by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR):

ECHR in Strasbourg ruled today that compulsory vaccinations would not contravene human rights law and may be necessary in democratic societies:…

This is NOT good!
How can compulsory inoculation with experimental vaccines that are rooted in gene therapy be regarded as being "necessary in a democratic society" as ruled by ECHR??

The court decision makes no logical sense!…
Compulsory vaccination or any other compulsory (nonconsensual) administering of drugs to people is a direct violation of the Nuremberg Code:…

Why did the European Court of Human Rights issue a ruling violating the Nuremberg Code (…)?
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31 Mar
The WHO issued a Report about the origin of the Coronavirus that laughably "concluded" based on NO evidence that the virus jumped from bats to humans while China stonewalled the investigation. No wonder 14 countries disagreed with Report's conclusions!…
I just heard on Fox's Bret Baier show a discussion about WHO's whitewash Report on the coronavirus origin. However, no one raised the question about Fauci's funding of the gain-of-function coronavirus research at the Wuhan Lab reported by NY Post:…

If there was an international team investigating the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, did they look at the transfer of $3.7M from Fauci's Institute to the Wuhan Lab in 2014-2016, when there was a moratorium on coronavirus gain-of-function research in USA?…
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31 Mar
What was dismissed as a conspiracy theory only 12 months ago, is now becoming a reality reported by mainstream media: Digital COVID Vaccine Passports are being pushed by the Biden Administration and private companies:…
Can you guess, who's behind this idea?
The idea that people need a digital Biometric ID to prove that they are vaccinated and track them like animals was expressed laud & clear by Bill Gates more than a year ago. Watch this segment of a documentary from Apr. 6, 2020:
I encourage everyone to watch this report by Spiro Skouras from Apr 2020 documenting statements by Bill Gates, which show that what we've witnessed for the past 12 months in terms of lockdowns, school closures, vaccinations, and tracking was PLANNED by him
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30 Mar
Here is an example of a smart entrepreneur considered to be visionary by many, who has little understanding of atmospheric thermodynamics, proposing a ridiculous plan to make Mars warm & habitable based on the fictitious "Greenhouse Effect":…
Elon Musk's plan to warm Mars via a "runaway greenhouse effect" will never work, because the atmospheric thermal effect is due to total pressure, and one needs to increase Mars surface air pressure to 11.6 bar in order to raise global temp. above freezing!…
So, Mars' atmospheric mass must be increased 1,700 times above the current level in order for the average surface temperature to rise above 0.6 C. We don't have a technology that's even remotely capable to accomplishing this!

Hence, Elon Musk is a groundless fantasy dreamer. 🙂
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29 Mar
In this 2016 TED talk, Stephen Petranek (an America writer) tries to make the case that we have the technology to start colonizing Mars by 2027. A key step in this is warming the Red Planet, which he think can be done by causing a "runaway Greenhouse"?! 😎
Petranek thinks that by melting the frozen CO2 on Mars's South Pole using sunlight focused by giant marrows in orbit around Mars, we could trigger a "runaway greenhouse" that will warm the planet above freezing:

But the "Greenhouse effect" is a FICTION!🤔
The reality is that, in order to raise Mars' global temperature from -82.6 C at present to say +0.6 C in the future, one must increase the total MASS of the atmosphere about 1,700 times!

This estimate comes from our universal planetary temperature model:
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21 Mar
A recent CDC study concluded that mask mandates were "associated" with decreases in daily COVID case & death growth rates while restaurant reopening were "associated" with increases in daily COVID case & death growth rates…
But what do the actual data show?
The actual data on p. 2 & 3 of the CDC report show that the claimed effects of mask mandates and restaurants reopening on COVID case & death growth rates are ONLY in the order of 1-3%. Also, case growth rate started declining 40-20 days BEFORE the mask mandates were introduced.
Furthermore, the graph on p. 3 of the CDC report shows that the increase of COVID daily death growth rate after reopening of restaurants is disconnected in terms of trajectory from the increase of daily case growth rate beyond 40-60 days after reopening implying no cause!
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