That is Bjørn Ihler, 2018 winner of the Louis CK look-alike award. He is a self-styled peace activist who allegedly survived the Utøya attacks. Since we are seeing that everyone survived those attacks, that isn't much of a claim to fame either.
He has almost no bio posted online, of course, and I guess we are supposed to believe he hatched from an egg on Utøya and immediately began writing for The Guardian, Huffington Post and other top Intelligence fronts.
He also works for the Kofi Annan Foundation, so I am sure you will want to run out and donate to that. As a funder, you can join Bill Gates, CIA-front USAid, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation (nuff said), the Government of Norway, and Open Society (George Soros).
Basically, Ihler is the Norwegian David Hogg, with less hair on his pate and more on his chin.
General Marcel Ihler of the Tenth Army was involved in the retreat to La Havre in early June, 1940. Also involved in this retreat was General of the Army (French) Maxime Weygand.
Both Ihler and Weygand were also involved in the Battle of Abbeville a few days earlier. The Ihlers were a banking family of Thann, France, who had two generals in the French Revolution.
Marcel Ihler's father was Adolphe Ihler, head of the bank Ihler, Schlumberger and Cie and of the insurance company La Sequanaise. So, any connections to Norway? Of course, since these “French” Ihlers weren't French to start with. They were German.
All their linking surnames are German, such Dreyer, Amberger, Hauss, Zeltner, Edel, etc. And Thann is in the Haut-Rhin region, which was previously German anyway. It is still near the border of Germany, at the Black Forest.
On that linked page, we find another link to our current story, since the Ihlers are also. . .Becks.…
Remember the victim in bed Tarjei Jensen Bech?Bech=Beck. This tells me Ihler and Bech are probably related.
Our Bjørn Ihler isn't as lefty/peace as you think. It takes some digging, but we find Ihler is actually a Civita employee, which is a right-wing thinktank. Wiki tells us it is left wing, but admits it was taken over by Conservative Party hack Kristin Clemet in 2006.
Kristin Clemet was Willoch's personal secretary back in the 1980s. Her father was general-secretary of the Conservative Party. And note her name: Clemet=Clement=Clemens.
Ihler has also written for the alt-right Resett magazine. Resett is run by Intelligence analyst Helga Lurås and funded by billionaires Øystein Spetalen (Ferncliff), Jan Haudemann-Andersen (Norsk Vikingolje, Tandberg Data), and Christian Dobloug (London School of Economics).
Dobloug's father was French banker Louis-Pascal Nègre (African Development Bank).
Which brings us to Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister of Norway 2005-2013. His aunt is Marianne Heiberg. She is a descendant of the famous Heibergs of the 19th century, related to the Ehrensvards and the Jewish actress Johanne Patges.
Johan Heiberg is the one who brought Vaudeville to Norway, and of course Vaudeville is a Jewish construction. The Heibergs also link us back to the Welhavens, Sars, and Nansens.
The Heibergs also ran the railways since 1924. See for instance Eivind Heiberg, Order of St. Olav and Order of the Polar Star, who was director of the railways until 1938. Also Judge Axel Heiberg, who was instrumental in the purge after WWII, which we are about to look at.
Also see Hans Heiberg, Order of St. Olav, who worked for the Norwegian Broadcasting Company. He was in theater like his uncle Gunnar, who wrote for Verdens Gang in the late 1890s, reporting from Paris about the Dreyfus case.
Also see Gustav Adolf Heiberg, Labour party politician and chairman of the Purge commission Undersøkelseskommisjonen av 1945.…
One of his fellow chairmen was Albert Holmboe. Also Edvard Heiberg, Order of St. Olav, who ran the railways after the war.
Stoltenberg's wife is Ingrid Schulerud, who has worked in the Norwegian embassy. She is the daughter of Mentz Schulerud, Order of St. Olav, theater director and radio personality. He was hired by the Norwegian Broadcasting Company in 1946 and worked for them the rest of his life.
