Breivik allegedly drove two vans into Oslo, one filled with his fertilizer bomb, the other as a getaway. We aren't told how he drove both in, but it doesn't really matter.
He drove a white Volkswagen Crafter van right up to the wall of the Ministry of Justice, parked in front of a no-parking sign, got out with a pistol in his hand and wearing a visored helmet, dressed as a policeman, and walked away uncontested.
He wasn't dressed as a normal cop, since he was in semi-riot gear, but I guess the guys in security watching the video live didn't find that odd. Yes, this was caught on multiple security cams, since they were later released to the public.
Other researchers ask how he could have walked away, but the better question, rarely asked, is how he was allowed to drive in in the first place. We are supposed to believe this narrow street is open to normal traffic, with no security stop?
Just so you know, the Ministry of Justice also houses the Ministry of Police and the Prime Minister's offices. Right across the street is the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (so, Statoil again). Next door is Parliament. But Breivik had to pass no checkpoint?
We are supposed to believe that anyone could drive in there? You could drive your camper in there and have a picnic lunch in the carport, and no one would care? Who believes this?
It would be like being told some guy drove a Chevy Van over the lawn of the White House, parked under the President's bedroom window, got out dressed as Elvis, and began singing Blue Suede Shoes. And Secret Service just missed it because they were all in the bathroom.
Oh, and Breivik was never identified, because he was wearing the helmet. Which means this is the evidence we have against him in Oslo: zilch. All the evidence is circumstantial and would have been easy to plant.
Without proof he was the one who got out of the van, no conviction would be possible. So it is convenient that he confessed.
That's the Ministry of Justice. See the person in pale green, to your left? Breivik parked just beyond him, under that eave that is now sagging a bit. So you already know this is fake without any more research.
A bomb capable of doing all the damage you see, plus more across the street, should have completely torn away that overhang. Are we supposed to believe that is made of some sort of indestructible concrete, that the bomb blast had to move around?
It isn't even concrete at all, since if it were it couldn't sag like that. Concrete doesn't warp, it breaks. It look like some sort of plastic or resin. But bombs don't affect resin, right? It is impossible to blow away such an overhang, even when it is supported by no pillars.
The other damage also does not fit the story, since bombs blow out from a center. Here, the damage is uniform across the face of the building. The nearest point to the bomb has no more damage than fifty feet away.
The fascia of the building is hardly damaged, with the only damage appearing to be windows broken and papers blown out. That indicates not a fertilizer bomb, but some sort of pulse or resonance.
Compare this to Oklahoma, which was sold to us as a similar bomb, detonated from a parked truck. McVeigh's bomb was about 3 tons, and Breivik bought 6 tonnes of fertilizer, using only about half. So fairly equivalent. The whole front of the building is carved out, isn't it?
So are we told why that didn't happen in Oslo? Nope.
This is also interesting:
Note the helipad on top of the Ministry of Energy. That will be useful to us in a moment.
In answer to my questions above, we are told this area was completing a five-day 𝗱𝗿𝗶𝗹𝗹, in which Delta was practicing a terror scenario. It had just ended a half-hour before Breivik arrived, so those on the ground possibly thought this was part of it.
That's an obvious cover story, since it doesn't explain how this idiot Breivik knew the drills were going on. Or are we supposed to believe he just chose that day and hour by sheer luck? He planned his real event for the day and hour they were running a drill just like it?
What are the effing odds? Plus, this cover story also requires us to believe that when they run drills, they drop all normal security. During a drill, they just let any dude in a Crafter van park at the front door of the Ministry of Justice? That makes sense, right?
I'm sure the citizens of Norway are glad to hear such things are happening with the $7 billion or so they pay for military and police.
Also curious is that the security cameras caught Breivik driving up and walking off, but then mysteriously turned themselves off for the blast. They wanted you to see him drive up, but they didn't want you to see the blast. Probably because it was a pulse, not a bomb.
There we see that the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy is using the event to burn up some incriminating documents. Just like happened with WTC7 on 911. Strange that the building has such limited damage, damage that again appears to come from within blowing out through the windows
Also strange is that no one was home when the blast occurred though this was a Friday afternoon. We are told everyone was on vacation. Really, all 4,430 people who worked here, called the Regjeringskvartalet, were on vacation except those few we see in the videos? How convenient!
