It looks to me like Ole Dammegård was hired to admit to a lot of the anomalies in Oslo and Utøya, but then to spin you back to the desired conclusion: the murders were real and something very scary is going on.
The event controllers, don't really care which set of stories you believe. You can buy the mainstream story or any of the alternatives, as long as you believe it happened. The goal is the creation of fear, and if you believe it happened, it doesn't matter who did it or how.
In fact, Dammegård's alternative theory is even scarier than the mainstream story, since he is trying to sell you the idea that some shadowy forces in the government pulled this, for some deep dark purpose.
That is more frightening than the mainstream story, because with some luck you can avoid a lone nutcase like Breivik. You cannot avoid your own government, which is everywhere and nearly all-powerful.
What Dammegård's theories do for most people is send them scurrying back to the mainstream, since the mainstream theory, though awful, is not as awful as his alternative theory. In the mainstream story, this was pulled by an insane guy, who is now locked up.
But in Dammegård's theory, this was pulled by sane people in government or Intel, who shot all these kids on purpose, and are still out there.
Unlike Breivik, they didn't do this from some mixed-up theory of Muslims and liberals and racial purity. They did it because they are stone-cold evil in some way.
Maybe it has something to do with Satan or aliens or holograms—I don't know and it doesn't matter. But Dammegård is sure to tell you it is worse than you can imagine—much darker than the mainstream stories.
But it was all theater and no one was killed. Yes, these people are terrible liars and thieves, but that is pretty straightforward. That is something you can comprehend, and it is also something you could do something about, if you had enough allies.
It has nothing to do with Satan or aliens or deep dark forces. Intelligence is not a deep dark force. It is a laughably shallow force. Yes, it has become pervasive, but it is neither hard to understand nor hard to pinpoint.
These people aren't all-powerful, untraceable, or unstoppable. They are fabulously easy to expose. So this could conceivably be reined in. If everyone began to see through this stuff, they would knock it off, since failed propaganda is counter-productive.
We find that from 1975-81 Dammegård worked as a journalist. Since he was born in 1958 (age 61), he was a journalist from age 17 to 23. Hmmm. So who did he work with/for as a journalist? His highschool yearbook? Any published papers? Any papers at all?…
Then we are told that in 1984, he quit his job as a journalist. Since we have seen no journalism projects yet, I guess he quit. . . nothing. At age 27 he became an artist. He has an art section posted, which consists of some amateur illustration and striped ladies.
By 1988 we are up to age 30, but he has done nothing but travel a lot. No mention of any universities, schools, or other education. He did work as a teacher for Iranian refugees in 86-7, but we aren't told where, for whom, or what he was teaching them. Swedish? Airbrushing?
In 1991, he began working in a theater workshop in Stockholm. So. . . an actor. Suddenly, in 1993, he was interviewed in the paper, we aren't told what for. And he produced a music video starring Miss Sweden.
Nothing leading up to that, so we have no idea why or how he was picked for that. In 1994, he published a book on his 1984 bicycle trip to Iran, where he smuggled a friend out to Sweden via Russia.
Red flags all over that, since artists and musicians don't normally smuggle people out of Iran via Russia. In 2000 he was working on many film sets, so, again, an actor. This is linked out, but the link goes nowhere.
In 2000 he published Coup d'Etat in Slow Motion, also with a broken link out. But going to Amazon shows this is a book about the Palme, Kennedy, Lennon, and MLK assassinations, selling them as real. The book has three reviews, none of them from people under their real names.
The thesis appears to be that all these events are tied together, done by shadowy international government forces. That is true in a way, but they are tied together only in that they are run by the international theater department.
In the same year Dammegård moved to Mallorca. Unless he was farming almonds or olives, this is a red flag. Mallorca is very wealthy and has a very old Phoenician heritage.
The decade from 2000-2009 is almost empty, which is curious seeing that Dammegård was in his 40s then. He should have been peaking, but all we get is that he worked as a web designer and became a yoga teacher. No art or music in this period.
