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10 Apr, 4 tweets, 1 min read
Has anyone taken to calling John Walker the Acting Cap or have we already memory holed that feature of the Trump era?
John Walker, the only Captain America to be endorsed by the National Border Patrol Council.
John Walker has his own coffee brand.
John Walker Did Nothing Wrong tee shirts have sold out on Breitbart

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8 Apr
Okay. So to understand fully how silly Johns was being, here's a spoiler alert for this short-lived show:

Superman's grandfather finds out he also had another son in General Zod.

Here's General Zod in the show:
Anyway, probably could have built a lasting audience for your show if you gave them a fresh reason to be interested beyond yet another Superman show where no one in blue tights ever shows up!
Johns written a lot of great stuff over the years. JSA, Green Lantern, Shazam, Stargirl, etc.

It is insanity to think that's a skillset that readily translates to, basically, human resources.
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31 Mar
WARNER BROS: here's a 4-hour Justice League.

Me: Stop over-indulging directors, get better editors.

WARNER BROS: Here's Godzilla v Kong in under 120 minutes.

Me: no not like that
Initial verdict: humans continue to be appropriately useless, the actual fights live up to the hype especially Round 2, with a fun new Conan-inspired take on the Kong story.

Needed another half hour, more big G and Hollow Earth, ending feels focus-grouped.
There is only one kaiju movie where puny humans have any right to be the main characters.
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28 Mar
Wow, weird how his fantasy tracks exactly with what Roland Bourgeois was telling himself and others as he shot Black people fleeing post-Katrina New Orleans. huffpost.com/entry/roland-b…
But no I think it's great that after losing John McCain that Lindsey Graham found a new best friend in the form of a yellowing, coffee ringed Ron Paul newsletter.
They are objectively pro-climate change as a rapture backup plan
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26 Mar
Once again. So absolutely thrilled he can't tweet.
Five people fucking died. Cops got stabbed, crushed, maced, eyes gouged. A wannabe bomber is still on the loose. Among the recent arrests are a Trump appointee, a Neo-Nazi with a security clearance (and a Hitler stache!), plus a CIA contractor who speared a cop with a metal pole.
All of them spurred to throw their lives away committing obvious felonies because Trump told them he'd be marching with them.
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26 Mar
Or, hear me out, you could just ask even a single question about the thing still killing a thousand Americans a day.
Take even one L. Try it.
I'd absolutely be saying this same thing if Trump were Prez. Like, why the hell wouldn't I?
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21 Mar
Total bullshit. Tons of people, self included, didn't buy the case Bush was making about nukes, anthrax, mobile biolabs, ties to 9/11. They pushed those flimsy, fraudulent claims so people would buy idea that decade-long strategy of sanctions, DMZs, inspections was insufficient.
'everyone thought he had WMD' was the copout Karl Rove came up with once it was clear none would be found. No one but them was said Saddam was training Al Qaeda. No one but them said Mohammed Atta was an Iraqi spy. No one but them said Saddam had drones to spray the East Coast.
Most people thought Saddam had some chemical weapons stores leftover from the 80s (and he kinda did!) The Bush admin told the world Saddam was an evil genius who had a high-tech, totally covert Manhattan project that was going to make Osama Bin Laden a nuclear power.
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