Albert Einstein's mother was a Koch. I could quit there, but I won't. If you think that means he is related to Charles Koch, you are right. Einstein's Kochs are scrubbed at Geni, and they even try to change their name to Dorzbacher, but that just means they were from Dorzbach.
But they do admit Einstein's grandfather Jakob Koch died in Missouri in 1925. I bet you didn't expect that, did you?
Well, Charles Koch's ancestors were there at the same time. His mother Mary Clementine Robinson was born in Kansas City, MO, and his father Fred Chase Koch worked in nearby in Wichita, Kansas, where Charles was born.
We are told these Kochs came from the Netherlands, but they didn't. They were only there for about one generation, being from Germany before that. Einstein's Kochs were also from Germany, though we don't know where they were before Dorzbach.
Before we move on, I want to point out something strange about Charles Koch. If we are to believe Geni, his father Fred Chase Koch apparently got his first two names from his mother's sister's husband —a guy he wasn't even related to by blood. Pretty weird.
Fred's mother is supposed to be a Mixson.
But it looks to me like this is just a way to scrub the name Chase. They don't want you connecting Koch to the Chases of Chase bank. And Mixson is likely a fudge of Nixon.
But they do admit Koch is a Campbell and a Joyce, as in James Joyce. Geni scrubs the Campbell, of course, but we already found that Koch is related to the peerage Campbells, as well as to Paul McCartney.
Also Nazi Commander Lt. Col. Walter Koch, who was allegedly killed for criticizing Hitler. That never happened, of course.
Einstein was also a Weil, a Bernheimer, a Moos, a Schmal, a Sontheimer, a Juda, a Hajim, and a Katz. His 2g-grandmother was Judith Mayer Hill. Thoughtco gives her name as Hill but Geni slurs it as Hilb. My guess it's neither one. It's probably Hiller. Which is why she is scrubbed
Adolf Hitler was really a Hiller/Hildesheim, so all the usual links are coming together. All these famous people are closely related, as usual.
Also remember the Maharishi flunkie Walter Koch, sold as a physicist, who hung out with the Beatles. He may have also been related to Einstein.
On his father's side, in the Moos line, Einstein is a. . . Kohn (Cohen). Surely you saw that coming. This Kohn is immediately scrubbed of course. In the Schmal line he is also a Bel. Also a Heilbronner.
This probably links him to mathematical historian Johan Heilbronner, born in Ulm in 1706. Einstein was also born in Ulm, remember.
Was Einstein gay? Why would I even ask that? Hasn't be been sold as the usual tyrant/wife beater? I ask because his second wife was also his cousin. Elsa's parents were Rudolf Einstein and Fanny Koch. Albert's parents were Hermann Einstein and Pauline Koch. Pretty weird, right?
Well, it gets weirder, because Fanny Koch (Elsa's mother) and Pauline Koch (Albert's mother) were sisters.
So Elsa was Einstein's first cousin. Their fathers were cousins, so they were also second cousins on the paternal side.
Elsa was older than Albert and always looked it, as you see. She was not attractive. We have seen that these cousin marriages between famous Jews are often beard relationships. It is the standard marriage in Hollywood, though it is usually between third or fourth cousins there.
You will say this wasn't a Hollywood marriage, but it was pretty close. Did you know Einstein is related to Julia Louis-Dreyfus, of Seinfeld fame, as well as to Richard Dreyfuss (Jaws), and Alfred Dreyfus of the
Dreyfus Affair?
Albert's aunt Jette was married to Moses Dreyfuss, son of Mayer Dreyfuss. One of Mayer's sisters married a Guggenheim and another married a Bayer. So it's the same set of people all over again.
Moses' brother Friedrich came to the US and died in Philadelphia. His children are scrubbed at Geni. His brothers Otto and Paul came to New York, where Otto died in 1924 and Paul died in 1941. Otto's grandson is given as Edward Dreyfus.
Moses Dreyfus of this family had previously come over to Milwaukee, where he died in 1859. Richard Dreyfuss played Alfred Dreyfus in Prisoner of Honor, so that tells us what we need to know right there.