Finally in 2009 he becomes a regular guest on the Steve Gilmore show. He is now an international conspiracy expert, based only on Coup d'Etat in Slow Motion, I guess. Fellow guests were David Icke, Alex Jones, and Doc Horowitz.
In 2011 he illustrated the book "I would like to wear naughty knickers." OK.
In 2013, at age 55, his career really took off, doing shows with Kevin Barrett, Ed Oppermann, Joshua Blakeney, Mark Howitt, Ryan Brooks, Roxy Lopez, Alfred Webre, Aaron Wilson, David Zublick, Mark Snider, Mel Fabregas, Jason Liosatos, Jim Fetzer, and Red Ice.
In my opinion, all these people and organizations are agents and Intel fronts, and I want nothing to do with them. Since 2013, Dammegård has made a career out of these Intel interviews and talks. Although he has blabbed a lot, he has written very little.
The first 9 minutes of his 2015 Norway video is fluff, as is common with Dammegård. His books are the same way. Finally, at minute 9 he says that MLK was a beautiful man who stood for the right things. So already we can tell where he is going with this.

MLK was an Intel actor like the rest. Therefore, not a beautiful man. Just a guy reading from a script, like Dammegård. Telling you some things you already know and some things you want to hear, but then diverting you out into the bushes again.
At minute 13, Dammegård tells us something very strange: after the Palme assassination, he and his brother went up from Denmark to Sweden to investigate. But as Ole says, “he [my brother] was even one of the people they later interrogated, I mean trying to find a patsy”. What?
Then he says that two of his friends died in mysterious circumstances after that. Really? But you aren't going to tell us any more about that, Ole? Just pass it by?
At minute 16, we see Dammegård borrowing David Icke's problem-reaction-solution diagram, indicating to me they are being fed scripts from the same place.
At minute 19, Dammegård tells us he got an email from the Hell's Angels. He then adds, “I love these bearded guys”. The Angels tell him they are the victim of false flag operations. Right. You see what he is doing: he is whitewashing the Hell's Angels. Pretty amazing.
But once you understand the Angels are Dammegård's fellow agents, you understand why he is saying this. They are all actors.
Right after that he sells the biker event in the US (the 2015 Waco shootout, I assume) as a false flag, with snipers shooting bikers from both gangs, and the event being sold as rightwing extremism and lawlessness. But again, Dammegård is misdirecting, nothing like that happened.
There were no snipers and no deaths. They claim 9 killed and 18 wounded. Chai, aces and eights. If you study the victims' list, you will find of the 9 dead, we have a Kirschner, a Boyett, a Campbell, a Russell, a Smith, a Rhyne and a Jordan.
Plus a couple of Rodriquez for cover, and to make this look real. We only need a Stanley, a Spencer, and a Cohen to round that list out, giving us a best-of-the-peerage list.
Of 177 people arrested, 154 were indicted, and zero were found guilty. Zero. All charges were dismissed. Indicating a completely fabricated event.
At minute 20, Dammegård says he is getting emails from Gladio operatives (Stay Behind) saying they have been duped. They thought they were doing good and now find they were being used. Yeah. Good to see Dammegård whitewashing these agents who didn't realize they were agents.
Finally, at minute 21 Dammegård gets to Norway. Dammegård has given you nothing but a few preparatory lies and a lot of fluff. Then he gives you a big picture of Breivik and says in a scary voice, “this guy is a monster”. Is he being facetious?
At 22:30, Dammegård says that terrorist events are sponsored by Toyota. I didn't know what he meant, so I looked up Toyota. I think Dammegård just gave me some info he didn't intend to.
Here is a picture of Sakichi Toyoda, who founded Toyota:

Do you see it? He not only looks very English, he looks. . . Jewish. Japanese men almost never have faces or noses that long.
There he is much older. But still a very long face and he even has eyelids—the lines over his eyes. The Toyoda companies began with Loom works, that is to say textiles, giving us the next clue.
