Viljar Hanssen is supposed to have been shot by Breivik on Utøya, and is supposed to still have a bullet in his brain. However, just by studying those three photos, we can tell this isn't true. We can also tell the entire event is a hoax.
I could begin and end with this evidence, since by itself it is conclusive, but I won't.
The problem is that the middle guy isn't the same as the others. That is supposed to be a pic of Hanssen right after the event, before his eye was operated on, I guess.
The first pic is of Hanssen also young, soon after the event. The third pic is Hanssen several years later. However, the middle pic is not a match.
What to notice: his forehead is higher, his hairline is different, his ears are different, his face is longer, his nose is longer, his hair is parted on the wrong side, his eyelids don't droop like they should, his scar doesn't slant.
Especially note that he is supposed to be older in pic 1 than pic 2. Is that how it looks to you? He had a receding hairline and then got it fixed, as a teenager?
Pic 2 is mostly a fake, heavily worked on in a computer program. I can only imagine what Hanssen himself said when he saw that picture: “Hey, that doesn't look like me!” His handlers answered, “Doesn't matter, no one will notice. They will be too busy looking at that scary eye"
Another alleged victim is Tarjei Jensen Bech, who allegedly fell 10-15 meters off a cliff after being shot by Breivik.
Amazingly, his only injury from the fall was some moulage on his eye. Moulage is fake blood used in crisis acting, in case you don't know.
Just coincidentally, the head of the 22 July Commission who wrote the report on the event is Alexandra Bech Gjørv. She had been a Statoil [State Oil of Norway] executive up to 2010, which is very curious by itself.
But for now ask yourself why a Statoil executive would be hired to write the Breivik event report.
Her mother is famous journalist Toppen Bech, who worked for the Norwegian Broadcasting Company. Toppen hosted a long-running show on rich people's homes called Herskapelig. It was a sort of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.
Alexandra Bech is the daughter-in-law of Labour Party politician Inger Gjørv, whose maiden names are Strand and Alnaes. From 1989-93, Inger Gjørv was President of the Odelsting, which is the Congress of Norway. So she was sort of like a Speaker of the House.
At the same time she was VP of the Council of Europe. So best bet is this kid Tarjei Bech is related to these folks. Confirming that is that he is now deputy-mayor of Finnmark county, moving up in the Labour Party quickly. Also keep your eyes open for more Bechs/Becks below.
Little information is forthcoming on Breivik in the US, but this site Hemneslekt gives us a partial genealogy.…
The first thing we see is that Breivik's grandfather was a Dahl, linking us not only to spook writer Roald Dahl (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), but to Asta Dahl, another of the alleged victims. Amazingly, Roald Dahl's sister was named. . . Asta.
So we look up Roald Dahl, and find his mother was a Hesselberg. That is a Jewish name. Roald Dahl was Norwegian, named for polar explorer Roald Amundsen. We will see other polar explorers below.
Roald Dahl is admitted to have been in Air Force Intelligence, where he worked with fellow spook Ian Fleming of James Bond fame. Dahl worked in BSC (MI6) under William Stephenson, as a conduit between Churchill and Roosevelt.
Dahl is also listed in the peerage, apparently because his second wife was a Throckmorton, of those Baronets. She was also a Moore, a Stewart and a Brabazon (Earls of Meath).
Throckmorton also link us directly to Manner, Dukes of Rutland, which links us to Guinness, Tennant, Lindsay (Earls of Crawford), Baron von Twickel, Princes von Lobkowicz, Graf von Arco-Zinneberg, OsterreichEste, von Waldburg, von der Pfalz, and von Sulzbach.
The Osterreichs were the Holy Roman Emperors, and they link us to the Bourbons as well as to the Kings of Norway. So you see how it goes.
There is also an Alexandra Torunn Dahl in the peerage. We also find Dahls there linked to the Dundases, Koschinskys, Listers, and Brauns. Yes, that is Brauns as in Eva Braun and Werner von Braun. The Arco above may link us to the Arctanders just below.
In Breivik's genealogy, we also find the name 𝗝𝗲𝗻𝘀𝗲𝗻. Remember the boy's name above: Tarjei Jensen Bech. We also find Grønbech, Giæver, Falch, Ibsen, Hammer, Friis, Schelderup, Lange, Randulf, Brønlund, Bloch, Arctander (Lauritzen), Blix, Lorentz, Prydz, Meng, and Schancke.
Through the two names Schelderup and Giæver, we can connect Breivik to John Schelderup Giæver, famous Norwegian author and polar researcher. He also links Breivik to the Holmboes, including Jens Holmboe, who was a county governor of Finnmark.
These Holmboes were also Hammers, linking us to Breivik through a third name. Wait, where have we seen Finnmark?
Oh yeah, the boy above, Tarjei Jensen Bech, is now deputy-major of Finnmark. Holmboe later became Minister of Finance, Minister of the Navy, Minister of Education, etc. Also see Conrad Holmboe, head of Holmboe and Son, merchant and vice-consul for the Russian Empire.
Conveniently, these Holmboes also link us back to the Dahls, especially Walter Scott Dahl, Minister of Justice under Sverdrup in the late 1800s.
He also links us to the Rønnebergs, including recent Labour Party politician Erling Rønneberg (d. 2008). He and his brother Joachim (d. 2018) were in the resistance during WWII, with Joachim later working for NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting). He was an editor there until 1988.
The Rønnebergs were wealthy merchants and shipowners, see for example Carl Rønneberg, of Rønneberg and Sons. They were related by marriage to the Kaas-Lunds. This also links us to the Sandbergs, including Ole Rømer Sandberg of the Hjemmefrontens Ledelse during WWII.
Through these Sandbergs, we link by marriage to Trygve Dehli Laurantzon, whose father was a Major General. He edited the Norsk Jord magazine from 1941-45, and was Quisling's Minister of Agriculture in 1945.
He was convicted of treason and convicted to 15 years forced labor, but somehow was on the streets by 1950 (and likely long before).
Also see physicist Ivar Giæver, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1973 for his work on electron tunneling in solids. He is currently a science advisor to the Heartland Institute, which is supposed to be “libertarian”. Right.
Heartland is linked to the Cato Institute, and thereby to the Koch brothers. So it is not libertarian, but fascist. If we check Giæver's ancestry, we find he was also a Nobel, meaning he received the prize from a cousin.
Speaking of the Nobels, we can link Breivik to them in a second line. Breivik is a Brønlund on his father's side, and that name links us to the Nobels again.