His sister is famous children's book author Anne-Cath Vestly. And, yes, if you can't tell by the names and faces, all these people are Jewish.
Schulerud is a variation of Schelderup, meaning Jens Stoltenberg may be related to Anders Breivik through his wife. Breivik is a Schelderup.
And I remind you we are seeing an inordinate number of theater people here, indicating once again Breivik is an actor hired by Intel to play this part. He is one of their own, both as an employee and as a member of the families.
Stoltenberg was leader of the Workers' Youth League from age 26 to 30 which seems sort of old for that position.
Since this is a socialist organization and all socialist organizations are run by Intel my guess this is a training ground for young recruits. Why else would someone like Stoltenberg waste his 20s in a group like this?
If you don't believe me, ask yourself why all these rich kids would work for a “workers” league. Do you really think they give a damn about workers? Do you honestly think the Labour party is on the side of labour?
The so-called Labour party is just a front for the usual fascists, and that is just as true in Norway as it is anywhere else. If you didn't believe that before now, this fake event in 2011 should prove it to you.
The Labour party, like all other parties, is about controlling you with a constant string of lies and empty promises, while hiding the real world from your sight. Remember, Hitler was also supposed to be from a Workers' Party. Snort, guffaw, choke.
We get more indication of this straight from Wiki, which admits Stoltenberg's KGB codename was Steklov. During his time as an instructor at the University of Oslo, he had regular contacts with a Soviet diplomat and spy. How and why?
Wiki doesn't bother to say, but NRK later gave us a name, Boris Kirillov, and confirmed he was a KGB spy.…
Still not explained is why Stoltenberg agreed to meet with him, or why he admitted it in his autobiography.
After his time as Prime Minister, Stoltenberg became Secretary-General of NATO. That just confirms to me that the Breivik event was—in part—about military spending.
The fact that Stoltenberg came out of the Ministry of Trade and Energy confirms Statoil's links to the Breivik event as well, since that ministry works with Statoil.
Remember, the Conservatives won elections in 2013, after the event, and immediately proposed selling another 16% of Statoil, which would have taken state ownership down to 51%. Although that failed, we see it as a longterm goal, one they may soon achieve.
We see connection after connection to the Quisling government of WWII in the Breivek event. Almost everyone involved in this event had ancestors there, and a lot of them were collaborators.
Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jønsson Quisling is the full name, which already contains clues. The Abraham is an obvious pointer at Jewish roots. We have already seen the name Lauritzen in Breivik's genealogy.
Quisling's ancestor Lauritz Ibsen Quislin invented the name Quislin from his village Kvislemark, and it later became Quisling. So Quisling was really an Ibsen, linking us to Breivk's genealogy a second time.
Vidkun Quisling's mother was a Bang, of the superwealthy shipowners of Grimstad. And Grimstad is where? Grimstad is the harbor beneath Grim, Lund, and Kristiansand, where the Baneheia event was staged. So the clues are falling fast and heavy now.
Also see Anton Bang, Bishop of Oslo around 1900 and Order of St. Olav, who we are told had close ties to both the Royal House and to Jerusalem—though we aren't told what those ties were. I had hoped for more info from Norge Wiki, but no luck.
A Peter Bang was Prime Minister of Denmark in 1855.
Quisling graduated from the Norwegian Military College and was in Intelligence by 1919 (and probably long before). By 1921 he was a protégé of Fridtjof Nansen.
He was sent to Ukraine in 1922, where he married Alexandra Voronina, supposedly the daughter of a peddler, but probably a fellow agent.
They admit there was no romance between them, and a year later he married Maria Pasetchnikova, without first divorcing Voronina—making him a bigamist. . . and probably gay.
Pasetchnikova had a degree from the Kharkov Economic Institute, which was quite rare for a woman at the time. So she was another fellow spy.
It is at this point in the narrative that we realize it is being written by historian Hans Dahl, which is more than a bit curious seeing that Breivik's grandmother was a Dahl. We also learn Quisling was fluent in Russian.