Richard has admitted in interviews that he believes or believed he is related to Alfred. In 1997 the Wellington Dominion admitted businessman Robert Louis-Dreyfus was a cousin of Julia and descendant of Alfred.
The Louis-Dreyfuses were originally Dreyfuses from Alsace, on the border of Germany, and they had come over the previous generation from Baden-Wurttemburg, linking them to Einstein's Dreyfuses.
We are supposed to believe that Leopold Dreyfus, founder of the Louis Dreyfus group, was the son of a farmer, but that is the usual lie. They were bankers and merchants from Germany, related to all the usual families. Farmers don't become billionaires in one generation (or ever).
Einstein's first wife was Mileva Maric. She is sold as a nobody from Serbia, who Einstein married to use as a collaborator and typist, but Maric is the Serbian equivalent of. . . don't you see it coming? . . . Mark, Marx.
She is scrubbed immediately to prevent you from seeing or confirming that. Actually, they admit she was from a wealthy family and that her father worked at the Royal Court, but no one ever makes the connection.
This was the court of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, with Franz Joseph as the Emperor, a Habsburg. They go back to the counts of Habsburg of about 1000AD, who always used the phoenix on their coat of arms.
They were a bit later connected to the Capetians and Premyslids, through which they ruled Bohemia, Hungary, France, Poland, etc. They later hooked up with their cousins the Jagiellons.
Anyway, Franz Joseph was “benevolent” toward his large Jewish population, and this is admitted. Wow. So Jews were 5% of the total population of the Empire, but were allowed to own and run 85% of the banks and over half of all commercial business?
How does that make any sense, given what we have been taught? Plus, you can be sure the other 15% of bank owners were cryptos. The answer is obvious, though no one else but me will tell you: the Habsburgs were Jewish as well. Top-rung Phoenician navy.
That Mileva Maric was really a Marx and did collaborate heavily with Einstein is suggested by something few people know: she received all the money from the Nobel Prize in 1922. All Einstein got was the gold medal, while she got all the money.
They sell this as part of a divorce settlement, but in that context it has never made any sense. If Mileva was a nobody and didn't collaborate heavily in the Relativity papers, why would Einstein ever agree to give her all the money?
We are told it was to support his children, but there was never any question of them not being supported. Not only was Mileva from a wealthy family, but Einstein was wealthy himself, and expected to be wealthier. So he could support them himself, as distant rich fathers often do.
Einstein's third companion was Betty Neumann, and her maternal grandmother was also a Kann. Betty's maternal great-grandmother was a Kohn, married to a Kann. Kann=Kahn=Kohn=Cohen. So, another cousin. Betty was also a Schweitzer.
She was related to Hoffmans, Rosenbergs and Mayers, including the Mayers, prominent merchants of Budapest. Einstein was also a Mayer, remember. Her aunt married Alexander Rosenberg, of the timber merchants of Graz.
They were formerly of Bratislava, which may link us to Alfred Rosenberg, bankroller of the Nazis. We are told he was from Latvia, but no genealogy is posted for him.
This may also link us to John von Neumann, since although his Neumanns were from Hungary and Betty's were from Austria, they were both closely related to Kohns. John von Neumann's aunt Aranka married Armin Kohn, no location given.
So, Einstein's love life isn't really adding up, is it? Do skirt chasers normally chase only the skirts of their closest cousins? No, guys with big libidos normally chase the hottest women they can hope to land, and as they get more famous their conquests should get bigger.
They should not have to keep sleeping with their homely cousins, should they?
You will tell me Einstein wasn't so hot himself, but a lot of women don't care about that. Look at all the women who (allegedly) dated Kissinger. Einstein was no uglier than Kissinger.
I will leave it at that, since I don't really care if Einstein was gay or not. It doesn't matter to me in the least, except as a matter of truth.

• • •

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Who else is a Schwarz? Lawrence S. Schwartz, former top aide to Governor Cuomo and his current “vaccine czar”. He has been a longtime adviser to Democratic politicians and he replaced Steven M. Cohen, whose role had been overseeing Mr. Cuomo’s transition to the governor’s office
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