What weather do you hate most? πŸ€”
For me, it has to be cold/snow.

I'm simply not built for it, no matter how I try to keep warm and how many North Face jackets I wear.

Your car gets stuck in snow, you hydroplane, the snow gets brown and gross after a while, and when it melts it's freaking annoying to walk on.
Rainy weather can get on your nerves too, and the grey skies get old really fast.

Makes you depressed (SAD sysndrome).

No one likes to get wet, and I think the whole "stay indoors with a hot drink while watching it rain outside from the window" is vastly overrated.
Dry heat isn't so bad, but when you get into the 110+ Β°F range, it literally burns your skin.

It fucking hurts! πŸ”₯😧

Driving in that weather is no joke, as the UV rays that enter your car will warm it up and make you sweat, no matter high you turn up your A/C.
Hot and humid really isn't too bad.

It's a great excuse to wear as little as possible!

Or even go to the nude beach and fuck. 😎

Your armpits, underboobs, neck, and back will definitely be sticky as hell though.

It's okay, just jump into a pool.

I think it's the lesser evil.

β€’ β€’ β€’

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8 Sep
If the unvaccinated are a danger to the vaccinated, then it necessarily means the vaccinated are also a danger to the unvaccinated.

If you know, you know.

To the people who don't understand this:

Get your IQ tested.

It might be on the low side.
Actually I'll just spell it out for IQ <100 people.

If the unvaxxed can endanger the vaxxed, it means the vaccine doesn't protect you.

If the vaccine doesn't protect you, there's no meaningful difference between a vaxxed and unvaxxed person.

They're both potential vectors.
Which means that you can infect me just as much as I can infect you, all things equal.

But things are never equal in the real world.

I might have a stronger immune system (and thus lower viral load) than you, who might carry a higher viral load despite being fully-vaccinated.
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7 Sep
Oscar de la Hoya was fully-vaccinated and yet still hospitalized for Covid (despite the vaccine's promises to "prevent hospitalization/death" πŸ™„).

His wife was unvaccinated, caught Covid, hospitalized just like him, but she has been discharged... πŸ˜‚

What a joke.
I'm so sick of these vaccine apologists telling me that these breakthrough cases/adverse reactions are RARE.

Yeah yeah yeah, so rare that the reports just keep coming day after day.

Anytime shit happens, they chalk it up to it being one of the "rare" cases.
When does it stop becoming "rare" in their minds?

To me, "rare" is like 1 in a million.

Not like 1 in 10 cases, that's not what "rare" is!

Just because it's a minority doesn't make it rare.

Are black people "rare" in the US?

"Rare" is such a convenient copout.
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6 Sep
Universal Basic Income is very dystopian.

Imagine if 99% of the population depends entirely on the government for their livelihood.

The government would be the most powerful entity in all of human history.

And we citizens the weakest ever.

I prefer Universal Basic Ownership.
Each person gets to own a sliver of income-producing tech, like tech dividend stock, cryptocurrency staking, robocar, SaaS app, etc.

Government should empower citizens to be stalwarts of the very technology that will replace their labor.

No more elite monopoly over these tech.
Government should, but obviously government won't.

Nothing scares them more than a citizenry that is autonomous, sovereign, and independent of the government.

They want us to be as dependent on them as possible, so they have maximum leverage and dominion over our lives.
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5 Sep
Hahahahaha, THIS! πŸ‘‡

Poor bastard got your organ mutilated, what choice do you have but to like it?

Can you grow your foreskin back? No.
It's like the fully-vaccinated.

Can they get unvaccinated? No.

Best they can do is convince themselves they made the right decision and hope for the best.

When bad info arises, what can do?

Just convince more people to make the same mistake: "let's die together" mentality.
Wrote about this before.

The psychology of vaccine remorse is very intriguing to say the least.

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17 Aug
I can't believe how few people understand the difference between freedom and security and that they're diametrically-opposing concepts.

It usually goes:

"hOw fReE aRe yOu iF yOu dOn'T hAvE mOnEy?"

It's an asinine redefinition of terms to assuage one's innermost insecurities.
It's like when women try to define "alpha" or "real man."

It always involves being rich AND generous, wants kids, wants marriage, and devotes himself to his wife.

What these people are really referring to is "financial freedom," which is a different concept altogether.
The fact that you need to put the word "financial" in front of "freedom" shows that it's not a real form of freedom but just a figure of speech.

It's like how we know fields of study with the word "science" (e.g. social science, political science) aren't actually real sciences.
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16 Aug
Normal people will never find convincing that governments do certain things for power/control.

Only time I saw them questioning the powers that be was when the Pfizer CEO recommended booster shots, and then they went, "Ah, you're only saying that because you want more money!"
But that's because they're projecting.

All these peasants want is to never work again and to lead an easy life -- that means money.

They can never fathom what power and control can be good for, or why one would even want to amass it.

They're basically simpletons.
Some people are just not driven by opulence and luxury and immense overflowing wealth.

For every greedy corrupt bastard like Hermann Goering, there's a power-hungry megalomaniac like Adolf Hitler who cares little for material extravagance.

It's just what makes them tick.
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