Also see Torbjørn Giæver Eriksen, a political advisor in the Ministry of Finance under Jens Stoltenberg. He was later State Secretary. In 2012, he went to work for First House, a crisis management agency.
CEO of First House just happens to be Per Høiby, brother of Crown Princess Mette-Marit. Nothing to see there, right? Høiby comes out of the Naval War School. He was deputy to King Harald for three years.
His father is Sven Høiby, sold now as ne'er-do-well, but actually a former journalist, advertising man, and publisher.
Also connecting us to the Breivik event is Trond Berntsen, step-brother of Mette-Marit. He just happened to be a security guard on Utøya who was killed by Breivik. You can't make this schtuff up.
If we return to the Holmboes, we can also link out to Ragnhild Rød, another politician, 2ggranddaughter of Jens Holmboe. She is useful because she links us to the Welhavens through her mother. Her great-uncles and aunts were Maren, Elisabeth, and Johan Sebastian Welhaven.
Johan Sebastian Welhaven was one of the greatest figures in Norwegian literature in the 19th century, matched only by someone like Ibsen or Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson (who we will get to in a moment).
Johan's sister Maren married Michael Sars, a famous theologian and biologist. She was a famous socialite born on August 11, 1811. So, 8/11/11. Chai.
Her son was Ernst Sars, born October 11, also Chai. He was a famous historian and writer who, along with Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, created the Liberal Party in 1884.
His brother George Ossian Sars was a biologist and Knight of the Order of St. Olav.
Maren Sars' daughter married Fridtjof Nansen, perhaps the biggest name here. He was a polar explorer and Nobel Peace Prize winner, but he comes in here on a different boat, being a head of the Fatherland League.
The Fatherland League was another fake organization founded by Intelligence in 1925, allegedly to combat Communism, but actually to combat unions and Republicanism. It was Norway's answer to Hitler's NSDAP, with some elements of Thule as well.
Like the Nazi party, it was funded by the billionaires and heavily cloaked. Today it is sold as pretty much the opposite of what it was, since—rather than actually combat Communism—it was created to make Communism look like a real threat.
The Fatherland League would then ride in and solve the problem with evermore draconian measures—which is pretty much what happened regardless. We are told the Fatherland League dissolved in 1940, when Norway was taken over, but that should seem strange to you.
The Nazis should have loved the Fatherland League. Well, the Fatherland League dissolved in 1940, but not for the reason you are given. It was dissolved because its goal had been attained: inserting the Quisling government and pretending the Nazis had done it.
You see, Hansen had been Quisling's handler for years, and this is actually admitted quietly on Quisling's page. But we will get to that.
Kristian Welhaven was Chief of Police of Oslo, 1927-54. He established the Norwegian Intelligence Service in that time. He was allegedly imprisoned by the Nazis during the war, though you can be sure that didn't happen.
He was Order of St. Olav as well as Order of Vasa and Order of the Polar Star. If you aren't getting it, all these Welhavens were Jewish. Which is why I know this guy wasn't imprisoned by the Nazis.
They should have known he was Jewish and sent him to Dachau or someplace to be killed. Instead he came home with his family, no worse for wear.
Breivik also descends directly from an Enoch Thue, who took his mother's name. This is also spelled Thew/Thewes, and it is important because it links us back to Angus, Scotland, in the 1600s, where we see Breivik's ancestor Robert Thue.
More recently we find a Colin Thew in the peerage who married a Kirkpatrick. These Kirkpatricks are of Closeburn, and we will see them below in connection with Breivik's English name Berwick. These Kirkpatricks also link us to Angus, as well as to the Stewarts, Earls of Galloway
Since Breivik is also an Ibsen, we can link to Henrik Ibsen and Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, famous writers from Norway that were closely related. Ibsen's son married Bjørnson's daughter. This Sigurd Ibsen was Prime Minister of Norway in Stockholm from 1903-05.
Sigurd Ibsen's son Tancred was a film director, coming out of the Air Force. He basically brought Hollywood to Norway. His sister Irene married writer Josias Bille, of the Danish noble family. See the various Danish admirals and generals named Bille.
They also link us to Tycho Brahe, who was a relative. Brahe is the famous astronomer. His grandfather was Claus Bille, Lord of Bohus Castle and second cousin of Swedish King Gustav Vasa. Like Breivik, Brahe had a fake nose, though his was made of brass.
Considered one of the greatest astronomers of the 16th century, he nonetheless thought the Sun orbited the Earth. Note that this links the Ibsens to the Vasas, meaning 𝗕𝗿𝗲𝗶𝘃𝗶𝗸 𝗶𝘀 𝗮𝗹𝘀𝗼 𝗮 𝗰𝗼𝘂𝘀𝗶𝗻 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗩𝗮𝘀𝗮𝘀.
As for Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, he was the great poet of Norway who won the Nobel Prize in 1903. For our purposes, it is worth knowing that he wrote extensively about the Dreyfus Affair, selling it as real. This helps us tag him as a crypto-Jew, working the great project.
Henrik Ibsen's mother was an Altenburg, which is not a Norwegian name. He was from a family of wealthy merchants, which again gives you the clue. Ibsen's grandfather was Johan Andreas Altenburg, billionaire merchant and shipowner.
This also links us to the names Paus, Plesner, Lippe, Blom, Cappelen, and Barth. Ole Paus, Ibsen's great-uncle, was also a shipowner, and his 2g-grandson married a granddaughter of Tolstoy.
Also see Christopher Blom Paus, shipowner as well as banker, who owned most of Skien at the time. So we are back to the Phoenicians, as usual.
We will get back to personal links, but this might be a good time to ask why this event was run, and why it was run in 2011. I have an answer for that as well. All we have to do is look at Norway's GDP and military spending in the past decade.
Military spending in 2019 was even higher, being 7179. You can see that by 2010, Norway's military spending had bottomed out, even though GDP was skyrocketing. In that year, military spending was 1.26% of GDP, or about 5 billion for a nation of 5 million.
But eight years later, that had increased to 1.7%, an increase of 35% in that period. The vampires also managed to snuff GDP by 2014, probably by skimming off about 100 billion.
Also in this period, Norway was talking about getting out of NATO, after bad experiences in the Middle East. That couldn't be allowed to happen.
Now, do you think it is just a coincidence that Norway's military spending bottomed out in 2010, and the Breivik event happened in 2011, causing a fast rise in military spending?