He invented the automatic power loom, and the money from that was used to get into automobiles. We are not given Toyoda's mother's maiden name. Geni also does not tell us his wives maiden names.
Dammegård gives us other clues: Puma and Go-Pro. I am told he is referring to Rudolph Dassler, founder of Puma; and Dean Woodman, whose son founded Go-Pro. This links us to the Nazis and the Quakers.
At minute 25, Dammegård tells us Utøya is an hour's drive from Oslo. Yeah, by bicycle. By car, it is about 15 minutes from the edge of West Oslo, and by chopper it would be about 10 minutes from downtown Oslo.
Strangely, Dammegård says he just came from there. No elaboration on why he was just on Utøya.
At minute 29, Dammegård tells us that the newspaper Verdens Gang is headquartered right in front of the Ministry of Justice, and that TV networks are also right there.
So the TV helicopter in Utøya probably took off from there, indicating another helipad. I would assume Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) is in the same place.
At minute 36, Dammegård says that in the old days they killed real people in the false flags. Of course he shows no evidence for that, but that assumption helps him sell slightly older events like JFK, MLK, and so on. The older events were faked in the same way, with fake deaths.
See the Salem Witch hoax. That was 1692, so I think that qualifies as old days.
Dammegård says that you shouldn't mess with mothers, since they will not stop until they find out the truth. Hmmm. Could he give us one example of that? What mothers at Sandy Hook have told the truth? What mothers at Las Vegas? What mothers at Dunblane? Port Arthur? Manson?
There aren't any such mothers, because there aren't any such dead. But Dammegård wants you to think there are.
At minute 36 Dammegård sells 911 as real, with “several thousand” mothers causing trouble. Hmmm. I only remember a handful, and they didn't accomplish much, did they? Dammegård says he knows this is going on because he has inside information from CIA whistleblower Chip Tatum.
Dammegård admits Chip Tatum worked on false flags before. So. . . he is trustworthy then.
But at minute 39 Dammegård switches gears and claims they do kill real people. It is weird, because he has just told you crisis actors are used, but then he flips and tells you the deaths are real. He claims that unimportant people are killed.
However, in part 2 he is going to tell you the kids on Utøya were really killed, which contradicts his theory here. The kids on Utøya were not unimportant. They were rich kids, government brats. Unimportant people are not selected to camp on this Labour Party island.
At minute 41, Dammegård gets to the meat of this presentation. He says, “I believe that on one side of this government building they had real victims”. Based on what? What evidence does he offer for that? None. He points his laserbeam at one photo and says, “real victim”.
Really, just based on a glance at a single photo? She isn't worth researching beyond that, eh? What if he found her name was Cohen and she was the niece of Mette-Marit or the granddaughter of Quisling? Move on.
In the next minute, Dammegård says he “needs to show as much facts and evidence as possible”. But did he just do that with the picture of the lady lying on the ground? Did he show us any evidence or facts in support of his conclusion she was really dead or injured? No.
At minute 53, Dammegård tells us how much he admires Fletcher Prouty. Really? That would be like me saying I admire John Jesus Angleton. Funny how guys like Dammegård who are supposed to be outing the CIA and its projects always lead you right back in to the arms of the CIA.
Mr. X in Oliver Stone's JFK was based on Prouty. Prouty was CIA after WWII, and was later made a colonel under McNamara in about 1960. In 1962 he became Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs. In 1963 he went to the South Pole.
He supposedly retired in 1964, at age 47, working for Amtrak and then as a bank executive. He wrote some books that obviously influenced Dammegård, since in them he claims the JFK event was a coup d'etat, pulled by Intel and military.
Dammegård or whoever wrote his books mostly just regurgitates and copy/pastes Prouty. But like Dammegård's books, these were misdirection. They don't care who you think did it as long as you think it was done.
So people like Prouty and Dammegård are hired to speculate on everything except the truth: it was staged and Kennedy wasn't killed at all. His death was simply faked.
