After intl exposure of Indian intel run 15yr long op, it’s not surprising that Indian deep state shifted focus.

To malign Pakistan with a focused narrative of “Genocide by Pakistan Army in 1971.”

It’s to be taken seriously as a deliberate campaign & countered accordingly.

This latest tactic by the Indian deep state seems to be modeled after the global propaganda against Turkey on the socalled “Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Army.”

Greek & Armenian lobbyist in US & Europe have been using it for 100yrs to hurt Turkey’s intl diplomatic clout.

On 16March2021 multiple Indian news outlets published a report by ANI News Agency exposed by #EUDisnfoLab for spreading disinfo, to push “Genocide by Pakistan Army” on a global scale.

Report represents Indian deep state’s renewed focus on this tactic.

Then on the 26th of March 2021, Indian PM Modi visited Dhaka and made a major propaganda speech blaming Pakistan for this called “Genocide by Pakistan Army” under this renewed focus as part of a new Indian global disinformation campaign against Pakistan.

Yesterday, the official verified Twitter account of the Indian Army posted an almost childish propaganda thread, making false claims about Pakistan initiating the War with India in 1971, as a way to cover up the so called “Genocide by Pakistan Army.”

Especially considering that Field Marshal Sam Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw, the Indian COAS during Indo-Pak War of 1971 is on record detailing; how Indian Army had received the go ahead by the Indian PM Indira Gandhi to invade East Pakistan 9-10 months in advance.

Indian deep state has also activated Indian lobbyists in the US & UK as a way to amplify this new talking point as part of the Global Indian Disinformation campaign against Pakistan.

Because, this issue also provides them some support at the state level by Bangladesh govt.

This Indian lobbyist in the US serves as the key link between the Indian deep state & Silicon Valley tech big shots looking to invest in India.

These ties with US investors are then used at election time to raise funds for US politicians sympathetic to the Indian deep state.

Indian influence operatives are even going as far as to running paid campaigns on Twitter to maximize the reach of this so called “Genocide of BengaliMuslims by PakArmy” propaganda.

Again, it’s not a coincidence that on 2nd April 2021, the consummately Islamophobic & antiPakistan US presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard also posted a video message with surprisingly similar talking points on how “since 1971 Pakistan Army systematically murdered, raped.”

Then Indian media’s propaganda machine used Tulsi Gabbard’s propaganda message to further disseminate the same propaganda on “Pakistan Army’s genocide of Bengali Hindus.”

It’s how Indian disinformation network against Pakistan works, by creating a propaganda echo chamber.

Indian influence operatives in Bangladesh have also been reinforcing this Indian propaganda targeting Pakistan with a narrative that lobbies intl community to “prosecute the PakistanArmy for Genocide.”

Lawfare seems the next plausible step subsequent to this propaganda.

Vikram Sood ex head of Indian Research & Analysis Wing-Indian foreign intelligence agency actively promoting this propaganda helps expose it as renewed tactic of the disinformation campaign, run by the Indian deep state targeting Pakistan & Pakistani state institutions.

Finally, no Indian propaganda campaign against Pakistan is complete without SAATH Forum’s Hussain Haqqani indulging in his usual anti Pakistan propaganda.

His posting of similar talking points is clear indication of this being a part of the global Indian disinfo campaign.

To learn what Bengali & Western scholars have actually written about claims of this “Genocide by Pakistan Army in 1971,” serving as basis for a new targeted Indian disinformation campaign against Pakistan, please read the thread below:


• • •

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3 Apr
Time for a thread:

There’s 2 types of propaganda on Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti by Indians that many often fall for:

1st labels him as a separatist revolutionary

2nd paints him as a baloch rights activist “assassinated” by state.

As a Baloch let me explain how both are false:

Nawab Akbar Bugti wasn’t just an ordinary Sardar of a Baloch tribe but an articulate, educated & savvy politician in conflict with his own position as a feudal lord whose word was the law in Bugti Hills.

It’s this conflict led to a tribal dispute & turned him into an outlaw.

