Derek Chauvin's wife Kellie was beauty queen Mrs. Minnesota. But Intelius and the other big computers don't know she is related to him. His relatives there are listed as Michael, Arthur, Robert, and Deborah Chauvin, and Carolyn Pawlenty.
Carolyn is Derek's aunt, and she is related to Werner, Lieder, Borchert, Vanberg, Spiess, Tefft, Folmer, Enns, and Tolzmann. Tolzmann is a Jewish name. So is Spiess. They may all be.
The Michael Gerard Chauvin related to Derek is likely his father. He is 66 and has lived in Fairfax, Clifton, Chantilly, Falls Church, McLean, Arlington, and Reston, VA. That is, the front porch of Langley, CIA. He has never lived in Minnesota.
Michael Gerard Chauvin of Reston has been in the news before. He was arrested in 2011 and charged with tax evasion in the amount of $670,000. He supposedly had a landscaping business in Reston.…
He was trimming the hedges at Langley for the CIA? You have to laugh. Despite being a landscaper, he lived in a $2 million home with his wife, and somehow racked up $670,000 in back taxes. As a landscaper. This story is another fake run by the CIA for their buds at the IRS
It looks like Derek's mother is Michelle Chauvin, nee Trainor. She has all of Michael's locations plus West Hollywood, CA, and Washington, DC. Her brother (or ex-husband) is William Trainor also of McLean, VA.
His father is also from there, and they are related to Schwieters, including Charles Schwieters of the NIH. Indicating the Floyd fake may be linked to the Covid fake, acting as misdirection from it. Does this link us to Trey Trainor of the FEC? Possibly.
Given the locations, it probably also links us to Lt. General Bernard Trainor, Council of Foreign Relations, also of McLean, VA. In fact, I did find a link through Kathleen Trainor, who is both on the list of Bernard and Michelle's relatives.
This is huge, because although Bernard is dead, this does link Derek Chauvin to the Council on Foreign Relations. And these Trainors also link us through MyLife to the surnames Israelson, Wolinski, and Zimmerman. Giving us the Jewish links again.
Also possibly of interest here is that the mother of Eric, Baron de Rothschild, was Mary Chauvin. Their grandson Robert married Debra Cohen of Massachusetts.
These Chauvins are French counts, but they also live in the US. My educated guess is that Derek is one of them. A Rothschild link to Floyd hoax would surprise no one. The Chauvin de Treuil are Jewish.

• • •

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24 Apr
It looks to me like Ole Dammegård was hired to admit to a lot of the anomalies in Oslo and Utøya, but then to spin you back to the desired conclusion: the murders were real and something very scary is going on. Image
The event controllers, don't really care which set of stories you believe. You can buy the mainstream story or any of the alternatives, as long as you believe it happened. The goal is the creation of fear, and if you believe it happened, it doesn't matter who did it or how.
In fact, Dammegård's alternative theory is even scarier than the mainstream story, since he is trying to sell you the idea that some shadowy forces in the government pulled this, for some deep dark purpose.
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24 Apr
Breivik allegedly drove two vans into Oslo, one filled with his fertilizer bomb, the other as a getaway. We aren't told how he drove both in, but it doesn't really matter. Image
He drove a white Volkswagen Crafter van right up to the wall of the Ministry of Justice, parked in front of a no-parking sign, got out with a pistol in his hand and wearing a visored helmet, dressed as a policeman, and walked away uncontested. Image
He wasn't dressed as a normal cop, since he was in semi-riot gear, but I guess the guys in security watching the video live didn't find that odd. Yes, this was caught on multiple security cams, since they were later released to the public.
Read 95 tweets
23 Apr
That is Bjørn Ihler, 2018 winner of the Louis CK look-alike award. He is a self-styled peace activist who allegedly survived the Utøya attacks. Since we are seeing that everyone survived those attacks, that isn't much of a claim to fame either. Image
He has almost no bio posted online, of course, and I guess we are supposed to believe he hatched from an egg on Utøya and immediately began writing for The Guardian, Huffington Post and other top Intelligence fronts.
He also works for the Kofi Annan Foundation, so I am sure you will want to run out and donate to that. As a funder, you can join Bill Gates, CIA-front USAid, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation (nuff said), the Government of Norway, and Open Society (George Soros).
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23 Apr
Viljar Hanssen is supposed to have been shot by Breivik on Utøya, and is supposed to still have a bullet in his brain. However, just by studying those three photos, we can tell this isn't true. We can also tell the entire event is a hoax. ImageImage
I could begin and end with this evidence, since by itself it is conclusive, but I won't.
The problem is that the middle guy isn't the same as the others. That is supposed to be a pic of Hanssen right after the event, before his eye was operated on, I guess.
The first pic is of Hanssen also young, soon after the event. The third pic is Hanssen several years later. However, the middle pic is not a match.
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22 Apr
As of today, April 21, Wikipedia still states: “Chauvin knelt on Floyd's neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds.[9] For part of the time, two other officers knelt on Floyd's back.[10] During the final two[11] minutes Floyd was motionless and had no pulse.”
But they later admit that in trial, the nine minutes claim was dropped. And how could they know Floyd had no pulse during the final two minutes? Do we see anyone take his pulse? No.
Do you think Chauvin took his pulse, found none, and then continued to kneel on him for two more minutes just for fun? They later created video of someone reaching in to check Floyd's pulse while Chauvin was still kneeling on him. Does that make any sense?
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22 Apr
In similar cross examination, it was admitted that 50 BCA officers, 27 FBI agents, 440 reports, and 400 witnesses stood against Chauvin in trial, including his entire department and his police chief. Why would 27 FBI agents be involved?
Again, this wasn't a federal crime and the FBI had zero jurisdiction. . . unless it was a manufactured event. It also didn't require 50 BCA officers or 440 reports. It required one report filed by a handful of officers.
Also, it is very abnormal for a police department and chief not to support their own officer, especially in a case where a heavily drugged “victim” was involved.
Read 4 tweets

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