1. "What's One Of The End Games If Vaccine Passports Become Widespread"

There are multiple end games, this is just one of them. You only have to look to China to see what awaits western civilizations within a few years. The answer is simply "Social Credit Systems"

New 🧵 1/16 Image
2. With this gradual Totalitarian tiptoe and people's rights and freedoms being taken away, we are rapidly heading in that direction. I have transcribed this video for those who prefer to read than watching videos. The transcription explains everything.

3. Start

Everywhere she goes “Oh Young How You” (SIC) is followed, what she buys, how she behaves, is tracked and scored to show how responsible she is. Its called the Social Credit System and is one version now being tested.
4. A persons reputation is scored on a scale of 350-950 and “How You” with a good score of 752 is ok with it. In fact most people are. “Its a mechanism like, pushes you to become a better citizen” she says.
5. Its Big Data meets Big Brother, expanding how the government monitors, understands and ultimately controls 1.4 billion citizens. Thanks to advances in Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition and a web of 200 million surveillance cameras.
6. Reporter “Are people bothered by privacy concerns”

How You “We think a lot of cameras keep the safety. It’s really good. We can accept it”
7. Companies are experimenting with the algorithm to help the government create the new national social credit system. The government also has pilot projects.
8. Citizens are required to do hours of unpaid work to get benefits and scores are docked for things like littering and messy yards, gossip and even jaywalking.
9. Videos of offenders are shown on the local news and information collectors like “Joay Nee” are paid to report on their neighbours, her quota ten entries a month.

"Like the man who carried a drunk person home", a good deed she says.
10. Good social credit she says gets rewarded with perks like cheap loans and travel deals but a bad score means public shame and worse.
11. Wan Jay Young lost a court case and didn't pay, now he’s on a government black list. “I can’t buy airplane or train tickets” he says and the list goes on.

Being discredited makes it hard to get a job or put kids in top schools.
12. The social credit system will go nationwide next year and few here are willing to criticise it. That may pose a risk itself for a bad score and a life that comes with it.

13. Pretty frightening scenario isn't it. Unfortunately the majority of people have no idea of what lies ahead. By giving up their freedoms so easily to become "safe" they are consigning their kids and grandkids to a horrific future. This is only the tip of the iceberg.
14. Snitches seem two a penny in this type of Stasi dystopia (Many Irish people would fit in quite nicely as they’ve had tons of practice in the last year especially journalists and the curtain twitchers).
15. I know that my kids wouldn’t last a second in this type of society. They would permanently be on the naughty step for being messy and doing what teens do and having a beer or ten. They wouldn’t get any goody points for carrying the inebriated home 🤣
16. You know the drill. I write these 🧵 in my spare time and would really appreciate if you could retweet the very 1st tweet. Likes are great but retweets are required to reach as large an audience as possible to expose what is really going on behind the scenes. Many thanks.
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15 May
1. "What Have The World Economic Forum Got Planned For Us Next ?"

The WEF are making quite the name for themselves when it comes to predicting events. New 🧵 1/25
2. In October 2019 there was Event 201 which predicted the Covid outbreak 7 weeks later. Fast forward to July 8, 2020 and the WEF hosted Cyber Polygon 2020 which was a month after they announced The Great Reset.

3. Another event which has slipped under the radar was Clade X in 2018. This was hosted by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (JHCHS) who also hosted Event 201 a year later. Clade X was a pandemic tabletop exercise held in Washington, DC.
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11 May
1. How To Find Out If You Are Being Lied To By MSM When It Comes To Covid

I realise many people come on Twitter to get alternative viewpoints to what is being peddled in MSM. Some people don’t have the time to do the research and others just couldn’t be bothered.

🧵 1/24
2. Whatever the reason it doesn’t really matter. Sometimes it can be quite hard to ascertain whether you are being told the truth or not. 1st rule of thumb is if the media calls someone else a conspiracy theorist then you absolutely should pay attention to what they have to say.
3. Seriously though in times of Covid it can be difficult to tell the truth from the porky pies. So here are my top tips when doing any research.
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10 May
More shocking coverage of Philip Nolan’s tweet by MSM. The IT did cover it (as did the Mirror) but by “sleight of hand”

Their headline was

Supermarket antigen test ‘will not keep you safe’

It was only when you dig into the article that they mention Prof Michael Mina refuting it. What Mina was saying should have been the headline (as an aside Mina is also in the World Economic Forum)

Many people won’t read beyond the headline so will trust that they don’t work.

The reality is this story should be pinned to the top of every MSN website as it’s that important. RTE & Indo the same. They don’t want to cover it.
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8 May
This is one of the most shocking hit pieces I’ve read. TheJournal.ie really are getting desperate to debunk anyone who doesn't toe the line with the official narrative. @exquisite_ie

The hypocrisy from Thejournal.ie is incredible. They chastise Aisling O Loughlin for her use of stories vanishing from Instagram after 24 hrs whilst keeping their own comments closed on the article they write about her.
This is very deliberate. They know she would receive many positive comments and they can't afford for other people to see them or else the narrative and propaganda they have been driving would begin to unravel.
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8 May
1. “Want To Hear What President Lukashenko From Belarus Has To Say About How The World Has Managed Covid”

This is dynamite stuff. I don’t know when or where he gave this speech but it speaks volumes. And he has way more to say apparently 🍿🍿🍿

New 🧵 1/13
2. Lukashenko has been keeping a very low profile for the last year. Hardly surprising considering what happened to Tanzanian Premier John Magufuli.

He would want to make sure he has 24/7 protection for his own safety as he has correctly ignored lockdowns.
3. My Russian isn’t all that good so you’ll have to bear with me. Only joking, I transcribed it from the subtitles. The subtitles aren't perfect but you'll get the drift.

It’s really short but he packs a lot into the 2 minutes.
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6 May
1. “Do You Want To See The Maddest, Scariest Speech Ever Given By A World Leader In 2019 Which Discusses UN Agenda 2030, 4th Industrial Revolution & The Great Reset”

I’m not going to reveal who it was until the end so no peeking. I’m sure you will all have guessed anyway 🧵 1/23
2. Rather than reprint the whole speech I have pulled out the best bits. As mad as much of it is, it is telling people what is coming. We are living in that very dystopian hell right now. It speaks of the 4IR, the climate, vaccines and all kinds of drug induced craziness.
3. Start : "But no-one can ignore a gathering force that is reshaping the future of every member of this Assembly. There has been nothing like it in history. When I think of the great scientific revolutions of the past...
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