You will say there is no connection, since one concerns domestic safety and one concerns international safety. But the fact is, if people don't feel safe, they will be willing to spend more not just on police, but on military as well.
Operation CHAOS creates fear to benefit both police and military, and the two have always been closely linked.
This is a good time to mention that Norway makes most of its money from huge oil and gas reserves in the North Sea. By many measures, it is the richest country in the world per capita, with the largest capital reserve per capita.
Statoil (Equinor) was founded in 1972 as the state oil company of Norway and the Government Pension Fund now has assets of over $1 trillion, making it the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world.
Assets of over $1 trillion, but somehow Norway still has a public debt of 36% of GDP. You figure that one out.
Only the bankers could create debt out of trillion dollar surpluses.
Also curious is that Norway sold 1/3rd of Statoil in 2001 to private interests, including Blackrock, Fidelity, State Street, Vanguard, UBS, the usual suspects. Also Dodge and Cox.
The President and CEO of Statoil is now Eldar Sætre. The Sætres appear to be related to the Breiviks, since if you do a websearch on both, you get many hits for people named Sætre Breivik. The CEO from 2004-2014 was Helge Lund, which surname we above, related to the Rønnebergs.
Lund came out of McKinsey&Co, a notorious US consulting firm tied to Enron and much other skullduggery. It has many ties to Intelligence, as you saw most recently with its involvement in the fake Khashoggi assassination.
So my question is, do you think the citizens of Norway voted on that? Do you think they wanted to lose 1/3rd of their cash cow? You may also like to know that oil prices were tripling in the period 1998 to 2001. So that doesn't seem like a good time to sell, does it?
In the initial offering, Norway sold 18% of Statoil for 2.9 billion. So let me see if I have this right: Norway was making about $60 billion a year from Statoil, but decided to sell 18% for less than 3 billion?…
18% of 60 is 10.8, so that amount of Statoil was worth 3.7 times more than that in a single year. I'm no economist, but that doesn't sound like a very smart sale.
At that previous link, the New York Times tries to sell the idea that investors didn't want a piece of Statoil, but does that make any sense? This is among the most lucrative companies in the history of the world, but private investors were “skittish”.
The crap they expect you to believe! Here is quote from the article:

What? On what planet does that make sense? It is like saying Norway can't stand getting any richer, because it might make people nervous.
This London analyst wanted to remain anonymous because he didn't want his name on such an obvious lie. And guess what, a search on “Norway votes to sell Statoil” came up with zip.
The people of Norway can't want this, and if they knew the whole truth, they would want it even less. The truth is Norway is so rich that everyone in the country could retire tomorrow and pay no taxes for the rest of their lives. They could work just for fun or to stay in shape.
But to do that they would have to disengage themselves from these international and national bankers bleeding them dry every year. They need to wake up, re-nationalize Statoil by forcefully buying back all shares, and run all royals and nobles out of the country.
If they did that, they could re-organize the country on a rational basis and live in a cold but extremely affluent paradise. But of course the same could be said of the entire world.
With that in mind, let us return to Breivik's genealogy. We find that his mother is completely scrubbed in all places, even at Hemneslekt. That is a clue in itself. They don't want to tell us who she is.
They are hiding any links out of the name Behring, her maiden name. Here is why. You want to look up a guy named Emil Adolf von Behring. Yes, I know, you are already champing at the bit. He won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1901 for his work on the diphtheria antitoxin.
We are told he became a Prussian noble in the same year, though I suspect he had always been from the nobility. Behring married Else Spinola, daughter of Elise Bendix, admitted to be Jewish.
These Behrings owned a home in Capri called Villa Behring, and guess who lived there in 1909-1911 with his buddies? Maxim Gorky. Gorky was a gay Jewish actor who faked his death.
They tell you Gorky was schooling revolutionaries in Capri, but he was actually cavorting in the waves with his gaypals like Lunacharsky. Anyway, this links us to the current event, since the island Utøya has a similar link.
In 1936 Trotsky was living on Utøya, having been given exile by the government of Norway. Yes, before it was bought by the Labour Party, Utøya had been a retreat for Russian revolutionaries. As you will see, that was not just a coincidence. Nothing is.
Emil von Behring is given four sons at Geni(.)com, but we are supposed to believe none of them had children. I suggest this is where Anders Behring Breivik's mother is scrubbed.
Some things are not scrubbed in Emil's ancestry, including the names Joost, Henning, and Koen. These Behrings are from Brandenburg, and Emil's father was named August. This tends to confirm nobility as well as Judaism.
Von Behring's grandmother was a Preuß. This confirms the Jewish link again, see Hugo Preuß, son of Levin Preuß and Minna Israel. He was Minister for the Interior under Philip Schiedemann in 1919.
Same for the Spinolas. This was a family of Italian cardinals and archbishops going back many centuries—which doesn't mean what you think it means. Like the de'Medicis, the Spinolas were crypto-Jews, being very wealthy merchants and bankers of Genoa.
See Ambroglio Spinola, 1st Marquess of the Balbases, also a general. Don Ambroglio's sister married the Marquess of Galatone, from whom descend the Princes of Belmonte.
This also links us to the Grimaldi, of course, the current Princes of Monaco. The current Prince of Belmonte's daughter married Adam Bruce in 2003. He is the son of Andrew Bruce, 15th Earl of Kincardine. Hold on to that name, we will soon see it again.
These Bruces are closely related to the Carnegies, Boyles, Cochranes, Lambtons, Noels, Gordons, Oswalds, Greys, and Manners. We already saw the Manners above, in connection to Roald Dahl. The Princes of Belmonte link us to at least three popes.
Anders Behring Breivik changed his name in jail to Fjotolf Hansen, which I am told reads like a joke name, somewhat like Jerk-weed Hansen. So he is continuing to blackwash himself.
More interesting is his English name, which he used for the manifesto: Andrew Berwick. As it turns out, he did not pull that name out of a hat. See the Dukes of Berwick in the British peerage, including Carlos FitzJamesStuart y Silva, 4th Duke.
He was also the Duke of Liria y Xerica, comrade of King Charles III of Spain. His mother was Maria Theresa de Silva y Alvarez de Toledo, her father being the Conde of Galve and her mother being the Duchess of Alba.
This also links us to de Portugal-Columbus, Duke of La Vega; Princes zu Stolberg-Gedern; Princes von Hornes; Condes Pontecarrero de Palafox; de Ventimiglia, Princes of Grammonte; Kirkpatrick of Closeburn; de Grevigné-Gallegos; Falco y Osorio, Dukes of Montellano; .....