In 1925 Fritjof Nansen called up Quisling again, and the two took a tour of Armenia together. Nansen's son Odd also worked on many Jewish projects, although they never tell you why he was so interested in the Jews.
At any rate, in 1926 Quisling was in Moscow working with his friend Frederik Prytz, later to be Quisling's Minister of Finance. Prytz' brother was famous goldsmith Eiler Prytz. His nephew was Carl Prytz, radio personality for NRK after the war.
His uncle was Torolf Prytz, also a goldsmith and architect, and his cousin was Jakob Prytz, also a famous goldsmith. But more interesting than all this goldsmith stuff is that Breivik was also a Prytz. Which means that Quisling and Prytz were cousins as well.
English Wiki has almost no information on Frederik Prytz, but Norge Wiki helps us here, telling us Prytz and Quisling were in Russia after the Revolution, with Prytz involved in timber. He apparently made a mint there in a short time, although he was already wealthy going in.
We are told Prytz was not anti-Semitic, which is true for a change, since he was Jewish. In 1928 Quisling and Prytz were caught smuggling millions of rubles out of Russia, but hushed it up.
Quisling was made CBE by the British in 1929 for his services to England, which we are told were limited to his being their legation secretary in Russia. That is unlikely, to say the least. He was also made Order of St. Sava (Serbia) and Order of the Crown of Romania at that time
We are told these were for his humanitarian efforts. Right. What all this means is he isn't who you are told he was. He was an agent of the royals of Europe and of European Intelligence, with close ties to the British, so the story of his war years doesn't add up.
In 1930, Quisling began to be promoted heavily by the Fatherland League, as a sort of Norway's answer to Hitler. Although the story sold was anti-Communist, the League actually sold the fake Communist threat as real, requiring action.
Just a year later Quisling was already Minister of Defense under Kolstad, although he hardly knew Kolstad. Which means Kolstad didn't appoint him. Who did? We aren't told. So why was this former diplomat and Intel agent appointed Minister of Defense?
Because he had been installed by the usual suspects: the same billionaires that were installing Hitler in Germany and that would install Petain in France. In other words, they were setting him up for a planned fail. He was the controlled opposition.
By 1932 they were staging ridiculous events for the newspapers, including the pepper affair. The Labour party admitted it was staged in Parliament and wasn't charged with slander, all but proving it was faked.
In 1935 Quisling met openly with Alfred Rosenberg, who was both the moneybags and theorist of the Nazis, which is doubly strange seeing that he was Jewish.
Rosenberg apparently schooled him at this time on his role as an Anti, in which he would attack all those things they wished to promote, including the Jews. Not coincidentally, Quisling's fake anti-Semitism arose exactly at this time—though he had previously been pro-Jewish.
encourage you to read the Wikipedia pages for the invasion of Norway by Germany in April, 1940, closely. They make no sense, as usual, and read like amateurish misdirection.…
As just the first example, note the Allied Fleet immediately gets caught in a snowstorm, with one of the destroyer escorts (HMS Glowworm) having to stop for a man blown overboard. Rushing into battle at the beginning of a World War and they stop for one guy blown overboard?
It was all staged, then recomposed for the history books later. The Allies let Norway fall in order to do the same thing there we saw them do in France at the same time: prepare it for secret Allied occupation, disguised as Nazi occupation.
Roosevelt wanted to make France an occupied territory after the War, and it was the same with Norway and other parts of Europe. That was the plan all along.
You will say they had been occupying Europe for two millennia. They already owned all these countries through the royals and the banks. So why run two World Wars? What did they have to gain in Norway, for instance, by occupying her? More control.
They weren't satisfied by the levels of control they had in 1900, say. The projects of Marx and others had only been partly successful in destroying Republican movements and sentiments.
To limit ourselves to Norway, remember Norway was neutral in WWI, so the people there hadn't been as traumatized as in other countries. They came out the other end of that war still expecting to have some freedoms.
