#YEMEN:The Aggression Plunders Half A Trillion Riyals Annually From Tax And Customs Revenues In The Southern Governorates
The media center for the southern provinces,Tuesday , issued a report in which it monitored the organized plunder of oil resources by the countries of the
#US-#Saudi-#Emirati aggression coalition and its tools. They exacerbated the humanitarian situation and caused the deterioration of services.

The report pointed out that the revenues amounted to 1.6 trillion riyals annually, according to the confessions of the
government of ran away president Hadi.

The report emphasized that the expenditures of these governorates are limited compared to the total monthly and annual revenues from oil sales, tax revenues, customs revenues and other fees.The expenditures for
improving services do not constitute about 25 percent of the total looted revenues.
The report pointed out that the government , loyal to the aggession, has transferred billions of riyals from the revenues of the port of #Aden to Islah militia in Marib during the
past two months. It stressed that the government of ran-away Hadi ignored the legitimate demands of the sons of the southern governorates and traded their suffering in order to obtain financial gains and aid from a number of countries, including #Kuwait.
Plundering Aden ports’ revenue

Despite the systematic destruction of the most important national institutions in the governorate , such as refineries and ports, the tax and customs revenues, port service fees, and other revenues in Aden that are being plundered by the
tools of the aggression coalition exceed half a trillion riyals annually.

The report emphasized that the revenues of Aden ports increased significantly after the navigation traffic of container ships was diverted to #Aden.

He stated that these revenues are sufficient to
improve all basic public services in the city of #Aden as well as pay the salaries of employees in the city .It explained that these revenues are subject to share and plunder by the tools of #Riyadh and #AbuDhabi.

The #report indicated that the countries of the
Aggression Coalition use a policy of starvation and intimidation against citizens in the southern governorates, pointing out that what is happening to citizens is a planned action aimed at confusing society about what is going on in the implementation of the agenda and
conspiracies that violate national sovereignty.
It pointed out that the revenues of the Al-Wadiah exceeded 30 billion riyals in the past year, in addition to the revenues of air transport that were transferred to the cities of #Aden and Seiyun.

The #report noted that many government services that generate billions of riyals have been transferred from the free provinces to the occupied territories.

Oil revenues

The Media Center for the Southern Governorates reported the macroeconomic indicators in #Yemen
(2017-2020), which was issued at the beginning of this year by a media organization that is under the control of the aggression coalition. The average revenues stolen from oil sales in #Hadramout for the period from January 2018 to December 2020, amounted to
4 billion and 80 million dollars, at a monthly rate of 85 million dollars.

While the revenues of the oil sectors in #Shabwa during the same period amounted to 792 million dollars at a rate of 16.5 million dollars per month .It indicated that the oil revenues in the
two governorates that are experiencing stifling fuel crises and a sharp deterioration in services exceeds 3.5 trillion riyals according to the exchange rate of the printed currency.

According to the media center, #Shabwa oil is exported annually, amount to more than
12 million barrels, as it is exported illegally and through smuggling channels. It revenues go to military leaders, #Saudi and #Emirati leaders, and the #Islah party, which controls the oil sites in the governorate.

According to the report, #SaudiArabia and the
#UAE deliberately prevented any oil companies from returning to explore for oil in the southern governorates, while the Islah Party was granted extensive concessions on the coasts of Shabwa governorate.

The report stated that #Saudi Arabia sought to stop any
new oil exploration in the Sabaatain Basin, and in return it is carrying out a large drain on extracting oil from Shaybah oil field.

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أيها الناس: من فطر منكم صائماً مؤمناً في هذا الشهر كان له بذلك عند الله عتق رقبة ومغفرة لما مضى من ذنوبه. فقيل: يا رسول الله وليس كلنا يقدر على ذلك فقال [صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم] : اتقوا الله ولو بشربة من ماء، واتقوا النار ولو بشق تمرة.
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توقع الخبير اليمني ابراهيم الكبسي أن تتأثر بلادنا بفضل الله الكريم ومشيئته بحالة جوية ممطرة واسعة التأثير على أغلب مناطق اليمن كما يتوقع أن تكون كميات الأمطار عالية بإذن الله تعالى.
وقال الكبسي ان نماذج الطقس العالمية تتوقع أن هذه الحالة الجوية الممطرة ستبدأ يوم ٢٤ أبريل، ثم تتوسع تأثيراتها يوم ٢٥ أبريل،أيضا ويتوقع أن تشتد تأثيراتها بعد يوم ٢٥ أبريل، كما يتوقع وبصورة مبدئية أن تستمر هذه الحالة الطيبة حتى الأسبوع الأول من شهر مايو القادم بإذن الله تعالى.
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وبالنسبة لتوقعات الأيام الواقعة
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