Hypothetical for Evangelicals:

Let's assume that you think this is bad

Would you try to 1) join the conference in order to help steer the conversation? Or 2) abandon this group entirely?

If 2, where would you go instead?
This is some interesting context. Collins is an evangelical Christian and also a titan in modern genetics and the director of the NIH

I think I'm going to bow out of this debate since I'm worried Twitter is an unhelpful place to have it

This makes me so frustrated with the state of news

That Collins' view was included is *much more important context* than "Berenson spoke at a thing"

The attempt to isolate, separate, and destroy groups based on the worst perceived person is, I think, a conscious strategy
I need to work a little harder to distinguish between "here is a group founded on the appeal of grifters like Berenson" and "we're including Berenson b/c he's a voice people listen to & if we ignore that, we're selling our audience short"

• • •

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22 Apr
My mom sent me a WSJ piece from one of the scientists that YouTube said was spreading COVID misinformation, which reminds me of how we now have corporate entities proactively censoring speech on behalf of the gov't

I recently had a conversation with my friend who spent a decade in China

He noted that businesses in China actively censor information they think the CCP *might* want them to censor in order to prove they are good corporate citizens

That is what happened here
Unlike China, the US gov't doesn't have the power to censor YouTube videos.

But the "good corporate citizens" over at Google are proactively looking for "bad" information they think someone in gov't wishes they could censor and then do it for them
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20 Apr
this is evil

respect for the dead is a fundamental human quality

the people who abandon it are letting you know that they would rather be dogs digging up corpses than humans with decency
If Hitler were buried in an identifiable place, I would say that the desecration of his grave was an inhuman evil

That's the baseline for being a decent person, that we respect the remains of the dead.

If you can't do that, you've lost a part of your soul
Every liberal has a story about their racist uncle or grandpa

Show your colors

A mob comes to dig up your grandpa and tear his long-dead body to pieces for the cause of social justice

Do you cheer them on? Or demand respect for the dead?
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15 Apr
Dear conservative movement:

The biggest thing that matters now is the purge coming in which corporate entities demand anyone right-of-left submit to their ideology

You need to help people know what to do here

"Have Courage" is not an answer

We need to be war-gaming this b/c it is coming. Employees will be subjected to ideological tests to determine who is and is not part of the blue tribe.

Critical Race Theory is the blueprint for these tests. How will non-leftists survive this?
This is not coming out of the blue

I was in a meeting this week in which my leadership demanded we all switch to the anti-racist tech terminology and set forth a plan to "stamp out" (their words) the use of this terminology among our partners

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14 Apr
If I had to pick one policy that I most misjudged, it would be the contact tracing policy

Contact tracing seemed to be how S Korea kept things under control last year but it just... didn't work here.
Part of the problem was our contact tracing wasn't consistently paired with testing.

We'd find someone who tested positive and run around slapping "quarantine" stickers on everyone they touched in the last 3 days but then... not test them.
Different states had different levels of contact tracing, states built apps to auto-contact trace, we spent millions on this problem but I don't think it made much of a difference in infection numbers.
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13 Apr
For today's newsletter, I launched off of CNN's "90% vaccine efficacy means that 100K people out of 1 million travelers will have COVID" innumeracy and decided to visualize the results of the Pfizer vaccine trial

polimath.substack.com/p/vaccine-effi… Image
I made some back-of-the-napkins calculations and came up with this interesting proposal for the difference between a vaccinated and unvaccinated population

Without vaccines, there's about a 50-50 chance someone on your plane has COVID. With vaccines, it's a 2% chance. Image
I have a whole paragraph of caveats around this statement.

Stuff is complicated and you could certainly poke holes in my assumptions or argue that it's a far too simplistic way of looking at things.

But I thought it was helpful Image
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12 Apr
Are there active studies on

1) What information people are internalizing concerning vaccines and transmission
2) How that impacts their decision making

Polling on this issue is all over the map and the polls are often poorly designed
I feel like now is a near-perfect opportunity to see how people internalize "official" information, with what frequency they change their minds, how they change their minds, what kinds of public policy strategies actually work, etc
Just about everyone is going to decide that it's ok to go to a packed indoor concert within the next 18-24 months

This is the perfect opportunity to see how and when opinions change. Do they change individually? In response to peer pressure?
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