We do get two injured ladies, both now famous, but mostly famous for being so utterly ridiculous and transparent. The first is Line Nersnaes, or Carrot Top:
Very hard to make sense of that, isn't it? Well, it is even harder to make sense of once you read the story. She was “at her desk” when the bomb exploded.…
That is supposed to be a 12” spike from the window frame that shot up through her jaw near her ear and came out as you see it. So, how did a piece of the window frame come up from below her? I can't make out the physics here.
If it came up, it must have come up through the floor, but windows aren't normally positioned in the floor. Or are we supposed to believe she was lying on top of her desk, with her feet pointed toward the window?
Equally absurd is the idea that this caused only “superficial” injuries. Only a flesh wound, you know. We can see that it is coming right out of her skull, in the frontal area, but we are supposed to believe it hit no brain tissue at all? You have to be kidding.
We only see about six inches, so another six should be embedded in her brain. She was released later that day. They didn't even hold her overnight. And do you see anything in this photo?
Unfortunately for her, video exists of her right after this picture was taken. There are about five green ambulances directly in front of her, but she doesn't get into any of them. Instead, she is led onto a big red city bus off to the side, along with the lady below.
Amazing that the moulage didn't get into her hair, right? And I guess she didn't want to get her work clothes all messy, so she changed into that t-shirt before they hosed her? Do you think lawyers for the Ministry dress in such t-shirts for work?
They also got the moulage mix far too thick for this event. We see it hanging off the chins of several fake victims like jelly.
That's Sissel Wilsgård, 61, senior adviser in the Department of Justice, who was on the 8th floor. She says there was a glimmer of light in her computer screen, and then a “big, deep drone”. Curious, since that again indicates a pulse, not a bomb.
A bomb would have been incredibly loud, almost certainly knocking out her eardrums and possibly popping her eyeballs. But of course none of the victims tell us of hearing loss.
Sissel admits she could hear her own footsteps on the way out, indicating no loss of hearing or ringing in her ears. She says she got between 60 and 70 stitches. What, she doesn't know? She and the doctors can't count that high?
Like Line Nersnaes, she had a miraculous recovery, appearing at Breivik's trial looking normal. Of course she could have been chosen for the event because she had previous scarring or other problems, we don't know.
This is often done, and was done for many previous events like the Boston Marathon. There we saw various paraplegics hired to act as victims.
My guess is these buildings were included in the Breivik event after the Utøya part had been mapped out. They like to kill several birds with the same stone, you know, as we saw in the 911 events. So they wed these projects later.
As you can see, those ministry buildings are quite old and ugly, and were probably due for a replacement anyway. It seems a lucky coincidence that the oldest and ugliest buildings in the sector were damaged, doesn't it?
The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy was a total eyesore. According to Wikipedia, these buildings dated back to the 1950s, and they looked it. And here is your confirmation of that theory:
To keep you from coming to this realization, that Wiki page neglects to publish a picture of the present Regjeringslvartalet. A Google search on that also brings up 2011 photos. The new buildings aren't so gorgeous either, but at least they cost a lot of money.
Also take note of the last part of the quote, concerning environmental regulations. The buildings probably didn't meet code—again like the World Trade Center buildings—and so they had to be demolished and replaced anyway.
So, that didn't happen as we were told. What about Utøya? Some of us in the US probably thought this little island was off the coast of Norway, but it isn't. It is in a little lake just northwest of Oslo.
From the outskirts of West Oslo, you drive only about 15 miles to the shore, and then the lake is another 500 meters/yards from there. So very near.
Breivik had only two guns with him, a Glock and a .223 Mini-14 rifle. He bought ten 30-round magazines for the rifle, and six magazines for the Glock, four of which were 30-round magazines— from the US, online. This shouldn't have been possible, since it was illegal.
That is why he couldn't buy the magazines locally: hunting magazines are allowed only three bullets in Norway.…
Mainstream sources now tell us the sale from the US was legal, but it wasn't. Do you think the Norwegian law says you can't buy large magazines locally, but that it is OK to buy them internationally? What would be the point of such a law?