.....Princes de Hohenlohe-Langenburg; Bourbon; Walker; Bruce, Earl of Elgin; Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg; Schönborn-Buchheim; and Furstenberg.
These two quick links to the Bruces indicate 𝗕𝗿𝗲𝗶𝘃𝗶𝗸 really is a 𝗕𝗲𝗿𝘄𝗶𝗰𝗸, which ties him to the peerage as well as to the King of Norway, Harald V.
The name Falco also links us to Breivik, since we saw the name Falch in his genealogy. There they were related to Steinbochs, Haars, Kruchows and Benkestoks.…
We will hit the Kings of Norway, but first I want to finish off the Berwicks in the peerage. We find a Lt. Col. Edward Hall Berwick, who married the daughter of James Harris, Earl of Malmesbury, in 1944. This links us to the Stewarts again as well as to Chambers and Dashwood
It also links us to Cholmondeley, Campbell, Levenson-Gowers, Fulford, and Somerset. The Berwicks also link us to Murray, Lords of Elibank, through Mary Berwick, who married the Baronet Lechmere. Their son married a Murray.
Going back to the 1700s in this line, we find a Murray marrying a Stirling in Scotland. Which reminds us of the Dunblane event.
Breivik's father was an economist at the Norwegian Embassy in London, and later Paris. That's obviously a huge flag, tying Anders closely to the government.
Anders also has ties to the military through his stepfather, Tore Tollefsen. We are told Tollefsen was both a pilot and a major in the navy. He was a major a long time ago, so he may have been promoted since then, say to Lieutenant Colonel? That is the next step up after Major.
Tollefsen may be related to Ivar Tollefsen, Norwegian billionaire. He is the owner of Fredensborg AS, an investment company focusing on leisure housing, rentals, and other real estate. It buys urban farms, for one thing, which may link it to the Breivik event.
Possibly this is how Breivik was set up in his Asta farm? Tollefsen is also connected to embassies, since he somehow purchased the former US Embassy in Oslo in 2017.
We are told that Breivik was known as a hip-hop graffiti artist in his teens. That's a joke, seeing that he was from West Oslo, in a wealthy area. Wikipedia admits Breivik grew up near Fritzner's Gate, which is in Gimle.
“It is noted for its many embassies and has the highest real estate prices in Oslo, and indeed, Norway.” What did he do, tag the Royal Palace?
We are also told Breivik was a bodybuilder on steroids. As hip-hop artists are, you know. He was supposed to be big and strong, but no photos from that period confirm it. Although he is listed as 6 feet tall, he looks to be about 5'9”, which is smallish for a Scandinavian man.
He looks to me like a blond David Duchovny there. It's in the mouth. And what straight man ever wore a beard like that? Actually, they admit Breivik had surgery on his nose, chin, and forehead in his 20s, confirming he was both rich and vain.
He had the nosejob in response to being told he had an “Arab nose”. You mean like a Jewish nose? They also admit he used makeup and referred to himself as a metrosexual. He was “confused about his sexuality”.
Wikipedia tells us Breivik was “exempt” from military service, but no one in Norway is exempt. There has to be a reason, and it is never given. We are only told he was found “unfit”, but not on what grounds.
The Guardian has said he “dodged” military service, but that is also unclear. You can't just dodge service: there has to be cause and a hearing. The strange wording in all these places is a red flag, indicating we aren't being told the truth.
Breivik probably “dodged” the normal military by going directly into Intelligence, a path that may have been blazed for him by his stepfather.
In support of that, we find the mainstream admitting he visited Belarus several times, possibly for military training under KGB colonel Valery Lunev.
Breivik is said to have had the codename “Viking”. That story may be told to blackwash Belarusian opposition, but it appears to be covering some truth, since Norwegian metrosexual hop-hop graffiti artists with fake noses don't normally visit Belarus.
Also remember that Belarusian President Lukashenko is a strange character with no real bio. We are supposed to believe his mother was a milkmaid and that the origin of his patronymic Grigorevich is unknown. He comes out of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
He has praised Hitler. He was friends with Gaddafi, who we now know was an actor. So Breivik's ties to Belarus would just be more of the same, regarding our current line of research.
Next comes Breivik buying an organic farm in Asta, so that he could buy high-nitrogen fertilizer. In Norway you have to have a permit to buy that fertilizer. But we have no idea how he afforded either the farm or the 6 tonnes of fertilizer.
We are told he worked customer service at some company, but since the name is not given, it reads like another lie. While working there, he supposedly started his own computer programming company. Again, we aren't told how he financed that or where he learned to program computers
All other claims are from his own manifesto and so are worthless. The scriptwriters obviously made this an organic farm to blackwash organics. Anything tied to Breivik is automatically blackwashed.
We are told Breivik purchased the fertilizer from “a farming supplier”, but are given no name. So that can't be verified. Regardless, he could not have had permission to buy it, since he could not possibly have passed the tests.
You have to be actively farming, not just living in a house in the country. Since Breivik had no history of farming, they would have sent sent someone out to the farm to look at his set-up.
Since Breivik had no tractors, seed, or crops, and was living in a house with covered windows, it is unlikely they would have signed off on a large fertilizer purchase. You may also note the huge contradiction here: organic farms don't use high-nitrogen fertilizers, do they?
Organic farms use manure, compost, stuff like that. Verdans Gang reported that Breivik bought explosive primer from Poland, with the Police Security Service in Norway being aware of it. Fertilizer purchases are also reported so why did the police ignore Breivik? I think you know
The next stupid thing we read in the story is that the owner of the local bar in Asta had previously been a profiler of passengers' body language at Oslo Airport, and he said there was nothing unusual about Breivik.
But wait, who works as a profiler? Someone working for the Norway equivalent of Homeland Security, right?
So we are supposed to believe this guy is now tending bar in Asta, population, what, 100? And that Breivik, who has covered all his windows and is hiding out, comes into the local bar to be seen and profiled?
The largest military base in Norway just happens to be about five miles north of Asta. Rena Leir is the home of FSK, Special Defense Command, which backs up and supports the Delta Police emergency squad in Norway—which of course was the main player in Utøya.
And one of the things FSK specializes in is paratroopers and helicopter teams. Rena Leir also has a Telemark battalion, which is highly trained infantry. They also work with helicopters, as we see from this photo from their page:
This image is Telemark's insignia. Sort of strange for an infantry unit, isn't it? It is a Viking or Phoenician ship, eh? Which reminds us of Breivik's KGB codename: Viking. Remember the helicopter for later. It will be useful to us below.
