The "Bi-den admin" is allowing Chy-na to take over the international drug market. Chy-na
Is flooding the market with fentanyl and taking over the Mexican cartels, using them as a distribution network.
Wide open borders was part of the payment for helping Bi-den steal the e-lection.
Heroin, like cocaine, is derived from a plant. Fentanyl is synthetic and man-made. And in countries without restrictions on precursors it is easily made in the tons.
President Trump put in place severe restrictions on fentanyl and fentanyl analogues, derivatives and different versions of fentanyl. They are set to expire in a few days. Bi-den is not only allowing those restrictions to expire making fentanyl and their analogues more available
The current administration is heavily pressuring the doj to go along with relaxing restrictions.
Bi-den prefers to make opioid drugs available to everyone, with ongoing lifetime treatment available. Another form of dependence on the government / taxes.
This will also have a huge effect in the Middle East where most of the opium poppies / heroin comes from. Allowing the rise of nuclear Iran to take over when other countries will lose billions in drug trade.
The open Southern border is already seen fentanyl related smuggling and deaths and it's only going to get worse. They are pumping tons into the country and get everyone hooked and create a market. The open Southern border is by design and by order of the Chinese government.
Cutting untold billions in heroin profits from the Middle East countries will allow ChYna, infused with fentanyl drug money, to buy their way in and control those countries much easier. Bi-den just got rid of their competition, the heroin trade.
Addiction and overdose deaths will see a sharp rise in this country at the same time they try to limit, hamstring, and defund or eradicate law enforcement altogether.
All of these actions, open border, defund the police, court packing, going after law abiding citizens. These are all deliberate and well-planned. They will go every day until there is enough outrage to stop it. We can only pray that stop before the damage is permanent. 🙏🙏🙏
In traditional warfare, you declare war and spend billions on munitions. If you fire a million dollar missile at your enemy, you cause damage and you spent a million dollars. You expect to take casualties yourself.
Chy-na has designed and built weapons that destroy their enemy, US!, but also make them rich and and cost them no casualties. Fentanyl, COVID, more coming, these are bombs being dropped on us, destroying us from within. If you see them for the weapons they are then you know
The correct response. But our "elected🙄" politicians have their hands out. Grabbing for the crumbs as they welcome the destruction of their own Country.
I'll do everything I can to stop it🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

• • •

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8 Apr
David Chipman, Bi-den pick to head the ATf. No wonder, Chipman believes and has stated:

The Second Amendment should be removed.
All VETERANS are a THREAT and should not be allowed to own firearms.
Christians are a "cult" and should not be allowed to own firearms.
(look at the outrageous claims he made about WACO, missiles, shooting down helicopters,etc)

He participated in the worst of "fast and furious" resulted deaths.

He believes he's "special" and only the ATF should have weapons as they are the only ones "properly trained".
He wants strict prison sentences for ANY firearm violations. Massive taxes and record keeping for firearms/ammo. Registered firearms kept in "secure facility" NOT at home. On and on🙄
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5 Apr
"Vacc card" became "Covid passport". "Covid passport" will become "health passport/health score".
What is your health score? To them it means how well do you obey their legal unconstitutional commands. What can they force on you. What kind of "health issue" do they consider unacceptable?
Patriotism? Conservatism? They are already rooting those out.
Christianity? Already working on that one too. Anything that you believe that they don't like will be "unhealthy" and therefore "illegal". You can do nothing right and they can do nothing wrong. Want to protect yourself? Then you are a violent scumbag.
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3 Apr
The "criteria" to house a Foster Child, is being DRAMATICALLY lowered. No experience, no home check/supervision, no background check. Making room for the new illegals. Do a basic search for "hosting immigrant child from the border". They require I.D. but you can basically
Sign up, pick the age/sex/group of your "sponsored child" and drive off🙏🙏🙏
There are reports of children wondering the streets or gathering in small groups in california, arizona, texas. Turned loose, dumped, once their job of pretending to be a family to get across the border, was done.
Easy prey🙏
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2 Apr
Twi-t has "put a notice" on my original thread and it can't be liked or retw-eeted. So here we go!👍
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1 Apr
I have been told by more than one person at a major research hospital, confirmed at another location. That there was such a high incidence of "negative reactions" to the covid vaccines, that "vaccine shots" have been ALTERED.
A percentage of placebo/saline have been included in shipments. These are completely neutral basically water and will do nothing. This was done by the pharmaceutical companies and the "Bi-den admin" together. This was done to lessen the reports of negative reactions
Make this administration look more competent. It was done to lessen the impact of these negative reactions on the pharmaceutical company. And it was done for profit, as the vaccines are becoming useless due to "mutations".
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31 Mar
You know, this sounds an awful lot like the DOJ/FB-i engage in illegal surveillance, planting/altering "evidence" and try to control compromise elected officials, judges, reporters, rivals, etc.🤔

Now where have I heard that before?🤔🤔
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