So when Quisling came in in the 30s, trying to clamp down on them in the normal fascist ways, they resisted. The newspapers sold Quisling as the greatest thing since chocolate, but the people weren't buying it.
The Wiki history admits he got nowhere in the elections, and wouldn't have been able to make it anywhere in government except by secret appointments. He was an Intel plant, and most people could tell that.
So when the next World War rolled around, they decided to include Norway in it this time, to terrorize them and shut them up. After they had been allegedly occupied by Nazis for four years, they would be softened up for the next round of indignities and hoaxes in the 1950s.
Which means. . . Quisling's execution in 1945 was just as fake as anything else. Like the deaths of Hitler, Goring, Eichmann, Himmler, and all the others, it was staged.
Remember, they admit that all of Quisling's accomplices who were given life with labor were out on the street by 1950 (or immediately, actually), and we saw the same thing with the top Nazis in Germany.
So if they would fake all those sentences, or fail to apply them, what makes you think they are telling you the truth about Quisling?
You will say we have witnesses to the execution, but these things are quite easy to fake. The witnesses are all military or paid extras.
So, the faking in Norway didn't start in 2011 with Breivik. His uncles and cousins by the dozens had been faking Norwegian history for at least a century, and I have shown you the actual blood links.
It is no coincidence that most of the actors in the Breivik event had ancestors in the Quisling event. As in the US, all famous people in Norway are closely related, are Jewish, and a high percentage are gay.
Many are little more than actors, and most come right out of Intelligence. Worldwide Intel has a huge and growing theater wing, and it supplies the players in these events.
Now we will move on to look at the Norwegian royals, starting with current Prince Haakon. Let's see, he's short, dark and has a Jewish nose. What could it mean?
Well, if you ask me, he gets his looks from his great-grandmother, Maud of Wales:

Note the long face, the long nose, and the dark heavy eyes. She was the daughter of Edward VII of England, so you see the blood ties between England and Norway.
So again, England should have been far more interested in protecting and liberating Norway in WWII than they were. Instead it was allowed to be taken with almost no fight.
And although Wiki tries to sell the story that the Allies didn't know Germany was on the coast with the intent to conquer in April 1940, they contradict themselves on the next page, admitting the British knew.
Otherwise how could they have evacuated Maud and her husband Haakon VII and the royal family? They, along with the cabinet and most of Parliament had time to leave Oslo on a special train. You read that right: train.
The King was not airlifted to London by the Norwegian Air Force or the Royal Air Force; we are supposed to believe he went to Nybergsund by train, then fled into the woods when the Luftwaffe attacked that town.
Although right on the Swedish border, we are supposed to believe the Swedes offered no help. We are told the King never forgave them for it. Really?
Well, in case you are prone to believe that, you may want to look up who Prince Olav was married to at the time. His wife was with the royal party in the evacuation. She was Princess Märtha of Sweden, and her grandfather was King Oscar II of Sweden.
So the king across the border at that time was her uncle, Gustav V. Do you really think Gustav wouldn't sneak a few troops a few miles across the border to rescue his own niece?
You will tell me this would have nullified Swedish neutrality, opening them up for attack. But all he had to do is drive them to the nearest airport, where they could have been flown out to anywhere. Then he could deny he knew about it.
The Germans wouldn't be able to prove it one way or another. Besides, the Germans had other things to worry about at that point. They didn't want to pull Sweden out of neutrality regardless.
They were about to attack France in May, so the last thing they wanted was waking up Sweden at that time. But whatever you think about that, this story of the evacuation is absurd for any number of other reasons, which will occur to you without much thought.
And what did the King and his ministers allegedly do then? You are going to love this: they supposedly hiked all the way across Norway through the snow to Molde, on the northwest coast. That's about 250 miles, by the way.
Once there, a British cruiser took them another 620 miles north to Tromsø, almost to the far northern end of Norway. You really have to follow this trek on Google maps to appreciate the humor of it.
Haakon and his son Olav set up a provisional government here in a forest cabin, protected by local rifle association members. If you aren't laughing, just ask yourself why the British or Swedes didn't simply airlift them out of there?