Just to remind you, we see the same Phoenician boat on many heraldic crests, including that of the Douglas dukes and Hamilton dukes.
After his arrest, Breivik was given three adjoining cells at Ila Prison and was kept out-of-sight of other prisoners. He allegedly had one cell for sleeping, one as an office, and one as a gym.
With treatment like that, criminals from all over the world will now be flocking to Norway to mass-murder and blow up government buildings, hoping to get caught.
Only three days after the event, Breivik was charged with violating paragraph 147a of the criminal code, “creating serious fear in the population”. That seems a little fast to prepare charges for such an event, doesn't it?
As if the paperwork had already been done and was just waiting for publication.
Breivik was never charged with murder. Not even one count. This paragraph 147a charge is the only one, and it doesn't include murder. It is a terrorism charge, taken from recent legislation that may have been passed specifically for this event.
If you don't believe me, the entire indictment is posted at Wikipedia. Most of it is a list of victims. Of 19 pages, 16.5 is given to the victim's list. But since there is no mention of murder charges, this victim's list is just filler. It is meaningless.…
At the end of p. 18, it says this:

What? This is as much to admit that the whole indictment and trial are fake. This is not even a criminal indictment, since it leads with the stated goal of transferring Breivik to mental care.
Indictments don't normally lead with pre-determinations of mental incapacity. That should have to be proven. State psychiatrists at first found Breivik insane in December 2011, but due to public outcry the state hired a second team, who found him sane in April 2012.
Again, the legal system doesn't work like that. It is supposed to be impartial and does not make decisions based on public outcry.
From the beginning, the proceedings were upside down, since Breivik's attorneys were arguing he was guilty and sane (to keep him from a mental institution, supposedly), while the prosecutors were arguing for acquittal based on insanity.
So the defense was arguing he was guilty, while the prosecution was arguing he was not guilty. Do you see the insanity there?
To add to the drollery, Breivik was given many days to grandstand, telling his side of the story. You realize this is impossible in a real trial, right?
The question should have been one of guilty or not guilty. Not guilty means he didn't do it. Guilty means he did. There was no possible finding of guilty with extenuating circumstances. You don't murder 77 people and then get off because you had a valid political reason, do you?
The only extenuating circumstances for murder are self-defense or war, and neither applied here. So there is no reason to allow Breivik a hundred hours of court time to bloviate about why he did it.
The court wouldn't care why he did it, since there's no possible good reason for it. Breivik argued “necessity”, but that's not a defense for murder. In a real trial the moment Breivik started making excuses for his actions, the judge would have interceded and told him to shut up
All such “testimony” is beside the point, so the court would not have to listen to it. The only reason to have days of such fake testimony is so that they could be fed directly to the newspapers.
Also amusing is that Breivik complained on day one that judge Wenche Arntzen was a close friend of the family of Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Prime Minister. As we will see, Arntzen's web of relationships is far greater than that, so Breivik was correct.
But when Arntzen asked if Breivik was making a formal complaint of conflict of interest, Breivik's lead attorney Lippestad said he was not. And the fake trial continued.
On day three Breivik brought up the whole Serb nationalism thing, and was allowed to talk for hours about that and other issues. Ask yourself what that could possibly have to do with this trial?
It was completely irrelevant, since even if Breivik could prove that all his political opinions were true and sane, it still would not justify shooting 69 kids and blowing up eight others. Didn't the prosecution know how to object?
Plus, it is never explained how Breivik began these long rants. A defendant isn't just perched on a chair and told to unburden himself indefinitely. He has to respond to questions.
Are we supposed to believe the judge allowed Breivik's attorney to ask him about every political event in the past 50 years, just for fun? Because Breivik gives such colorful answers, we should allow him to blab without end?
According to Wikipedia, “On day four Breivik was questioned about his reasons for moving back in with his mother in 2006.” What? Who asked him that and why? How could that possibly be pertinent?
Why not ask him for 10,000 words on why he stopped sucking his thumb in 1998? All these bastards must have been paid by the minute for this court case.
On day 9, a witness for the prosecution testified that she could not remember the events of the day because she had suffered head trauma. Well, that's conclusive, isn't it? I am so glad the court heard that very pertinent testimony.
On day 7 a spectator threw a shoe at Breivik, instead hitting his attorney Bæra. His aim was so pathetic the directors declined to release footage. Of course this reminds us they should have been refusing to release all footage, to avoid compromising the trial. But they didn't.
The defense's closing speech included a final plea of sanity and the admission of the facts in the case. In other words, Breivik's own defense admitted his guilt, which goes against the adversary system of justice.
But it reminds us of the Boston Marathon bombing trial, where Tsarnaev's defense attorney Judy Clarke admitted he was guilty in closing statements. This undercut the entire logic of the trial, and all trials.
If both sides are admitting the guilt of the accused, the state might as well skip the expense of the trial and enter a summary finding. The trial is superfluous.
You will tell me the trial was mostly run to determine Breivik's sanity but they didn't need weeks of Breivik grandstanding for that. The event, if true, was indication enough of that and a judge would only need an hour with Breivik and a couple of psychiatrists to determine that
In the end, Breivik was judged to be sane, though he had done his best in trial to appear insane. So either he needs more acting classes and more over-the-top direction, or the outcome was predetermined. However, he was not found guilty.
That word is conspicuously not used at Wikipedia. He was also not sentenced to a definite term. He was sentenced to indefinite containment, which we are told is a special form of a prison sentence. One I suppose they made up just for this event.
In fact, we find pretty much just that. Containment was invented in 2002, and has applied to only a few people, among them Breivik and Viggo Kristiansen (of the Baneheia murders)—another fake we will cover briefly below.
Explaining why the court found Breivik to be sane, the court stated that "many people share Breivik's conspiracy theory, including the Eurabia theory. The court finds that very few people, however, share Breivik's idea that the alleged "Islamization" should be fought with terror.
Do you really think a court is going to get involved in politics to that extent, publicizing and even seeming to condone the Eurabia theory? That is just more proof this was a court formed by Intelligence.
Any real legal expert could have torn this trial to shreds. So why didn't they?
Wenche Arntzen's grandfather was Sven Arntzen, General Director of the Prosecuting Authority after WWII, which sentenced Quisling to death. Before that he had been a leader of the resistance, being a member of Milorg's military council and Hjemmefrontens Ledelse.
