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9 Apr, 10 tweets, 6 min read
1. #SadhgurusLIARS Now lets take this gasole @StringReveals systematically for his FRAUDULENT CLAIMS .. and he also plays victim like Rana Kana as if people are trolling him & threaten him.. Hes the jerk who called Hindus "MoFa" for criticising Sadguru...
2. #SadhgurusLIAR First of all.. Sadguru NEVER said "Free Hindu Temples".. his main plank was to support the election SCAM of BJP with "Free TN Temples" & liars like @StringReveals twist that nonsense & abuse all Hindus as if they are threatening anyone..
3. #SadhgurusLIARS Fact is.. Sadguru ABUSED the relationship of Krishna-Yashoda with FILTHY interpretation.. abused Yoga as not being Hindu.. abused Shivratri as not being Hindu... He wants to raise Christ in everyone... How in hell does this guy even represent anything Hindu?
4. #SadhgurusLIAR.. Come back to temples you Hindu-abuser @StringReveals your darling Sadguru DOES NOT talk about Hindu temples.. He DIVIDES HINDUS by Tamil, Dravidian etc.. To him its some Dravidian crap and NOT Hindu issue.. Stop abusing those who Q Sadguru & stop threatening.
5. #SadhugurusLIARS .. Lastly.. Sadhguru doesnt talk of Hindu temples like I said. SO STOP LYING @StringReveals .. Everyone is not a brainless footsie like you... Sadhguru is specific ONLY about TN temples because he has VESTED interests like BJP's elections scam.. END!
Lastly.. some advice to defenders of the abuses by Sadhguru against Hindu icons... by liars and abusers like @StringReveals.. The more you abuse those who genuinely Q Sadguru with expletives like "MoFa" ..the more people will dig into SJV's nonsense.. Get that thru your head!
Dear Pushpa... I CANNOT unite with gasoles who abuse Hindu icons ... so dont ask me to unite with such ghuchiyas ... you are free to crawl for them... Im a Hindu..and I know our well-wishers and our enemies pretty well..
Acc to whining Pushpa's like @Gopu54269062 .. ALL Hindus must tolerate the abuse from IGNORANT FAKE Gurus and their little undies for some moronic dream of "Hindu unity".. Shove this stupid blackmail up your absorber crevice... LOL!...
It is the same method and zeal with which many in India defend terrorists no matter what...
If dingalings of Sadguru could appreciate logic.. they wouldnt be bhakts of an illogical man...

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10 Apr
1. This tweet is only partly true... the cult of "Dollar Gurus" has some history to it.. All of them are not frauds.. some are genuine & some are just plain hollow.. Its how people get "Initiated" into these groups thats imp.. Theyre essentially #PopGurus
2. #PopGurus While Indian spiritualists were already well known in the West.. it took something extraordinary to catapult them to "Glamour" & "attraction" of the world audience & its a story worth understanding why it has become such a "Profitable Scam"..
3. It is in 1966 that the Beatles legend George Harrison first ran into the book "Autobiography of a Yogi".. he was so impacted that he got immersed into Hindu spiritualism.. A young man of 22-24 with huge wealth obviously seeks something more.. So too Steve Jobs at a later stage Image
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10 Apr
Its not laws... India is a land of morons as judges... brainless idiots who first admit all PILs... then dont impose a heavy cost on bogus PILs & waste time of people... Impose costs like 50 lakhs for every bogus PIL... most nonsense will stop..
For eg: Bombay HC asks CBI to inquire & submit a report in 15 days on allegations of 100cr extortion racket against Anil Deshmukh.. He runs to SC with two big lawyers & SC hears & rules on it.. SC should have slapped all of them a fine of 300crs @DrlathaC
What merit does a petition in SC have to stop a CBI inquiry ordered by the HC? NOTHING.. ZERO.. It wasnt life & death! And it was to be over in 15 days.. So why hear such stupid petitions and waste time?... Whole day wasted by a ding-gong bench... LOL!
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10 Apr
How many times will you blunder @RatanSharda55 It matters two hoots what RSS said in 1959.. because back then they were also clear on fighting for a "Hindu Rashtra"... What matters is what they say now... Why dont you ever LOOK before you LEAP?.. #FACTOID Image
Throughout its history.. RSS has never been clear on its definition of "Hindu Rashtra"... in all their invocations.. Hindu Rashtra is just a "Bhel Puri" of all that is in India.. So what does Hindu Rashtra even mean.. They dont know.. nobody knows.. LOL!..
That particular history is IRRELEVANT & you abuse it to claim a position you currently DO NOT hold... if your position on a specific issue has changed and you dont hold that position anymore why quote something from 1959 when you have made a U-turn now?..
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9 Apr
Hahhaaa... @SadhguruJV's campaign was for "Free TN Temples"... but now he wants to hog the credit for something he was neither involved in.. nor campaigned for... Or may be Uttarakhand also has "Dravidian temples"?... Wah guru Wah!... @TimesNow @republic
I disagree.. What you call SuSa... he at least filed cases in SC against the Ukhand takeover of temples... Sadguru did NOTHING about Ukhand.. nor mentioned their temples in his campaign..
Thanking 3 cr people for supporting #FreeTemples (When that was not even his campaign has tag).. Thanking even media.. thanking everyone blah blah.. You must be dumb not to get what hes trying...
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9 Apr
Hum ne Aurangzeb ko pehle se bola tha.. Mat kar ghuchiye.. ek din tere warison ko rona padega... LOL!
Monks MUST BE Militant... there is no benefit in being a faaltu Gondhi... Its the Buddhist monks who devised Kung Fu... for their own protection... All Hindu Monks must have training in Hanuman Akharas..
Yeah.. So now @DrMohanBhagwat and @RSSorg are doing what Aurangzeb couldnt do.. they are trying to merge Hindu and Muslim into one identity called "Hindlam"... LOL!....
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9 Apr
When people demanded cars in other colours... Henry Ford famously said.. "We have all the colours you want... as long as its black".. Sadguru is free to sell all the colours he wants in his "Engineering College" as long as he doesnt denigrate Hindu icons
Although I quoted it from memory... so it got a bit twisted.... Here is what Henry Ford is actually credited with saying about people wanting cars in different colours (although it could also be a myth too)... ENJOY!...
I didnt know a damn thing about this Sadguru.. I saw him on TV a few years ago... I felt hes an entertainer just like that Kapil Sharma.. what do I care?.. But he falls in my radar ONLY when he starts abusing Hindu icons.. otherwise nobody gives a crap..
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