Sigh one night back on the dating apps reminded me that I don't want to be on dating apps

There are too many people I don't want to date to wade through the effort of finding the people I might, and I have yet to see an interesting profile 😑
Blah I'll just stick to being single and unraveling the mysteries of the universe thanks

Or sheesh just let's get clubs back open so I can find hot people and assess in two seconds if they're fun or interesting

Soooo much easier
I realize it's very basic to complain about dating apps but I'm not just looking for _someone/anyone_ for a good time

It's not worth the effort to deal with catfishing, couples, old pics, misleading pics, and uninspiring chat convos on the off chance I hit my roulette number 😬
Doesn't help that I'm out of available people to swipe on within 100 miles after about 50 profiles

• • •

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23 Apr
1/ I saw this fly by the TL earlier and I've been thinking about it for the last hour or so. I have deep sympathy for the quoted person, and this will not be a thread that invalidates her pain or experiences.

I have some thoughts I want to share.
2/ The first thing that springs up is just this intense sadness and empathy for this person who has clearly been through a lot of trauma WRT to identity and trying to find their path. None of the decisions leading up to irreversible transition choices are easy ones.
3/ And I do think there's a very real tendency for many well-intentioned people to encourage a path that they themselves have not walked, and could not imagine walking, because they believe that it will reduce the suffering of the person they're encouraging.
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22 Apr
I love to critique the labor practices of big companies but I never have so much sympathy for them as when I'm dealing with my own employees who can at times be extremely frustrating in spite of treating them extremely fairly and trying to do right by them
I don't know how you reliably screen for bad actors and keep people engaged when the transactional nature of modern work creates conflict in the structure itself and encourages high mobility

You really appreciate the power of family businesses in aligning incentives
But like... sheesh I would happily give someone a profit sharing cut of my business if I trusted them to consistently do good work and grow it with me. But it's a bad deal for me if they hang out for only 6-18 months and it's not clear that it would improve engagement.
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22 Apr
I've had a number of conversations in the last week where people are sharing their ideas about what magick "is"

But I rarely find these conversations useful because inevitably you hit a block when you're talking about a descriptive framework

Mechanics are far more interesting
Maybe it's unusual to see it this way but it doesn't matter to me if you're looking at weird psychology tricks, manifestation of will through oneness with the universe, or God consciously acting in response to requests

It's all different ways of describing a thing
The thing itself is what I'm curious about, the phenomenology, mechanisms, and boundaries of it

I don't really care what we call it

I just wanna know if it's noise or signal and what the hard limitations of it are within the world as we experience it
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21 Apr
1/ Let's talk about coding for you non-coders today.

Learning to code is one of the most valuable, fun, and rewarding things that you can spend your time on, and it's not because you can go get a job in tech (although that's a nice bonus option if you really get into it).
2/ This might seem like a silly thing to point out given that "everyone" is aware of this at least on the periphery, but if you think that you are severely bubbled.

Estimates suggest that only 2-6% of Americans know how to code (and definitely only around 2% as a career).
3/ But I don't want to talk about the career possibilities, because that's boring. Let's get at something much more interesting:

How is coding useful for you even if you have no intention of using it in your career?
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21 Apr
This is super interesting because it's going to spark an even hotter debate about what "fair" means.

Algo factors weighting attributes that vary across economic class aren't ever going to produce results that look "fair" through a lens of equality of outcome, by design.
Historically what's "fair" has meant "apply the same lens for attribute evaluation to everyone when considering results" but increasingly this has shifted to mean "adjust factors by class/ethnicity" or "evaluate outcome based on factors that do not vary by class/ethnicity"
Interesting social proxy battle over what the purpose of algorithmic evaluation is supposed to be

I wonder what impacts this might have for say, insurance companies 🤔
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21 Apr
Guys I gotta get back to working on my game

I miss it and I put it down about three months ago

I'm so excited about it I don't know why I'm avoiding it
It's kind of a big deal for me I always wanted to be a game developer and this is the first time in my life where I have the skills and freedom to make something really fun and original

I think I'll make something really cool if I can focus
It's 1000% a passion project for me and it's so cool to see it very slowly come together

I'm almost done with the combat engine and I can start implementing secondary systems
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