They could have been airlifted out of Oslo in the beginning—and probably were. We are told the Royals were finally evacuated June 7 on the HMS Devonshire, arriving soon after in England, where they spent the rest of the war.
Maud of Wales was a Saxe-Coburg Gotha, so although the current Norwegian royals are sold to you as Glücksburgs, they are actually Saxe-Coburg Gothas as well. Same as the Windsors. They are also from the house of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-𝗕𝗲𝗰𝗸.
I told you to look out for the name 𝗕𝗲𝗰𝗸, didn't I? The name comes from August Philipp, born 11/11/1612, a Holstein duke who got married in the town of Beck. They were also Saxes, though that name didn't make it into the final four.…
They link us to the Hohenzollerns, Habsburgs, and Vasas/Jagiellons. Actually, the Norwegian royals have many links to the Vasas/Jagiellons—it is where they get a lot of their Jewish blood. Like the Windsors, they are Polish in multiple lines.
Gustav V of Sweden was of the house of Bernadotte. Remember when the Swedish king was assassinated, and they brought in a French general of no heritage to be the new king? That was the wackiest event in the recent history of kings but it was because Bernadotte was secretly a Vasa
They sort of admit that, since on the Wiki page for house of Bernadotte they admit the coat of arms for the new king dimidiated the coat of arms of the House of Vasa. Meaning? It was half Vasa and half "Bernadotte”.
Except that Bernadotte should have had no coat of arms. He was not a noble. They try to cover this problem by calling Bernadotte the Prince of Pontecorvo, claiming that Napoleon created both the principality and the title in 1805 specifically for Bernadotte.
It's all another joke, since Bernadotte never lived there, and the area went back to the Papal States in 1815.
They try to hide this online by breaking the royal ancestries at that point. If you go to Charles XIV John's Wiki page, you will see that his father and mother don't link out.…
It is the only case of that among all these royals.
Also worth hitting here is Gustav III, who was the king of Sweden three back from Bernadotte. He was allegedly assassinated in 1792, but it was another fake. The reason it ties in here is that an Ehrensvärd was supposedly involved.
That would be Carl Ehrensvärd, who was married to Thomasine Heiberg. We looked at the Heibergs above, since one is currently married to Jens Stoltenberg.
Ehrensvärd was convicted and sentenced to death, but guess what, he was spared by the Supreme court and only banished, sort of like Napoleon, Petain, etc.
The Ehrensvärds are a noble family that have supplied many generals and admirals to Sweden, including many that were active during WWII.
They were related to Archibald Douglas, Swedish Chief of the Army, and his father Ludvig, Marshal of the Realm. Note the surname, which is not Swedish.
Just from the banishment of Ehrensvärd we can already see that Gustav III faked his death, but you can also tell by reading the story. It happened on the Ides of March, Gustav was warned but ignored the warning, he dared the assassins, and it happened at a masked ball.
Gustav had no security and passed through the ball unarmed. The lead assassin shot him in the back at close range but somehow escaped. This assassin, Anckarström, was supposedly known to hold a grudge, but I guess he was invited to the ball anyway?
The assassination would seem to have achieved nothing, since Gustav's son took his place. But there is some strangeness here beneath the surface, since the portrait of Gustav IV Adolf at Wiki is a fake.
It is said to be by Per Krafft the Younger, but isn't. Compare it to his Belisarius. I trust that it is obvious to you the same person didn't paint both of those paintings.
So what is the answer here? Well, we notice that in this portrait, Gustav IV Adolf looks nothing like his father, but does look strikingly Jewish, with that huge nose. So I searched for other portraits of him.
Also very Jewish. So he must get it from his mother. Yes, we have a match, so the portrait at Wiki was faked or copied poorly for reasons other than to hide his identity. Therefore, I can only guess that Gustav III faked his death in order to retire.
