This really is quite something. It's either staggeringly thick, unbelievably hypocritical, or a profoundly moronic attempt to rewrite history.

Let me, a man who isn't paid for this, remind Dan, a man who - unbelievably - actually is...
May's deal was incredibly unpopular amongst Brexiters. Johnson and several other ministers resigned. Brexiters marched in the streets shouting that it was a Leaver betrayal and treason.

At the time, Hodges himself claimed it wasn't democratic.…
So against this backdrop, Dan *now& says the right thing to do was for Remainers to deliver the "stitch up" that "nobody voted for".

And if we'd done that, Leavers would just have got on board.

Sure they would, Dan. Sure.
Like almost every other stupid disaster emanating from Brexit, this latest revisionism from Hodges is completely predictable. We've even saying for YEARS that when the wheels inevitably came off Brexit, Leavers would just blame Remain. It can't ever be THEIR fault.
Well guess what: it's their fault.

Leavers were told the truth, and they were told lies. The godawful rags Hodges writes for printed those lies for YEARS, and it is their responsibility just as much as it is Farage and Johnson’s.

You did this. Own it.

• • •

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10 Apr
Small thread

Police and loyalists say paramilitary groups aren't involved. They say:

"There has been a spectacular collective failure to understand their anger over Brexit"

NI is *specifically and explicitly* about Brexit, as many predicted ...…
So far we've had 74 police officers injured, and one statement of "concern" from Number 10. And now, after Philip, politics had been effectively turned off for a week.

Compare that with response to vigils about police allegedly murdering a woman. Tory outrage. New laws. Etc...
I genuinely fear where this is going. I mostly fear its not going away.

It's always been the case that Brexit would cause a border somewhere - land or sea - separating one NI community from the nation it thinks of as home. Brexit is impossible without that. Johnson simply lied.
Read 7 tweets
9 Apr
I find it odd how many people are saying "think of the Queen's feelings", forgetting the national discontent when she showed no feelings over Diana.

Feelings are not something the Royals do. This can't possibly be a surprise to you. I'm not being cruel: it's a documented fact.
What's more, I'm not convinced many ordinary people are especially sentimental either.

When my dad died, we were laughing within 15 minutes. We laughed during his funeral. Nobody seemed shocked, its how people deal with grief. Black humour is VERY normal.
I'm no royalist - not much of a republican either, to be honest. I don't think I care enough either way.

I mean no harm to an old lady or grieving family. But you can't expect humans to turn off their nature cos a 99 year old man died. They do that, you know. Commonly.
Read 5 tweets
22 Mar
I'm not a virologist. But it seems to me the problems isn't the lockdown. The problem is: we didn't lock down fast enough or strictly enough, and came out of lockdown far too fast.

Here's a thread of my reasoning:…
Firstly, let's look at Covid deaths per million, by country.…

Vietnam: 0.36
Thailand: 1.29
China: 3.46
NZ: 5.29
UK: 1,884.01

I'm sure some will say I'm cherry-picking, but we are 4th worst worldwide...
Nations with few deaths locked down very fast. Their restrictions were far harsher than ours (they didn't, for example, pay people to go and mix in restaurants in the middle of a pandemic).

As a result, their lockdowns are mostly over, and their economies are growing again...
Read 14 tweets
15 Mar
Under #PolicingBill you can be arrested for:

- Standing still in a public place
- Moving in a public place
- Saying "I don't like the govt" if saying it annoys somebody else
- Doing anything police consider "protest"

Or looking like you might be about to do these things

This sounds like exaggeration. But the provisions of the bill allow for all of it.

They also allow you to be arrested if you are sat alone, in your own home, and shout "Resign" at your TV loud enough for your neighbour to hear it.

Or if police think you *might* shout it.

I don't for a moment say this WILL happen: just that the #PoliceBill gives police the power to do it.

And you don't even have to do something. A police officer just has to think you INTEND to do it.

And that's a profoundly worrying set of powers to give to anybody.

Read 7 tweets
12 Mar
If someone else is already doing this, please join in with them.

If they aren't, how about a hashtag to share practical ideas for how men can become better allies to women, and fix this shit once and for all?

I know: we shouldn't need telling. But we clearly do.

I don't pretent any of these ideas is the whole thing. But I'll make a start, and better people can join in.

If your mates are being sexist bastards, call them out on it. Sexism doesn't make them attackers, but it makes attackers feel OK. Put an end to it.
In work, make sure you treat everybody equally. Your female colleague is not there to be hit on, or get you coffee, or be the butt of locker-room jokes.

And if you're an employer, pay them the same as men #FixThisShit
Read 4 tweets
11 Mar
Woke and Market Forces.

The right loves market forces. If your shop is 1% more expensive than my shop, my shop wins. It doesn't need to be 51% more expensive, just 1% will do it.

The Market is never wrong. This is the mantra.

So how does this affect being "Woke"?

Let's imagine a celebrity appearing on a channel, which is sponsored by a brand.

The celeb says something that offends 1% of people. Not 51%. Just 1%.

So the channel loses 1% of its audience, and the brand loses 1% of its advertising reach.

And so Market Forces act...

It doesn't matter than it's not a majority aren't offended. Just 1% is enough to hurt a brand.

So brands will insist the celebs don't piss off their audience. They will insist on decency, and respecting every group.

"Ah", you say, "but WOKE is banning opinions"

Read 7 tweets

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