How much $LUNA is really left?

Wen moon? Wen price rise?

Why $DOGE, $ADA and other coins have bigger market caps?

What can you do to help?


(Rant included)
I was checking @SmartStake's stats regarding $LUNA's supply:

The 126.53 million $LUNA includes LUNA that has been bonded into $bLuna, LUNA in exchanges, and LUNA being hodled.

So I wondered, how much LUNA is really in circulation?
At this moment, there's 36.88M $bLUNA provided as collateral in @anchor_protocol

Simple ape math: 126.53M - 36.88M.

We're left with 89.65M $LUNA circulating.

That's LUNA in exchanges and hodlers (not stakers) wallets.
Let's check @binance's wallet regarding $LUNA:

25.76M $LUNA left.
Let's head to @kucoincom's $LUNA wallet:

766,177 LUNA left.
We also have @HuobiGlobal's $LUNA wallet:

Only 3.4M LUNA left.
And @BithumbOfficial's $LUNA wallet:

1.47M LUNA left...

...not that much either.
And this is another exchange address that I've found, but not sure who it is:

0.77M $LUNA left
This means less and less $LUNA available in exchanges.

This will eventually lead to a supply crisis in which LUNA's price will rise quickly.

This will also happen with the launch of new dapps, just as we saw with @mirror_protocol's and @anchor_protocol's launch.
But, you're probably wondering... "wen moon, ser?"

"Why $LUNA not mooning ser?"

Well, if you had bought $LUNA right before all those events had happened, you would be very happy right now.

So, what I'm doing is the following (no financial advice):
I keep stacking on $LUNA because I know every project that happens in @terra_money requires $UST to be minted.

And that always drives $LUNA's price up.
But you have to wonder if you're not causing $LUNA's price to go down.

See, every time you put FUD into others, you generate a negative spiral. A chain reaction.

And you might be saying, "Dude, wtf? Can you back this up?"

Let me show you a recent coin that just appeared... #safemoon.

This appears to be an orchestrated marketing campaign:

With 62k social contributors in the last day.
Compare it with $DOGE, which has been growing organically and has a strong community around it (would love some of that passion and marketers around $LUNA)

Around 282k social contributors.
What about $LUNA?

We only have 1,300 social contributors.

This means we're WAAAY early.

Think about this, 1,300 persons working together in coordinated ways can be as strong as a huge dispersed group of people.

Think how much the price can grow if we double our contributors.
Now, how can you help the $LUNA community?

We need more guys doing memes, more guys doing threads like this, more guys doing YouTube videos, Reddit forums (do we even have one?), TikTokers, LinkedIn articles, coordinated efforts, etc.
But we can't expect @terra_money to do it all by itself.

@d0h0k1 is focused on building this and making the big moves. He is not the guy that you want to be doing TikToks, blogs or YouTube videos.

The less he has to manage people, the more stuff he builds.
Listen, we want $LUNA to be decentralized, is that correct?

We have to keep attracting top talent to our community, those who have the guts and the vision grow this to the next level.

Because the Top 10 is not that far away...

Just look at $ADA, only 12k social contributors.
But we have an even greater asset than all of them.

$LUNA fundamentals are the strongest of 'em all.

And if we could just add a bit of the meme/community/marketing that $ADA, $DOGE or others have... this will grow like crazy.
I'm betting long term on $LUNA, I really believe it's the best crypto I've ever found.


Because it draws its value from real world usage.

It all starts with CHAI.

A payment system used in Korea that has 2.2 million users.

Guess who benefits from it?
$LUNA stakers mah fren.

We get paid every time there's a transaction.

Just like really owning a piece of Mastercard and getting paid for every tx that happens in their network.

And soon CHAI will have their new card.
Guess who many persons are waiting in line?

My Korean source tells me he is #101,581 in the waiting list.

How many more are in that list?

Probably many more.

I mean, he has $LUNA and is aware of the news... how much bigger can this get?
Well, it can get much, much bigger...

Just watch the power of our community.

We can get things done.

We can push for real world usage.

For things that $DOGE, $ADA, $LTC, $BTC are light years away from achieving.
So guys, take a deep dive into $LUNA and @terra_money's ecosystem.

You will find how deep the rabbit hole goes.

The more you research it, the more you'll get convinced this is the way crypto should go.

And you'll be able to tell your kids how you were one of the OGs.

โ€ข โ€ข โ€ข

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20 Apr
Which project will be the next big hit in the @terra_money / $LUNA ecosystem?

Let's talk about the upcoming hackathon that @Delphi_Digital is throwing.

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Because as of right now, only those wizards of the code are able to play with this.
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$LUNA is undervalued and about to explode...


Let's talk data.

Right now, $LUNA's price is really, really low.

And it's about to go wild.

So let's start with their website.

Yep, people still go to websites.

LOTS of them.

In March, @terra_money's website had around 800,000 users (stats by @Similarweb) Image
But the interesting part is the average visit duration, pages per visit and the bounce rate.

4 minutes is very good.

This means people are taking their time to research what Terra is about.

5.53 pages per visit shows that people actually go deeper into it.
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Let's talk about @spar_protocol.

What is it?

$SPAR is a place for money managers to show off their skills & allow retail investors to invest alongside with them.

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21 Mar
So @DannyCairns asked me:

"I already have all my $luna staked on terra station..

Can i use this to earn with $anc or do I need liquid luna? Or is there any another ways to mint $ust to then borrow against?"

Yes, you'll get an airdrop with 0.31 $ANC per 100 $LUNA staked every 100,000 blocks (~1 week).

You can also buy more $LUNA and go to Then mint $bLUNA and provide it as collateral. Borrow 30% (or less) in $UST and you'll get $ANC as well.
Second question: "Next would be the risks for each option in terms of governance and staking LP?"

Governance is the less risky option. But it also gives you less returns.

Staking LP always comes with the possibility of impermanent loss.
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