Notice they don't give you the name of the US supplier. They can't, because it never happened. If it had, Interpol would have flagged the sale immediately, and picked up Breivik right after the postman delivered his package.
He allegedly killed 69 and wounded 66, which, accounting for misses and multiple hits, indicates he fired in excess of 200 times. He was on the island firing for an hour and a half. So he reloaded many times. This means he had to carry a lot of ammunition with him.
So do you think he just showed up at the shore of this upperclass lake in riot gear, with two guns and a bag full of ammo, and security let him pass with no inspection?
The story is that security consisted of one lady, Monica Bosei, who came out to the ferry landing to meet him. He killed her and security guard Trond Berntsen, who just happened to be the step-brother of Princess Mette-Marit. And you believe that?
This is an island owned by the Labour party and there were 550-600 of their kids on the island. So these are government brats. One of them, Berntsen's son, was the Princess' nephew. Others were “friends of Jens Stoltenberg”.…
But we are supposed to believe they had no security on the shore? Breivik should have been checked before getting on the ferry, not after. The idea that one guy with no ID and a bag full of weapons and ammo could pass security simply by saying he was a cop is ridiculous.
And what did the ferry driver do at that point? Did he zoom back to shore to get help? No, he and the youth leader from the island, Eksil Pedersen, hijacked the ferry and drove it up the lake, stranding it on the shore.…
Grounding it or scuttling it, as a sailor would say, since ramming it to shore like that was a total disabling. Pedersen was the leader of the Workers' Youth League, and despite these actions he retained that position until 2014!
You would think he would be punished for purposely breaking the link to shore, but he wasn't. You would think someone would suggest he looks like an accomplice, since there is no other way to explain his actions. But they didn't.
Instead, he was rewarded for his action. Oh, and by the way, he is the first openly gay leader of the AUF, so. . . again an actor.
The scuttling of the ferry was done purposely, to explain why the police weren't able to get to the island sooner. But the police could have easily choppered in, so the ferry story explains nothing.
In answer to that, the mainstream story tells us that no police helicopters were available in the area. Is that so?
Since this was just a few minutes by air from Oslo and a few more from several military bases, that is just a bold lie. Remember, Delta is backed up by FSK, meaning the military, and there were dozens of military choppers available in the area.
Even if all police and military choppers were on holiday in France, Delta still could have commandeered media or medical choppers, which were already there. We can see them in the footage. How do you think we got the footage? There's a medical chopper they could have commandeered
Plus, we can prove they did have military helicopters there, since photographer Niclas Hammarstrom got a picture of one.

So that lie is busted. That is a Vietnam War style helicopter, with open sides. Exactly what the mainstream is telling us was not available.
This means that the response time from police and military should have been about 10 minutes, not 90 minutes. Delta could have bicycled over from Oslo and swum across to the island in less than 90 minutes. And I'm not kidding.
You can easily swim 500 yards. People did in this story. So the fact that they expect you to believe Breivik's rampage lasted 90 minutes is all the evidence you need that this was faked. It is conclusive by itself. The helicopter lie is also conclusive.
It took so long for the police to get there, Breivik started calling them himself, begging them to hurry up. If he was actually on the island, he might have been afraid locals not briefed on the project would boat over and shoot him.
We saw some risk of that, since normal police (not Delta) who got there early were ordering locals in boats away from the event.
We are told a few kids were picked out of the water by locals in boats, which means there was some risk one of these guys would land on the island and either shoot Breivik or see that the whole thing was staged.
Then there is the comedy of the gummibat, or the red rubber boat used by Delta to get to the island when everything else failed. The elite force Delta overloaded a rubber boat they found on shore and had to be rescued themselves by a private boat when they started to sink.
I highly recommend you watch that video, to see what a flying farce this whole thing was. It looks like an old episode of the Keystone Cops.*43747
Although all the kids on the island had cellphones with video capability, and Oslo TV was there filming, the only image we get of Breivik on the island appears to have been taken from space.