Before we go into details remember 2 names:

Tribal feud b/w families of these 2 friends made them victims of feudal baloch tribal customs of honor & revenge.

This what led to yrs of turmoil in Balochistan, not a so called anti #Pakistan insurgency.

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17 Feb
Almost every step @MaryamNSharif takes is to undermine the national security of state of Pakistan & the peace & stability of the people of Pakistan.

Whatever her motives may be, but her pandering to subversive elements may end up costing innocent lives.

Let me explain:

These are not “human rights activists” protesting in Islamabad

Rather, they’re family members of terror suspects of Indian sponsored orgs as #BLA, BSO-Azad, #BRA & #BLF responsible for terror attack at Chinese consulate, other terrorism & killings of civilians in Balochistan

Today Maryam Nawaz met Sammi Deen Baloch and in the image below Maryam can be seen holding hands with Sammi Deen.
Sammi Deen can be seen with a portrait of Deen Mohammad Baloch in her lap holding Maryam’s hand.

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16 Jan
On 4th January 1761, 3rd Battle of Panipat took place.

What’s often overlooked is that besides Abdali’s army from today’s Afghanistan, forces belonging to almost all major areas of today’s Pakistan participated in the battle.

From Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab, KP & Kashmir.

Kalhoros rulers of Sindh, Sadozai Pashtuns of Multan & Mughals of Kashmir ruled as governor’s of Durrani Empire by 1760s.

Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro sent a force to join at Panipat, defeated Marathas of Kutch himself & received title of 'Shah Wardi Khan' by Ahmed Shah Durrani.

Adina Khan Beg, Mughal governor of Lahore had allied with Marathas to preserve his own fiefdom as Dehli’s Mughal Court became hostage to Maratha influence.

However he died before the battle of Panipat & his Muslim forces defected to Abdalis rather than fight for Marathas.

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10 Jan
The College of Information and Cyberspace known as the "Cyber War College," at USA’s National Defense University, located on historic Fort McNair in US capital Washington DC, hosted their 7th annual Cyber Beacon Conference last month.

For 5th Gen Warfare deniers:

Due to global pandemic, this was the 1st yr this event was hosted virtually & allowed for a broader audience to participate.

The closed event welcomed 100s of attendees from throughout the national security community, including USgovt, industry & academia, allies & partners.

The purpose of the Cyber Beacon Conference was to gather USA’s top thought leaders & experts on STRATEGIC CYBERSPACE issues for discussion & learning.

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3 Jan
Those trending #HazaraGenocide aren’t helping the cause of #Hazara, by obfuscating #Indian sponsored terrorism targeting our patriotic #Hazaras of #Balochistan, in order to create instability in #Pakistan & undermine development of Balochistan & CPEC using TTP & BLA terrorists.
Ethnic fascists & sub nationalists hold an ideological hatred for patriotic #Hazara population of Balochistan calling them foreigners, occupiers & consider them legitimate targets

Here’s ideological Godfather of #BLA Nawab Khair Baksh Marri speaking to his followers on #Hazaras:
In June 2017 son of Nawab Khair Baksh Marri, Harbiyar Marri led globally designated terrorist org #BLA had claimed a similar cowardly terrorist cold blooded murder of poor #Pakistani laborers working at a dev project in Pashgan near Gwadar Balochistan.


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28 Dec 20
These spin doctors masquerading as journalist’s mission in life seems to be the peddling of falsehoods to eulogize the corrupt political elite.

To look at his claims, let’s see what Murtaza Bhutto’s daughter Fatima Bhutto says about who actually killed her father:


“Mummy was in the kitchen cooking & I went into my parents’ bedroom & sat with Zulfi as he watched TV on the bed.. We were speaking when I heard the gunfire. It was a single shot & it sounded very close. I moved the phone from my ear & waited to see if Zulfi had heard it..”

“..The sound was still ringing in my ears when several seconds later, the echo of the first shot was interrupted by a barrage of bullets. They were coming from right outside the window; I could hear the shooting as if the guns were firing over our heads..”

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