I strongly disagree with the first part of this sentence and it's something I see often repeated. I want to explain why I (no longer) think this.
The correct political project of today needs diverse ideologies working together. That I think we all can agree on.
Political action as it is currently understood requires ideological adherence and homogeneity. That is, you only get involved in political action with a group you agree with ideologically.
Homesteading (and being a producer generally) requires ideological flexibility and heterogeneity. People must put aside difference and work together if they want to get anything practical done.
If the goal is to disrupt large scale societal processes, which of these do you think is more complicit in keeping things are they are? The one where people stay in their in group or the one where people work together across difference?
Now show me a political movement with intellectual diversity, in which people are drawn together through common purpose and relationships with each other and place and I am the loudest advocate.
La via campesina, for example, is a political project that seeks to protect a positive vision for a way of *doing*. It is a big tent of ideologies brought together through love of practice. Hell yes to this.
So there's some nuance. I don't mean to paint all social movement activity with a broad brush. But there absolutely exists a version of the environmental movement that is in-group, ideologically pure and I find this type to be the *most* complicit in keeping things as they are.
One final point: MOST people think of things like XR when they think of how they can "get involved." I am in the *vast* minority in advocating for communities of practice as political action. Almost no one thinks of things like homesteading this way. That's why it needs advocacy.

• • •

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25 Apr
We need to step out of the infrastructure as it is. Our routines, ways of thinking, patterns, are killing us and the planet. We need to break out of the status quo, quickly.

In recent days I've had some catalyzing convos and now have yet another way to accelerate this process.
When I saw the image above yesterday I almost began to cry. All of us have endured many years of community deprivation, loneliness, and last year was the most intense yet. We all want to crawl out of our screens and toward one another. But where to even start?
I think the answer might be in the model of psychedelics research, which has been showing promising signs of helping with many of the disorders of our lonely society: anxiety, depression, PTSD.
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25 Apr
Look. I read this book like 15 years ago called the modern mind and it talked about how cool smart people only catapulted into the stratosphere by their relationships to other geniuses.
I do *not* see myself as a genius. I see myself as a curator. Someone who sees the potential in another and finds creative ways to accelerate their creativity.
I feel we are in a cultural moment *ripe* for creative thinking and with structures like twitter and zoom and discord we can connect more easily than ever.
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23 Apr
I had a head exploding moment talking to @myceliummage about my theory of social change.

Communities don't get created out of thin air. They emerge out of the necessary relationship of humans and nature.

If the material world is the soil, the relationships are the plants.
The problem right now is we are trying to yell at plants to grow without tending to the soil. That is, we are shouting "we need community!" without asking how it is made.

It's all backwards. We need to build the soil, the substrate out of which community grows.
Practically this means cultivating the base of all human community: a connection to the material world. If we as individuals take back responsibility for some of our material needs we are forced to rely on others if we will have any success in creation.
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23 Apr
I honestly love Joe's opposition to self-described larping. It is an invitation to confidence. No, you are doing the damn thing.
I used to like the phrase "fake it until you make it" but as a very zen and very smart person (tm) I realize we are all just on a spectrum of competence.
But for real I will be so proud if my house is better than this @RizomaAt

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22 Apr
This is such a good illustration of my theory of change. These activists would have one million times more impact on the climate if they left that cow shit on the farm so it could build soil and literally sequester carbon.
This whole protest feels so cringe. Like why do they have all matching pink wheelbarrows? Where did they get them, from China? Do they think Biden gives a shit about this farce?

These people need to get out and just start field testing the alternatives they advocate for

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