Those pesky TV cameras with no resolution! But notice that proves helicopters were there. That was taken from a helicopter offshore. But my point is that we again cannot identify Breivik on the island. We just have to take their word for it.
Do you think that photo would hold up in court? No, that could be Ricky Gervais or Randy Quaid for all we know.
To get a feel for the event, you can go to the Telegraph for pictures from Utøya. Not one of them tells us anything useful about the event.…
Two are of nameless people pretending to cry. One is rescue workers setting up a small camp outside of Utøya. One is of some bloodless people sunning themselves on the shore. One is of the ferry on the island dock. . . which shouldn't be there.
Tell me what's wrong with that picture. This is supposed to be after the event, since we see emergency teams and a TV van there. It is on the island, as we can see from the words on the house.
But according to the mainstream story, that ferry should be grounded up north, on the farm of the ferry driver's friend. So we have a major continuity error here, indicating this fake was shot on more than one day.…
Another problem is the number of people said to be on the island. Over 600 total. Here is a picture of the island:

It looks too small for a meeting of 600 people, doesn't it? It is heavily forested, and they can't give speeches out in the forest.
There appear to be three open spaces, but none would hold 600 people. Above the main house and cafe, we see an area marked “tents”, but we only see about fifty tents. If we packed all the open spaces with tents, we could get maybe 200 tents in there. Two to a tent would make 400.
But where are all these people eating? 600 people are going to eat in that little cafe? One ferry is going to take 600 people back and forth to Oslo for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Again, this doesn't look like a retreat or meeting space for 600 people. One or two hundred tops.
I scanned the victims' list as well, and the people look too old. It is admitted this was a camp for kids age 14-18, and in the media this is always sold as a murder of kids. But many are admitted to be in their 20s, and many others listed as teens also look to be in their 20s.
Others are too young, for example Trond Berntsen's son, who survived. He was ten. What was the security guard's son doing there?
Digging on this brought up the name of the guy working on the ferry: Johannes Dalen Giske. They just love to give us clues, though we have to look hard.…
We already saw the name Giske linked to Mette-Marit. She was a Giske, though it was way back.
A search on the name Giske at Wikipedia yields no results, which is strange, seeing that they have a page on Trond Giske. He was deputy leader of the Labour Party from 2105-18, at which time he resigned for sexual harassment. From 1992-6 he was head of the Workers' Youth League.
In 2000 Jens Stoltenberg appointed him Minister of Education and Church Affairs, which is ironic considering later developments. In 2005 he became Minister of Culture, where he stayed until 2009. He then became Minister of Trade. He has one child with Anne Moe (Moses)
That is Johannes at age 16, losing 48,000 kroner on a 2007 gameshow, in the category “Apollo program”. More irony, eh? As I said, the tangled webs.…
In 2008, Johannes was in the news again for the Akershus County newspaper. And there we can link him to the Nesoddens Labour Party.…
So in 2011 he was 20, and working on the Utøya ferry? Since then he has gotten fat and is now a county council member for Akershus. So, another obvious plant in the Breivik hoax.
A search on Giske in general finds it is a Jewish name, also Giseke, Gieseke, Gieseking, of European nobility. The Giskes were bankers in Norway and Silesia back to the 11th century.
They take us back to the legendary noblemen of the Ammødinga saga, including Finnvid den Fundne and King Thorarinn "Bullifak" Finnvidsson. Their ancestry stretches back to the time of Rollo. So, the Phoenicians once again. What a surprise.
Also remember Otto Gieseke, Nazi Commander, WaffenSS and Knight's Cross recipient.
Giske's middle name Dalen is also informative. See hockey player Andrea Schelderup Dalen. The name Schelderup links us to Breivik, since we found it in his recent genealogy.
Also see Gustaf Dalen, who won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1912 for his work on automatic regulators. He was the inventor of agamassan, and the founder and CEO of AGA, the huge industrial gas company. Was agamussan named for Aga, a surname we have seen linked to these families?
Also see Frieda Dalen, head of the teachers' union during the resistance in WWII, allegedly held at Oslo prison for a few months as an agitator, though you can be sure that didn't happen. After the war she worked at the UN. So, yet another connection to Quisling.

• • •

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