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Back in the 1980s as a student I was introduced to the philosophies of Michel Foucault.

My lecturer contrasted him with to Enlightenment philosopher, Charles Fourier, a utopian Socialist thinker who argued that in a... 1/
... perfect utopian world of the future seas would loose their salinity & become Lemonade because everything would be so perfect.

A bit crazy you might think but wait until you meet Michel Foucault! 2/
Foucault, often viewed as the 'father' of the "Queer Theory" that underpins the issues around gender we now see, didn't believe in anything as mundane as actual lemonade seas, he didn't believe in any sort of objective reality. 3/
... No, if you think the sea is made of Lemonade it is, for you & that's all that matters. Anyone telling you that's nonsense is oppressing you by forcing their own reality on you... 4/
... Foucault you see didn't believe in science - objective fact is oppressive & represents the assertion of control by other individuals. Michel wasn't only an anti-science denier he was anti- Enlightenment... 5/
... When he applied his ideas to sexuality he concluded that all classifications - gay, straight etc. - were recent constructs & like anything else articulations of power relations.... 6/
... In short you could be anything if you liberated yourself from the narrow definitions imposed by society & literally, as Foucault's extracurricular activities showed, anything was okay if you thought it was, even young boys in Tunisia... 7/
... Any attempt by others to impose their morals on you was by definition oppressive... 8/
Now wind forward to 2021 & the logical end result of all this is if I decide I'm a woman, I am a woman, anyone questioning that, including a "biological female", remember science doesn't matter its just another oppressive system to be rejected, is by definition oppressing me. 9/
I can do or be anything I like.

Welcome to Foucault world folks, amoral narcissism welcome but leave your oppressive inhibitions at the door & don't impose your reality on anyone else or you're oppressing them you 'bigot'! 10/
Final thought:

In 1971 Noam Chomsky debated with Foucault, Chomsky commented after:

"He struck me as completely amoral, I'd never met anyone who was so totally amoral...I mean...I couldn't make sense of him. It's as if he was from a different species, or something."

• • •

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10 Apr
Some definitions of a Cult, see if you recognise any of this behaviour:

- One charismatic leader is the group's sole authority on truth; only this leader decides, or has the right to approve, all policies & practices.

- Members are zealous, protective, & unquestioningly committed to the leader.

- Members regard the leader's beliefs & practices as truth & law; the leader affirms & enforces this idea.

- Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or punished.

- The group's leadership dictates how members should think, act, & feel.

- The group uses public humiliation or punishment.. to suppress
individualism & doubt.

- Criticism or jokes about the leader or group are taken very seriously & likely punished.

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29 Jan 20
Thread plz retweet/share:

1/10 The Fact Checks(see attached below)from The National are incredibly useful now we're facing increasing volumes of lies from the other side. Crop down &use the Doorstep Answer (-title) for initial rebuttal,more detailed info for any further replies.
2/10 First one, The Deficit, probably one of the most repeated points by desperate pro-Union folk who have absolutely no positives left for the UK.
3/10 next up another favourite amongst the desperately feart; Mandate denial.
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18 Jul 19
The Butcher Cumberland: "the type that, two centuries later, in the name of law and order and racial hygiene, would cram Jews and Slavs into the gas chambers and neatly tot up the work in a ledger at day’s end"

John MacLeod – author, columnist & Free Church Presbyterian.
"In the wake of Culloden, anti-Scottish racism reached a crescendo. To be a Gael in London, or even a Presbyterian Scot, was possibly more dangerous even than being Irish in Birmingham after the pub bombings of the 1970s, or a Muslim in New York after 9/11."
"The British state now contemplated genocide. The Prime Minister demanded that the Highlands be ‘utterly reduced’. Another government minister, Lord Chesterfield, the Viceroy of Ireland, called for all food supplies into Scotland to be stopped,"
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18 Nov 18
Thread, debunking some Project Fear Lies 👇👇👇

"Richard Leonard claims Scottish independence worse than Brexit"

We're going to get a lot of this propaganda line particularly from the cringe (Lab) wing of British Nationalism from now on.

> The other element is a claim Independence would be 10 times worse than Brexit.

Fact is the major issue with Brexit is the incompetence & the contradictory lies told about it that's the major issue, not withdrawal from the EU per se. >
> An economy like the UK(partic rUK) that's over reliant on financial services/passporting & foreign investment is going to take a hit if Brexit makes it impossible for passporting to function & is isolated from the Single Mkt that attracted foreign investment in the 1st place. >
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21 Sep 18
@MillerPaul1890 @Grumpybaws @JmJohnpj @Scotpol1314 Yes, land foreture in the 18th century in response to Jacobite uprisings & the setting up of 'colonies' in certain areas. The difference was it wasn't Catholic/Protestant based, the majority of Scottish Jacobites were Episcopalian/moderate Presbyterian so a different dynamic. >
@MillerPaul1890 @Grumpybaws @JmJohnpj @Scotpol1314 > It didn't require something as b/w as forfeiture tho, many turned coat & turned on their own people in order to keep possession of the land. Its a complex change & not strictly religiously based in Scotland. >
@MillerPaul1890 @Grumpybaws @JmJohnpj @Scotpol1314 > We are also just discovering that Scotland was subject to a major British army occupation, in all areas of the country, Jacobite support was far more widespread than 'British Histories' have acknowledged with only around 50% coming from the Highlands, >
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14 May 18
The Union of 1707: "A historical iniquity with no right but might behind it", the real story of how the Union was imposed on Scotland.

Forget Unionist fantasies & nonsense about glorious centuries of equal partnership, the Union was not & never has been equal. >
> Once the deed was done & the Union enacted Scotland suffered more than half a century of stagnation & poverty. It was the efforts of Scots that eventually allowed an escape & even then the cost was paid in emigration & loss of population. >
> By the late 19th & into the 20th Century Scotland had become an industrial powerhouse, not that this benefitted most of it's population, & a massive net contributor to the British Imperial exchequer.
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