This is still one of my favorite thrift store finds. I want to say 2016 is when I found it. Notice the cover isn't in great condition? Don Quixote Arturo Toscanini
Here's the record.... Wait a minute, it's labeled Capitol Records, not RCA
Zoom and enhance... It's Beatles '65! Beatles '65 was an album by the Beatles that was issued as the North American alternative to Beatles for Sale, though I don't know the exact reasoning. I had heard that it was before the Beatles were known here, though don't cite me on that. Capitol Records BEATLES '65 JOHN LENNON, PAUL MCCARTNEY, GEO
The record itself shows wear and tear, but it was a dollar because the store didn't look at the record itself. It plays fine though!

• • •

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10 Feb 20
History is weird and amazing. So much of it is full of liars, frauds, crazy timing, and moments where only a mild breeze would have changed the course of it. Who knows how many empires fell because someone sneezed next to their leader and made them sick?
History isn't as set in stone as people say. We've had instances where we learned better, for instance James Wilkinson we later found out was a double agent for the Spanish crown.
History changes as we look at it, and in doing so, we also change. We find that while some parts may have been despicable according to our morals today, we relate a lot to the people of the times because, like us, they are only human.
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9 Dec 19
Every once in awhile, I binge Down the Rabbit Hole, and then I start panicking wondering if I'm going to end up like the people on this youtube series.
I mean, I'm 97% sure I won't, but I can't predict the future. So far everything I've done has been done in the way it has on purpose. The short stories? I wanted to write them. My shitty website? I wanted it to look straight out of the 90's
My god awful games? I struggle with higher concept games and do better with text so I stuck with text adventures and visual novels.
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6 Dec 19
I'm currently halfway through "A Word of Profit" by Louis Auchincloss. I have had to put this book down several times because it is very well written... To a fault. There are 3 characters who each match a mental trait I have. Jay, Sophie, and Hilary.
Jay Livingston is a Jew who renounced his faith and changed his name. He often has fits of doubt and anxiety. While his aren't as strong as mine, they feel just as real.
Sophie Shalcross had an incident a few years ago where she fell into a deep depression and was sent away to a sanitarium until she was deemed stable. She still has moments of heavy anxiety and depression that makes her question everything around her.
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30 Jul 19
Imagine a world hurtling through space without a home star. In an event of massive proportions, this world was ejected to roam the universe, only being held in the galaxy by the central black hole.
Now, imagine this world has a core able to project temperatures to keep the surface at a habitable standard. How do you think the residents of this world view the universe?
As long as they stay between systems, the universe is a friendly amazing place full of wonder. They don't fear it, after all, most objects stay tied to their own systems.
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3 Jul 19
It's 2, almost 3, in the morning and I'm writing up a post. You all know what that means. Time for regrets and anecdotes. Today, one specific event from my past has been weighing heavily on me. I had a friend back in high school who I cared for deeply.
I would walk home with her every day after school because she lived 5 blocks from me, which I found out when I accidentally walked her way one day after school. We started talking for the first time since grade school because of this.
One day, on our way to our homes, she hits me hard out of the blue with a single phrase.
"I've always looked up to you, because no matter how much bullying you get, you never did drugs."
For some reason, this made me panic, instead of picking up on the blatantly obvious hint.
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18 Jul 18
I put a lot of thought into writing this. In my own head, I edited and reedited it. I'm coming out with my history. Some of you have heard tidbits, but I've always been scared to share exactly the things I've been through. So, let's just get this over with.
To begin with, I was 11. My best and only friend was home for summer. I'd stay at his place, we'd stay up late watching anime and playing video games. It was at his place I first saw porn. One night he pulled my pants down and started humping me.
I didn't fight. I was scared to. This was the only friend I had. So I went with it for two more summers. I can still remember the gross feeling of his dick. The rubbery texture. I hate it to this day. It made me feel inadequate about mine too, as it didn't feel like that.
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