I don't care whether immigrants are legal or illegal.

I care about whether they are productive or unproductive.

Import Productive Immigrants

Deport Unproductive Immigrants
IQ is a proxy for productivity.

Generally speaking, high IQ people are economically valuable, while low IQ people are economically useless.
"CM, there are lots of unproductive native born citizens."

Good point.

Deport Them Too
America is a society where you get citizenship, simply from being born within the borders of the country.

This is absurd.

You get American Citizenship, one of the most valuable assets on the planet, simply by being born in the right place?
America should deport anyone who was born inside the borders of the country but who, at age 30, is still unproductive; someone who delivers zero value to our civilization.

Crooked Mortgage Bankers are included in the 'unproductive' category.
Every American should be asked on their 30th birthday

"If we were to deport you tomorrow, what value would our society be deprived of by your absence?"

If the answer is 'Nothing'....DEPORT

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9 Apr
Nothing makes me suspect that a man is psychologically weak faster, than self proclaimed declarations of how strong he is.
I have known men who are exceptionally psychologically strong.

These are men who have been in war-zones, gotten shot, watched their friends die, and lived to tell about it.

ZERO of them walk around making proclamations of how strong or tough they are.
I have dealt with plenty of narcissistic/sociopathic men.

I have also dealt with combat veterans.

There is almost zero overlap in their personalities.

The former group endlessly makes self proclaimed declarations of their strength and greatness.

The latter group never does.
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9 Apr
"Osama bin Laden is far less reprehensible...than Trump." -Sam Harris

People have intentionally, and unintentionally, misrepresented what this quote means.

Harris was making the point that Bin Laden was an ideologue who delusionally believed he was making the world a better place, while Trump is motivated purely by *selfish desire for power*; nothing more...
Trump never believed he was making the world a better place; it's purely selfish personal interest.
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9 Apr

The Recipe For Success
There is a recipe for Success.

To be clear, 'Success' means

-Getting Rich (High Net Worth/Income)
-Attaining High Status In The Macro Dominance Hierarchy
-Seizing Power


The recipe is *not* optimistic; it mostly boils down to being born into the correct circumstances.
1: Be Born In A 1st World Country (Hopefully In The 20th/21st Century)
2: Be Born Into A Wealthy Family
3: Be Born With The Genetics To Have A High IQ
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9 Apr
Donald Trump displayed every warning sign of being a narcissistic man who is ludicrously egotistical, and who has poor impulse control; precisely the sort of human who cannot be trusted to make good decisions about complicated problems that come with high stress levels.

The fact that many otherwise intelligent people looked at Trump and said

"This is the sort of man we can trust to make good decisions, about incredibly complicated problems, that come with very high stress levels"

is horrifying.
There are many intelligent investment bankers in America who supported Donald Trump.

This was shocking.

If I walked into a job interview, to get hired as an associate to serve under these investment bankers, and I appeared to be half as impulsive as Trump...they would reject me
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8 Apr
The Wealth Inequality In America

Is Not Sustainable

More Intense Inequality Causes More Violence

Every Society Has A FINITE Degree Of Inequality

That It Can Tolerate

Before Getting Ripped Apart By Violence

America Is Dangerously Close To Hitting This Point
Unlike 99.9% of humans, I am not an ideologue.

I don't care about ideology or 'principles'.


Consequentialism is the correct ideology.
Some degree of wealth redistribution IS NECESSARRY to prevent the inequality in America from becoming so intense that it rips our society apart.

Raise Taxes On The Rich (raise capital gains taxes)

Give Free Stuff To The Poor (universal basic income)
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8 Apr
Elites used to think they need to conceal the evil they do, so that the masses do not guillotine them.

Now, they know they can get away with almost anything, in public, and suffer no consequences for it.
With MK Ultra, the CIA tortured innocent people, to see which methods of torture were most effective. This happened from 1953 - 1973

Since 1975 it has been public knowledge that The CIA (American Government) did this.

Does anyone care?


99.9% of Americans have no clue that this ever happened.
Read 8 tweets

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