If you think people opposing the health measures lack of seriousness, it’s time to catch up with the facts outside of Mass Media. Meet Reiner Fuellmich, the world renown lawyer that is leading the investigations to sue the W.H.O. and others. 1/7
Reiner Fuellmich goes on here to explain the scientific corruption behind the infamous PCR test, and how it has been utilized to push changes that have been very beneficial exactly to those funding the whimsical "research" behind the measures. 2/7
The global nature of this will require, in words of Reiner, a "Nuremberg 2". Learn—from the lawyer that defied both Deutsche Bank and Volkswagen (winning both cases)—who are "they" and why they're doing this. 3/7
More insights into why this is mainly happening in Europe, and why we should have addressed the globalist agenda already after the last financial crisis. 4/7
"These are private global organizations, which have taken control over the entire world … once people understand this, it's not going to be too hard to turn the tables." 5/7
"It seems an impossible battle ahead", states the host of the Jerm Warfare podcast. Reiner clears out that it's not necessarily the case: "that's what they want us to believe ... the old Media are pretty much dead." 6/7
This is a battle of a wider scope than can be imagined, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Join the people on the right side of history, it's never too late. 7/7
Below, the most significant segments of the conversation.
The full podcast can be found on Jerm Warfare here:
Every session of the lawyers committee can be found here:……
If you find some of the claims of Reiner Fuellmich exaggerated, make sure you do some serious scientific and geopolitical research first. The thread below is a good place to start.

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7 Apr

See why health passports are not just an innocent idea, in this interview with one of the best informed voices on this side of the Bilderberg fence—Whitney Webb—by one of the best comedians still allowed to crack jokes—Tim Dillon. 1/4
Did you know that even the Pope is involved in the programs designed to eradicate your privacy for once and for all? There's just no one better to sell you the trojan precursor of your digital yoke. Beware of those promoting 'equity', yet sponsored by MasterCard and Visa. 2/4
Learn what's the 'fabulous' proposition of STAKEHOLDER CAPITALISM coming out of the genius minds of the World Economic Forum, the same ones that brought you "YOU'LL OWN NOTHING, BUT YOU'LL BE HAPPY". 3/4
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27 Mar
Caveat: you can't use the word "conspiracy" nor even hint at there being one.
2/ We have been conditioned to be afraid of using THE WORD, but the time has come. There's enough evidence—even a class action lawsuit—it's no theory.

We need REPUTED PEOPLE TO COME OUT of the fear of being ridiculed & SAY IT. Let's start using THE WORD that was stolen from us.
3/ We might not know EXACTLY who's who & what's what in this conundrum, but WE KNOW BEYOND ANY DOUBT THAT THERE'S A CONCERTED EFFORT to trample individual freedoms all over the western world.

How are we supposed to be on the side of truth if we are afraid to use THE RIGHT WORD!
Read 5 tweets
16 Mar
1/ The debate around the science is NEVER GOING TO BE WON in front of a population that—big surprise!—are not experts in epidemiology.
2/ We are also not convincing, because OUR REPUTATION HAS BEEN TARNISHED by Media, for over a year, with nasty labels.
3/ The path is to expose their values. We—the ones trying to expose this—will need to go through some sort of martyrdom, hopefully only metaphorical, e.g. of public humiliation.
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12 Mar

"Doctor" Fauci sat down for an innocent interview with Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbez—what could go wrong?— and learned for the first time what it is to be in a NON CONTROLLED INTERVIEW. Watch this! 1/4
This guy never gives a straight answer. He starts by stating the very obvious, and ends up always doing the same infomercial shtick.

"That's a very good question blah blah blah" ... "just sign this blank cheque, please".

Typical conman behavior. 2/4
In this part Fauci starts sweating profusely, frustrated perhaps that his symphony of yada-yadas don't seem to be working with a 'mere' Mexican comedian. Derbez, all the while, shows a very understandable eagerness to get straight answers. You know he’s done his research. 3/4
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28 Feb

This is the Belgian movie THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY. It’s interesting, if only because Belgium has the highest death rate by (or "with") CoViD. But it also serves to show how THE SAME FLAWED MEASURES have been imposed with THE SAME M.O. by the SAME USUAL SUSPECTS everywhere.

This is how the sausage is done.

See how epidemiologists backed by Big Pharma work. See how negligent Media is checking their backgrounds. And see how easy it is for the 'experts' to manipulate Media for the benefit of their generous 'contributors'.

You probably have already heard of a certain William Gates III, and his deeds in and around Seattle; but could his tentacles extend to other countries? Hear about it in French (if the CoViD conundrum has not been international enough for you).
Read 10 tweets
27 Feb

Jane Bürgermeister had to endure big pressure after exposing Big Pharma and governments when they tried to pull off THE SAME SCAM in 2009. Maybe she helped to stop it then, or maybe it was just a rehearsal for this time around. 1/3
Jane’s research had to do with the fabricated nature of the pandemic. And she was right, as you can read later on. Still, she was fired from her job and had to defend herself from criminal charges, all of which she was obviously acquitted. 2/3
Her warnings might have seemed exaggerated at the time, but the jab programs came to a halt (and with them, the debate around forced V’s) after many developed chronic narcolepsy. Vaccines were thrown out; Big Pharma kept the money. Her words make as much sense now as then. 3/3
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