As such, he should have been executed himself upon capture. He was captured in 1944 and held briefly at Bredtveit Prison, but we are told the authorities didn't know he was part of the resistance and he was released after only a couple of months. Right.
At the end of the war, Arntzen immediately became acting national Chief of Police. But Quisling's government didn't understand how prominent Arntzen was, I guess. They had better things to worry about than local resistance, right?
In 1948, documents tying Arntzen to the Nazis came out, but those were eventually dismissed as forgeries by Gard Holtskog and others. Holtskog was head of Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation during the war, and was also Police President of Finnmark. So we get that name again.
After the war he was sentenced to life in prison, but was again on the street by 1950—or earlier. What does it mean? It means that the documents tying Arntzen to the Nazis were probably genuine, and that the entire purge was faked. We will hit that below as well.
Milorg was Norway's military organization of resistance, but it was run out of London by SOE, Special Operations Executive. It was led by Sir Frank Nelson, who has been scrubbed from thepeerage(.)com.
His father, Henry Ellis Hay Nelson, is listed with no wife or parents and only a daughter. But the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography tells us Frank Nelson's mother was Catherine Haviland. Frank's sister Ellice married Sir Leonard Vavasour, 4th Baronet.
The Vavasours were originally Stourtons, Howards, Saviles, Somersets, Russells and Stonors. They take us back to the Dukes of Norfolk and Earls of Worchester.
Why did the Allies and Sweden allow Norway to be taken, making no effort to liberate it until 1945? Since Norway is coastal, the British Navy should have been able to liberate it with no help, while Hitler was busy on the Eastern front.
Sweden should have also found the Nazi occupations of Denmark and Norway most inconvenient, so its neutrality is very hard to explain. Ignoring Denmark—since it does share a border with Germany—England and Sweden should have been able to prevent the fall of Norway.
Once taken, it should have been very hard to keep, since the least effort would have liberated it. But as with France, we don't see that.
Hitler is somehow allowed to create a government in Norway made of locals, with almost none of his own people left in the country. That shouldn't be possible.
Sven Arntzen's son Andreas went to Harvard and started his own law firm, which represented Arne Treholt. Treholt was convicted of High Treason in 1985, but this was another fake.
He was another Labour Party minister, and he also worked in the embassy. He went to the Norwegian Joint Staff College in 1982-3, indicating to me he was an agent prepping for his upcoming role. Afterwards he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of this obvious con.
Although Treholt was allegedly caught with $40,000 in illicit payments, the verdict didn't even get that right. The court didn't even know what bills were in the suitcases. Also, we are told the police searched Treholt in 1982, finding $10,000 in a briefcase.
15 months later they searched him again, finding $30,000 in the same briefcase. Wow, so Treholt was really good at this. I guess he left his spying briefcase on the bed every time the police dropped in, for their greater convenience.
Once paid by the KGB, he didn't put the money in the bank or hide it, he kept it in a briefcase in plain sight? Is that what you would do?
If the KGB paid me $10,000 in cash (which, for a Minister, isn't that much anyway), I would spend it as fast as possible, on diamonds or gold coins, say, putting them in a safe or safety deposit box. But Treholt just wasn't that smart, I guess.
Actually, these rich guys probably have much better ways of hiding assets than that, such as numbered Swiss bank accounts, but that isn't the point.
Treholt was convicted of treason and sentenced to 20 years, but he was “reprieved” in 1992 by Prime Minister Gro Brundtland. Which means someone doesn't know what reprieved means. A reprieve is a temporary stay of punishment, usually to await an appeal.
They avoid the term “pardon” here for a reason, and that is because someone convicted of treason cannot be pardoned by a Prime Minister. As in the US and elsewhere, treason is a special crime, with a minimum sentence and no early release for good behavior or for any other reason.
This is to prevent it from being politicized, and to prevent cronies from pardoning the prisoner in a future government.
So this Treholt event reminds us a lot of the Beer Hall Putsch, and Hitler's phony treason conviction. There, Hitler was allegedly out after only eight months. Treholt allegedly served about seven years of a twenty year sentence, but we can be sure he wasn't in jail for a minute.
Since 2009, our judge Wenche Arntzen has been a member of the Norwegian Parliamentary Intelligence Oversight Committee. That's a joke on so many levels it is hard to know where to start.
One, Arntzen is allegedly a district court judge, not a member of Parliament, so why is she on this committee?
Two, this committee oversees NIS, PST, NSM, and NORDSS, which are like the US's CIA, FBI, DHS, and so on. Since these agencies far outrank Congress or Parliament, no oversight is possible. It is all a charade.
As in the US, Norway's Parliament is just a paper moon over a cardboard sea, and Intelligence does whatever it wishes. This is not a secret: it is known and admitted.
So Wenche's part in this con is just another indication she is Intel herself, playing the role of fake judge in these court cases.
Another judge in Breivik case was Arne Lyng, whose uncle was Arne Treholt's defense attorney. So you see the tangled webs they weave. This uncle, Jon Lyng, later became Chairman of Oslo Kinematografer. The name alone should be a huge red flag.
In Norway, the cinemas, concert halls, theaters, and museums are state owned, which in many ways aids in propaganda delivery. As in the US, Intelligence really runs the whole thing. Think of the way the CIA hovers behind Hollywood.
But the red flag is even more obvious than that, since we are seeing that all these trials are cinema.
Breivik's lead attorney was Geir Lippestad. His bio doesn't bother to mention he is related to Johan Andreas Lippestad, Minister of Social Affairs in the Quisling government who was also connected to Finnmark.
He was sentenced to life with forced labor in 1945, but as usual did not serve that sentence, being pardoned in 1956. Wiki admits he was first cousin of Carl Thorvald Lippestad, greatgrandfather of Geir. So we are finding an inordinate number of links to the Quisling government.
Torleiv Ole Rognum was the coroner for the Breivik event. He is like the Thomas Noguchi of Norway, since he has been involved with almost all the high-profile fake cases of the past decades, including Baneheia, the Orderud case, and the Scandinavian Star.
In the Breivik case, he gave us a clue, saying the average age of death at Utøya was 18. Chai. Another clue is that Rognum was made a Knight of the Order of St. Olav in 2007, before the Breivik case.
He has also been in Parliament, which is not normal for a coroner. Nor is his time on the Biotechnology Board. His Wiki page does not give an outline of his major cases, which is odd.
