Many months ago myself and a small team of specialist began studying the coronavirus, covid-19. We wanted to learn more about it of course, we wanted to ascertain whether it was man-made or manipulated, and we were hoping for an effective vaccine option.
However we quickly determined that this virus had been manipulated so our focus turned towards discovering "intent".
What was the intent of manipulating a virus to this conclusion? What was the intended outcome of releasing it? I believe we have determined that now.
We've been working on it for some time now🙏🙏
You will soon be hearing reports of how the covid-19 vaccine causes neurological damage. This is not just the vaccine, the coronavirus, covid-19 itself, causes the same neurological damage but slower. Highly unusual that the virus and the vaccine both cause the same damage.
Sometime ago a "research center" was started in New York to track the neurological damage patterns of the covid-19 virus, they are now tracking neurological damage from the vaccine. They knew what the damage was they wanted to see how efficient their design was when released.
We believe this was one reason New York hid their covid records and documents. Because they were looking to see how effective it was and they didn't want the public to know the real goal of covid.
There's neurological damage similar to, Alzheimer's, dementia, frontal lobe damage etc. and or shrinkage overtime. It will mimic a range of diseases that can be easily diagnosed as something else, hiding the damage from the covid vaccine.
The overall effect of this damage is impaired thought process, impaired judgment, a person is easily manipulated or controlled. For a small percentage of people they could experience uncontrolled rages or acts of violence. Much like a zombie on drugs.
Certain "external stimuli" could exacerbate the situation. Fortunately their design was not as effective as they wanted, unfortunately they are trying to make up for that with the vaccine. Too many "elected leaders" are screaming we need 50-60% of the population vaccinated,
At least half!! But they're not discussing why those numbers are so important to them. From what we can tell they thought it would be much more widespread and the violent reactions much more prevalent than they are.. Certainly explains a few fences.
At this point I am 100% convinced that it is a deliberate attack and the goal is nothing short of control and power
We have been able to put out parts of our research in the past,

In an effort to let people know and prevent further damage. Twit of course attaches all kinds of warnings, but later on our findings are confirmed such as saline in vaccines being widespread.
Knowledge is power, protect yourselves. Every aspect of our life is being controlled due to this covid-19 to further the acceptance of vaccines. The long term effects are going to be devastating for large percent of the population.
Not all people have been subjected to damage at this point. But the vaccine is being pushed Non-Stop. Someone walked up to me in the grocery store and asked if I wanted to get vaccinated for free. Children are being told it's racist and bad and it hurts others
If they don't get vaccinated. This must stop, everyone needs to step away, and the actual origin, cause, intent, a long-term effects must be known before millions more are exposed. 🙏🙏🙏

• • •

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Just putting this out there👍
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Covid shuts everything down. When they're fear tactics don't work any longer they cut fuel. Then food. Rationing will be next. More government control. Societal breakdown benefits them. Dave said it for years they want to destroy American society and rebuild it
As communism. I know the plan,
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Covid was "engineered" for a specific purpose. Take it to Chy-na to hide it from president Trump and for human trials. Part of the "design" included pieces of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Autoimmune disorder. It shuts down your immune system it allows any infection to
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