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8 Apr, 9 tweets, 2 min read
1/9. So, here’s a short thread on my understanding of what’s going on with the AZ vaccine.

Short caveat: I totally get that vaccine risks are v. small & there are many things we do every day with much higher medical (& other) risks. However, risks still need addressing ...
2/9. ... esp. as they are far higher for many who are sick or disabled who need clarity on what’s going on.

My understanding is the govt’s argument is that there’s a small risk of blood clots from the AZ vaccine, & that the risk looks to be maybe higher in younger age groups.
3/9. In Britain more younger people have had clots, but they don’t know if this is because they were vaccinating more who’re younger (such as HCW) or if the risk is really higher for those younger.

In any case, the argument is that even if the risk of more clots is higher ...
4/9. ... no matter what your age, when you’re older the risk of dying from #COVID19 becomes higher, so risk/benefit for getting the vaccine becomes higher. That is, your risk of dying or being permanently hurt by COVID outweighs the risk of getting a blood clot.

Whereas for ...
5/9. ... those younger, the risk of being hurt by a clot might be higher than of being hurt by getting COVID.

I understand this argument, but in my mind it’s not a fair one. Because if this vaccine hesitancy for those over 50 translates into more younger people being ...
6/9. ... prioritised for Pfizer or other vaccines, it means over-50s are being disadvantaged *twice*.

Because they’re already at higher risk from getting sick or dying from COVID, & will now possibly be prevented from accessing Pfizer so it can be kept for those younger.
7/9. I know the issue is more complex than this & also rapidly evolving in understanding.

However, if true that younger ppl will be prioritised for Pfizer & it has lower risks of clots, that’s a form of triage of older ppl away from better vaccines which is morally unacceptable.
8/9. It’s not ethically fair to give a person a less efficacious or more dangerous treatment because - to paraphrase the govt. - they’re lucky to be getting anything as their risk of dying from the disease is higher.

This seems to be essentially what’s being said.
9/9. Of course, the entire roll-out has been shameful, as is the “look” of some in govt. getting Pfizer while they haven’t bought enough of that or others for most.

But essentially, if their argument is as we stated in tweet 8, this is - for older ppl - just fucked.


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30 Mar


If you report rape, you’re trying to destroy a man’s life.
If you don’t report, it mustn’t have happened.

If you speak up about rape, you’re trying to profit from it.
If you don’t speak up, you’re letting down women at risk from that man.

If you’re unemotional when talking about your rape, you must be lying.
If you are emotional, you’re unstable (and probably lying).

If you were wearing revealing clothes when raped, you were obviously asking for it.
If you weren’t, you’re obviously unfuckable.

If raped by a stranger, you must’ve put yourself in an unsafe situation.
If raped by someone you know, you must’ve been a prick teaser (or are lying).

If you went back to his house, you deserved it (or are lying).
If you didn’t go to his house, you must hate men.
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29 Mar
Witches. This thread is crucial info for anyone working on our campaigns, or who wants to help make a difference. We’re posting because of much confusion about what we do & what you can do to help.

The first thing you can do if you appreciate our work is: RT this thread!

The central plank of MFW’s consumer campaigns is we record advertisers on NewsCorp, some Channel 10 shows, a few radio shows & some LNP donors & #JobKeeper rorters.

The common denominator of the lists is that these companies actively fund what we call hate speech & lies.

Our vollies record ads (from newspapers, radio, TV or other lists) & post handwritten lists/pics into our secret FB group. We hand-write as it’s a physical record which can’t be altered later.

The pic is an example from Foxtel (this witch recorded several shows at once.)

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7 Mar
1. Okay, men, here’s the thing.


We’ve had many messages from men asking what they can do in this current sexual crimes crisis in Australia. We appreciate the question, but please understand that the answers are not easy or fixed.
2. One reason answers aren’t easy or clear-cut is that women are, in fact, individual humans and even amongst the cohort “female”, there are many different views on how to approach these issues.

For example, some women want men to butt out of speaking on these matters ...
3. ... at all, & clear the floor for women to speak. Most of these women want men to boost women’s words as a way of being a good ally (more on this soon: #BoostWomen).

Others want men to speak their opinions on rape but only (obviously) if they’re the right words. This is ...
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5 Mar
Good morning to everyone also keeping a list of the shitfucked journos who’ve responded to rape allegations in outrageous ways women & allies will never ever forget, among them (so far):

Chris Uhlmann
Peter Van Onselen
Philip Coorey
David Crowe
Andrew Probyn

PS: Note carefully the common denominator here isn’t the org they work for: it’s simply that they’re all relatively powerful white men.

Women & a few allies will never forget so many so-called progressive men will turn on women to protect their mates. They’re disgusting creeps.
Another disgusting man going on the list. It’s getting completely shameful now:
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2 Mar
Short thread.

A. A few years ago (before we ran consumer campaigns), MFW worked more in spaces around men’s violence than specifically on consumer boycotts (obviously, we changed after Alan Jones’ horrendous comments in mid-2019 which were specifically violent towards a woman).
B. During that time we ran a campaign called #WomanUP. It was a play on the words “Man Up”, & part of it was a call to arms for women to (if they wished) speak up about sexual abuse and sexual crimes they’d survived.

This was a way for women to re-claim their own narratives.
C. We absolutely agree it shouldn’t be necessary for women to reveal trauma & pain to be believed & to spark change. That this IS so often necessary is wrong.

However, many women WANT to speak, as a way to re-claim their truth & power. We wanted to give them that opportunity.
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2 Mar
This thread may confront some of our followers (especially men, but possibly women too). Please sit with it a bit before attacking us or disappearing.

Here’s the thing that needs to be said: almost every man benefits from rape culture.

This means that not every man ...

... is a rapist, but every man benefits from some men being rapists.

How, you might ask?

Because when almost every woman is kept afraid of rape by the fact that some men rape, women’s behaviour is altered in ways that continually benefits men.

Here are some examples.

Women who’ve been raped or fear rape:
- have ongoing trauma/shame, which diminishes work & other capacities, & men benefit from this as they’re more likely to be promoted/employed over them;
- are less likely to take personal risks (such as being alone at night) which ...

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