It is difficult for kings to retire any other way without creating great controversies, so perhaps this was the easiest way
So let us return to Prince Haakon, who is set to become King fairly soon. If we take his main line all the way back, we come to Mosterstongs. See Tara Mosterstong, wife of Harald Fairhair, in about 950AD.
She was from the island of Moster, which was the place chosen for the Old Norse governing assembly. It was the old Parliament, if you will. Back then it was called a “thing” or a “folkmoot”— the latter of which reminds us of hobbits.
This also connects us to the Isle of Man, since the thing there was called a tyn. The word link proves the physical link between the places. Anyway, this is worth mentioning because the name Moster should ring a bell. Is it Jewish? Of course. It comes from “Moses”.
If you don't believe me, see Naftuli Moster, Jewish activist in Brooklyn. Also Edmund Moster, Croatian Jew who founded TOZ, the pen and pencil company. So the name hasn't changed in over 1000 years. The same families are ruling Europe that ruled it in 900AD.
Haakon's aunt is Princess Ragnhild, the older sister of Harald. She married Ering Lorentzen, shipping magnate and industrialist. His family has been shipping gas and oil for over a century. In the 1950s they bought Esso Brazil. They also owned Aracruz Paper Co. (now Fibria).
But it is all in the name, as you are about to see. Does that name look familiar to you? Lorentzen means son of Lorentz, or in English it would be son of Lawrence. So it could also be spelled. . . Lauritzen. Lauritzen=Lorentzen. Both of them mean son of Lawrence.
Well, we already saw the Lauritzens in Breivik's genealogy, didn't we? They were also known as Arctanders. And we saw a third spelling Laurantzon, related to the Sandburgs. So this may be another way Breivik is related to the royal family.
Prince Haakon got his undergraduate degree from Berkeley and his graduate degree from London School of Economics. So you see how he fits in here. He is probably a more hands-on royal than you are used to seeing.
The Prince is given a bye into admiral and general, without having to advance through the ranks. So a smart royal like this can get involved to any extent he likes. He has already been acting ruler of Norway several times, when his father was ill.
We already saw Mette-Marit come up a couple of times, with strange links to the event. She is sold as a commoner, but I find that doubtful.
The big clue is her brother Per Høiby, who I guess we are supposed to believe advanced due only via her connections. It isn't the way it looks to me, and I would guess the Høibys are some sort of hidden nobility.
He is a defense department bigwig, allegedly only a commander, but possibly of higher rank. He may also be Intelligence. His wife is a Vice Admiral. You don't get there through your sister. Remember Billy Carter, Jimmy Carter's brother? He didn't become a Vice Admiral, did he?
I don't really know where the Høibys came from, but with a bit more digging, we find her genealogy is posted, and we pretty quickly discover the surnames Steine, Mo, Hovland, Ness, Sponheim, and Aga.
In fact, we find there that Mette-Marit is a direct descendant of Sigurd II Munn Haraldsson, King of Norway, 1133. His mother-in-law was Malmfrid, Princess of Russia, granddaughter of Vladimir II, King of Kiev, and Gytha of Wessex.
She was the daughter of King Harold of England. In a second line, Mette-Marit is descended directly from Inge II Bardsson, King of Norway, 1185. Here we also find the surnames Giske and Rein. They are listed as bankers in the 11th century.
One more step back from these Reins and we hit Judith of Normandy, daughter of Richard III. And one more step back we hit Robert II the Pious Capet, King of the Franks. Then Robert I, King of the Franks.
Switching to the maternal line, we hit the Pippins and then. . . Charlemagne. So Mette-Marit is descended in direct line from Charlemagne. They forget to tell you that, don't they? Commoner indeed!
Silly me, I had thought Mette-Marit was chosen for her ability to produce blonde children. The royals of Europe now love blonde children. The middle one is hers from a previous marriage, but even with Haakon she produced the blond boy to the left.
Witness the princesses of Spain:

How does that happen? And no, King Felipe was never blond:
So this is the next queen of Spain:

That should be interesting.

• • •

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