The Scandinavian Star case is like a little sister of the Titanic case. It was a fire onboard this ship in 1990 that allegedly killed 159. The clues are: it had just been sold a few months earlier and converted from a casino ship to a passenger ferry.
The new crew was alleged to have been trained in ten days, but most didn't speak Danish, Norwegian, or English. Strange, since the ship was traveling from Norway to Denmark. A crew with no language skills makes no sense. Were they all supposed to be Maasai warriors?
This language problem is sold as a cause of the disaster, so they are setting you up for it, you see. We are told a melamine resin laminate used as a decorative covering on the walls was highly flammable, also producing toxic gasses. Really? We are supposed to believe that?
This was 1990, not 1890. They knew about fire proofing and fire safety in 1990, didn't they? Such resins wouldn't have been allowed. So this whole story is another fantasy, told to people who don't know anything about anything.
As more proof of that, we find that many of those dead were either never found or not identified. They were allegedly charred beyond recognition. Convenient. Initial reports claimed many of the dead were children, to add to the sympathy, but it was later admitted that wasn't true
There were alleged to be 97 crew aboard, which seems very large for such a small ship. So 61% of those said to be dead could have been planted as extra crew, with the others names being made up or taken from recently deceased lists.
An investigating team later found that multiple fires were set simultaneously, which I believe, since this was arson and insurance fraud. But I doubt that anyone was killed. The deaths were faked to make the event look real, and perhaps to defraud for other funds.
It was found that the fire was stoked even after evacuation by crew members soaking mattresses with diesel fuel. But that's not suspicious, is it? On August 11, the ship was towed to the UK. Gee, that's Chai again, aces and eights.
Next we have the Orderud case, another obvious fake that coroner Rognum worked on. This concerns the death of Anne Orderud Paust and her parents, allegedly murdered in 1999 by Anne's brother and others.
Anne just happened to be the personal secretary of the Norwegian Minister of Defense, but that isn't suspicious, is it?
Anne's husband Per Paust had allegedly died two weeks earlier at age 55 in an unrelated incident, of natural causes. He had worked for NORAD, the embassy in Washington, and had been consul-general in New York.
Despite multiple assassination attempts on this secretary, and an anonymous tip one week before the murders that she was targeted again, Paust voluntarily declined protection from the Police Security Service. Again, who believes this stuff?
After the fake trials, Anne and Per Paust were linked to Intelligence by Brennpunkt. For those not buying the original story, this TV program floated the idea the Orderuds were murdered by the Yugoslavian mafia. You have to laugh.
Private investigator Tore Sandberg named a killer from the Balkans who alleged pulled the murders. Remember, we saw the Sandbergs above. This Sandberg also worked for the Norwegian Broadcasting Company, so calling him a private investigator is a cover.
Since he has also worked on the Fritz Moen case and the Liland Affair, we can also mark those as probable fakes.
In the Orderud case, best guess is Anne's brother was also an Intel asset, and that the deaths of both Anne and Per were faked to aid their re-assignment or relocation. The event was also used to create generalized fear.
Finally, let us look at the Baneheia murders, the last of coroner Rognum's fakes we will study here. This event concerned the alleged 2000 rape and murder of two girls, 8 and 10, by two ill-defined thugs near Grim. That adds to 18, Chai. As usual, the story makes no sense.
I will take the clues in the order we find them at Wikipedia. We are told that directly after the murders, the two men agreed upon alibis. Kristiansen was to say he was in his workshop, while Andersen was jogging.
Those aren't alibis. In fact, they are the opposite of alibis, since both guys are alone in the story. With an alibi, you need to produce a witness that you weren't anywhere near the scene of the crime, remember?
At worst, the two men could have acted as witness for one another, but the story they allegedly made up doesn't even do that, since they were each alone. Nobody is that stupid, except possibly the writers of this story. And those who believed it.
We are told a huge search with canine units was initiated by 11pm, which is only 4 hours after they were last seen. That isn't how it works. Even children have to be missing longer than that before major searches are begun.
You can see why: such searches are expensive and time consuming, and people often get lost for more than four hours, for any number of reasons. The girls could have been at a friend's house, at the mall, in a parking lot smoking, at a movie, or anywhere else.
It stays light to all hours in Norway, and in May it wouldn't have gotten dark until about 10. So this was only one hour after that. You will say these girls were quite young and should have been in before that, which leads us to the next problem:
You really need to study that closely for sense. With all those people in the area, it would a terrible place to rape and kill two noisy young girls.
Plus, if this was an area known to be frequented by druggies, exhibitionists, voyeurs, sex-offenders, rapists, murderers, and escaped lunatics from the adjacent institution, why would anyone allow their young daughters to go swimming there unaccompanied after dinner?
Why indeed would anyone without a death wish jog or walk in such an area? So you are being sold a huge contradiction.
You are supposed to believe the area was a very dangerous place, but that only the police knew that. The locals thought it was safe, and the police just didn't bother to tell them about the escaped psychiatric patients, convicted rapists, etc.
What? Can you make any sense of that? They just decided to pad the case with unrelated crimes by Kristiansen?
For your information, unrelated cases have to be tried separately. This is because testimony against Kristiansen in those other cases would prejudice judgment against Andersen as well.
So Andersen's counsel wouldn't allow all these other cases to be brought in. They would have to be tried separately later. Also, what are the odds that all these people would come out of the woodwork to press charges simultaneously against Kristiansen?
If he had abused this other girl and boy, why didn't they press charges when it happened? To me, this paragraph looks to have been inserted by the scriptwriters to appear to give Kristiansen a history of sexual crimes.
Next, we are supposed to believe Kristiansen's own mother testified against him, going on and on in the witness stand about how bad he was. That is extremely unlikely.
They forget to mention in this section that she actually gave him an alibi in her testimony, since she saw him that evening in the backyard. Well, if she saw him, she must have known he didn't do it, so why would she be testifying against him in court?
Next, a community worker testified that Kristiansen was “a ticking timebomb”, based on his gut feeling. Gut feeling is not a basis for testimony. Kristiansen's attorney should have objected that this testimony was only opinion, and it should have been thrown out as worthless.
Next, we find a very large contradiction in the script. We are told the girls were wearing eachother's clothing when they were found. But earlier we were told that the men stuffed the bodies between slab rocks and hid the bloody swimsuits in a muddy drainage pipe.
That reads like no real court document I have ever read. The judge could not possibly know such details, unless he had been there watching. It reads like bad fiction, like some dimestore novel.
