Although Adi Shankti is Anadi, Maa Durga originated from the qualities of the devtas which they all gave away to create a Shakti to fight the demons. The devtas had given their revered weapons and jewellery for the
Important task,The meaning of Durga is one who slays the Sorrows,Demons and likewise all the Negative elements.Also 1 more reason i.e she destroyed Durgasur.

1)Since Durga resembles the tej and valour of Narayan, She is called NARAYANI.

2)ISHAANA means the giver of sidhi's.
3)She is called VISHNUMAYA because Vishnu had created Maya during the creation of Shrishti. That maya is the shakti of Vishnu.

4)SHIVA, Here the word Shiv means welfare. So she is the doer of this welfare. Also she is wife of Bhagwan Shiv.
5)She is called SATI since she is the goddess of well being and she is pure.

6)She is called NITYA as she too is constant like Bhagwan.

7)She is called SATYA as she is Satyaswarup, not anything else.
8)She is called BHAGWATI as Bhag means Siddhi. She encompasses all siddhi's within her.

9)She is called SARVANI as she is the reason for Birth, Death and Moksha.

10)She is called SARVMANGLA as she is the provider of happiness, property and welfare.
11)She is called AMBA as she is the mother of all the three loks.

12)She is called AMBIKA as she is worshipped and praised all around.

13)She is called VAISHNAVI as she is the bhakt of Vishnu and she is his shakti.
14)She is called GAURI as she is represents the Parabrahma and she is his shakti. Shiv is everyone's guru and she is his shakti.

15)She is called PARVATI as she was born to Giriraj Himalaya and she represents Parvat. She is also the devi of festivals.
16)She is called SANATANI as she is present in all the three Kaals.


Source - Brahma Vaivartva puran

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📸 Credit - @/shrishaktimaavaishnavi(Instagram handle)
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10 Apr

This Thread is MYTHBUSTER of all Misconceptions related to Sanatan dharm which many people have misconception and also make fun and by this few Innocent Hindus start believing them. Plz share with all Sanatanis so even they can read and understand about these topics. Image
I have mentioned all topics with proper sources.

Bookmark this for your reference.

First read the scriptures properly before making fun or coming to a conclusion. I repeat again do not belive on TV serials, Internet posts, Whatsapp forwards, Wikipedia etc, So lets start.....
You wanna make fun of my Bhagwan Krishna Chirharan Leela then see this first👇
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10 Apr
Rig Ved 1.42.8

It is Ved that will let us know what we should do and what we should avoid since we follow the path of Ved and pray through them. Ved is also called Gyan or knowledge. Here "Give us foodgrains" denote that we request for our well being and nurturing.

1/6 Image
It also says that let us know our duties, so the Parmatma sitting within us will tell us our duties, This is our request.

अ॒भि सू॒यव॑सं नय॒ न न॑वज्वा॒रो अध्व॑ने ।
पूष॑न्नि॒ह क्रतुं॑ विदः ॥


पूषन् - Pushadev!

सुयवसम् - Beautiful grassy country.

अभि नय - To take.

अध्वने - On the path.

नवज्वारः - New Anger.

न - No.

इह - This.

क्रतुम् - Protect.

विदः - To know.

Explanation:Oh Pushadev! You take us towards a country which has plenty of foodgrains. You protect us from new difficulties on our way.

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9 Apr
Rig Ved 142.7

Here the person with divine power and qualities are praying. Whenever such a divine person experiences difficulties, he prays that people with Asuri or demonic traits are creating difficulties in his path. Devtas too pray to Parmatma for help.

1/6 Image
Parmatma always favours the right one's. But then these demonic people need to be stopped. So here the divine people pray to Parmatma to protect them in such circumstances.

अति॑ नः स॒श्चतो॑ नय सु॒गा नः॑ सु॒पथा॑ कृणु ।
पूष॑न्नि॒ह क्रतुं॑ विदः ॥


सश्चतः - The obstructor of enemies.

अति - Encroach.

नः - Ours.

नय - To take elsewhere.

सुगा - Happiness loss.

सुपथा - Beautiful path.

कृणु - To do.

पूषन् - Pushadev.

इह - This.

ऋतुम् - Protect.

विदः - To know.

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8 Apr
Rig Ved 1.42.6

This body is like a chariot, our indriyas or senses are its horses, mind is its bridle and Atma is its rider. So here the Atma which is sorrounded by ignorance, needs a body which can think away from the ignorance. In this whole Praani jagat, man is the

only one who can think from his mind. This is visible in the physical development of this world. So here we request Parmatma to keep our mind and body healthy so that by this thought process we are able to do good work for entire mankind.

अधा॑ नो विश्वसौभग॒ हिर॑ण्यवाशीमत्तम ।
धना॑नि सु॒षणा॑ कृधि ॥


विश्वसौभग - Oh the lucky one.

हिरण्यवा - With gold.

शीमत्तम - Pushadev.

अध - Next.

नः - Ours.

घनानि - Of Wealth.

सुषणा - Charity.

कृधि - To do.

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7 Apr
Rig Ved 1.42.5

Here forefathers are mentioned to whom we owe our existence. Our first forefather was Brahma whom spiritually we acknowledge as Intelligence. When this Intelligence is in Sushupti stage that time too Praan does not sleep. But when intelligence awakens

it carries along all those inherent Sanskaars. So here we pray to keep our intellect in right direction so that we traverse the right path. Here the mention of forefathers is to stress the element of birth and death and the progress towards good deeds.

आ तत्ते॑ दस्र मंतुमः॒ पूष॒न्नवो॑ वृणीमहे ।
येन॑ पि॒तॄनचो॑दयः ॥


मन्तुमः - Knowledgeable.

दस्त्र - Worth seeing.

पूषन् - Pushadev.

ते - Yours.

तत् - That.

अवः - Security.

आ वृणीमहे - All around.

येन - Which.

पितृन् - Of Pittra's.

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6 Apr



all stories are interlinked hence please read all
This thread is for those ppl who missed my PANCH DEVI series. All the chapters are included in the below thread.

So lets start...

Panch Devi amd their Swaroop👇
Read 6 tweets

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