It was obviously written by some very bad writers in Intel, and included here to create emotion. It utterly fails to do that.
Afterwards, Kristiansen was caught by the camera smiling, and he explained that he was smiling at the “mere absurdity of the situation”. Yes, precisely. This footage again should never have been seen, and they admit that at Wikipedia.
There is a ban in Norway on recording inside courtrooms. TV2 was of course cleared of all wrongdoing (since they were in the hire of Intel, and Intel can do no wrong). Andersen was sentenced to 19 years but has been on the streets since at least 2015.
They now admit Kristiansen had several alibis, including a phone alibi and that there is no evidence he committed this crime. Telenor and Teleplan admit that Kristiansen used his cellphone that evening, and that he was never in the vicinity of the crime. That should be conclusive
A pilot was witness to Andersen being with the two girls alone, but he was not called in trial. That by itself it is enough to prove the trial was staged
Kristiansen was convicted solely on the basis of Andersen's testimony, which changed many times. In addition, DNA evidence against Kristiansen was later found to be faked by three independent labs in Norway, Sweden, and the UK.
This means the criminal investigating chief Arne Pedersen lied when he said DNA evidence tied Kristiansen to the murders “with 100% certainty”.
Claiming his innocence, Kristiansen has refused to apply for parole, saying that it would be a sordid way to go forward. So we are supposed to believe he prefers to stay in jail for life, as some sort of stand on principle of his innocence? OK.
Also of interest: the lake the girls were allegedly swimming in is less than a mile from Lund and Kristiansand. This area links us to many of those related to the Breivik event, including Mette-Marit, who is from Kristiansand.
We also link to the Welhavens, since Johan Welhaven was connected to Camilla Collett (Wergeland) of Kristiansand. Other Wergelands include Harald Storm Wergeland, Minister of the Army.
We also link to Trotsky again, since he not only spent time on Utøya, he also spent time on an island off Kristiansand.
The name Lund reminds us that Eilert Stang Lund, Supreme Court Justice until 2009, was involved in the Fritz Moen case. Lund is a descendant of the Lunds of Farsund, merchants and shipowners.
Also see John Theodor Lund, banker, newspaper owner, and President of the Lagting 1893-1900. Also Frederick Lund, owner of the Blue Anchor Line, and of the ship Waratah which disappeared without a trace.
Also Klas Lund, a Swedish fake neo-Nazi, supposed to be head of the White Aryan Resistance. This is of course another Intel creation.
Anyway, to me it looks like the Baneheia event was faked as part of the worldwide men-are-pigs project, which is part of the larger Operation Chaos project of spreading fear. This fear allows for far larger police and military budgets.
Even the name Kristiansen looks fake: Kristiansen from Kristiansand? These writers have very little imagination.

• • •

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24 Apr
It looks to me like Ole Dammegård was hired to admit to a lot of the anomalies in Oslo and Utøya, but then to spin you back to the desired conclusion: the murders were real and something very scary is going on. Image
The event controllers, don't really care which set of stories you believe. You can buy the mainstream story or any of the alternatives, as long as you believe it happened. The goal is the creation of fear, and if you believe it happened, it doesn't matter who did it or how.
In fact, Dammegård's alternative theory is even scarier than the mainstream story, since he is trying to sell you the idea that some shadowy forces in the government pulled this, for some deep dark purpose.
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24 Apr
Breivik allegedly drove two vans into Oslo, one filled with his fertilizer bomb, the other as a getaway. We aren't told how he drove both in, but it doesn't really matter. Image
He drove a white Volkswagen Crafter van right up to the wall of the Ministry of Justice, parked in front of a no-parking sign, got out with a pistol in his hand and wearing a visored helmet, dressed as a policeman, and walked away uncontested. Image
He wasn't dressed as a normal cop, since he was in semi-riot gear, but I guess the guys in security watching the video live didn't find that odd. Yes, this was caught on multiple security cams, since they were later released to the public.
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23 Apr
That is Bjørn Ihler, 2018 winner of the Louis CK look-alike award. He is a self-styled peace activist who allegedly survived the Utøya attacks. Since we are seeing that everyone survived those attacks, that isn't much of a claim to fame either. Image
He has almost no bio posted online, of course, and I guess we are supposed to believe he hatched from an egg on Utøya and immediately began writing for The Guardian, Huffington Post and other top Intelligence fronts.
He also works for the Kofi Annan Foundation, so I am sure you will want to run out and donate to that. As a funder, you can join Bill Gates, CIA-front USAid, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation (nuff said), the Government of Norway, and Open Society (George Soros).
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22 Apr
Derek Chauvin's wife Kellie was beauty queen Mrs. Minnesota. But Intelius and the other big computers don't know she is related to him. His relatives there are listed as Michael, Arthur, Robert, and Deborah Chauvin, and Carolyn Pawlenty.
Carolyn is Derek's aunt, and she is related to Werner, Lieder, Borchert, Vanberg, Spiess, Tefft, Folmer, Enns, and Tolzmann. Tolzmann is a Jewish name. So is Spiess. They may all be.
The Michael Gerard Chauvin related to Derek is likely his father. He is 66 and has lived in Fairfax, Clifton, Chantilly, Falls Church, McLean, Arlington, and Reston, VA. That is, the front porch of Langley, CIA. He has never lived in Minnesota.
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22 Apr
As of today, April 21, Wikipedia still states: “Chauvin knelt on Floyd's neck for nine minutes and 29 seconds.[9] For part of the time, two other officers knelt on Floyd's back.[10] During the final two[11] minutes Floyd was motionless and had no pulse.”
But they later admit that in trial, the nine minutes claim was dropped. And how could they know Floyd had no pulse during the final two minutes? Do we see anyone take his pulse? No.
Do you think Chauvin took his pulse, found none, and then continued to kneel on him for two more minutes just for fun? They later created video of someone reaching in to check Floyd's pulse while Chauvin was still kneeling on him. Does that make any sense?
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22 Apr
In similar cross examination, it was admitted that 50 BCA officers, 27 FBI agents, 440 reports, and 400 witnesses stood against Chauvin in trial, including his entire department and his police chief. Why would 27 FBI agents be involved?
Again, this wasn't a federal crime and the FBI had zero jurisdiction. . . unless it was a manufactured event. It also didn't require 50 BCA officers or 440 reports. It required one report filed by a handful of officers.
Also, it is very abnormal for a police department and chief not to support their own officer, especially in a case where a heavily drugged “victim” was involved.
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