Obviously, Prouty didn't retire from the CIA at age 47. He was always CIA, but his later projects were all disinfo projects. Like others, he told you some juicy truths to hook you, and then led you out into the bushes again.
Dammegård admiring and following in Prouty's footsteps is the biggest red flag imaginable. Also remember who portrayed Prouty in the flim JFK. That would be Donald Sutherland, cryptoJewish actor from the Sutherlands of the British peerage.
Sutherland's wife was Shirley Douglas. The Douglases are Dukes of Scotland. Her father was Tommy Douglas, born in Scotland, later leader of the New Democratic Party in Canada. His mother was a Clement. Tommy retired from politics to be on the board of Husky Oil.
Douglas is also a Melville, McCauley, Drummond, Stuart, and McGregor, proving we have the right Douglases.…
While at Geneanet, take Donald Sutherland back, where you will see he is a Murray, a Bruce, a Gordon, a Ross, a Mackay, a Grant, a Campbell, a Graham, an Erskine, a Keith, a Mackenzie, a Kennedy, a Forbes, a Douglas, a Lindsay, and a Stewart.…
So in marrying a Douglas he was marrying a cousin, as usual. The Stewart is an Earl, and his father was King James of Scotland, 1512. We also find King James Stuart, 1394.…
Also see Donald Sutherland's Wiki page, where we find he came out of LAMDA before studying at the Perth Repertory Theatre in. . . Scotland. He was returning to his roots, as you see.
Also see Sir Arthur Sutherland, 1st Baronet, shipowner and coal exporter.…
He was Order of St. John of Jerusalem. His wife was Anne Proud. Proud=Prouty. So in playing Prouty in JFK, Donald Sutherland was portraying a cousin. As we have seen so often before
Also remember that Donald's son Kiefer played a CIA agent in 24.
At minute 55, Dammegård does tell us some useful things, such as that the police alarm system for downtown Oslo was turned off, all cellphone reception was knocked out, only four police were in central Oslo, all police in Oslo had been disarmed two weeks earlier, .....
.....the fire department across the street forgot how to function, and the police helicopter crew for downtown Oslo had been given the entire month off. Amazing that Breivik was able to get all that done before coming into town.
At minute 1:04:00, Dammegård admits the military police in many photos have the wrong insignias on their arms, indicating they are fakes.
At minute 1:12:00, Dammegård points out the white plastic curtain covering a dug-up area in the street, for about half a mile. I agree that this is highly suspicious, and my guess is this was the cause of the damage, not a bomb.
This would indicate some sort of electrical pulse or resonance was used to blow windows and push material from inside the offices out onto the street. This would explain the lack of a boom in downtown Oslo, as well as the strange and limited nature of the damage.
There were cables there that they later tried to pass off as sensors for loads in the street, but that makes no sense. So those cables were probably delivering the electricity for the special pulse that caused the damage.
The actual mechanism for the damage is almost beside the point, so I am not going to spend time speculating beyond that.
At minute 1:22:00, we see the miracle ladies getting on the red city bus. Dammegård points out that the medic attending to them is only taking a pulse. He doesn't try to stop the bleeding by stanching the wound, or in any other way. But why bother? You can't stanch moulage.
At minute 1:37:00, we are now at Utøya, and Breivik has just shot Trond Berntsen, stepbrother of the Princess. Dammegård says it “could be a coincidence or could be a very violent message”. How about it was neither a coincidence nor a violent message?
How about it was the usual theater, with crisis actors?
After previously telling us that these people create fear with predictable scenarios, at minute 1:38:00 Dammegård sells us the event as real, going bambambam, and saying they could have been your children, my children.
The audience gets very quiet, and I think they are buying this. Very sad, since he just showed them the method of the con, and now he is conning them using the method.
At minute 1:39:00, we see an astonishing aerial photo of the entire island, but there is a helicopter marked police now flying over. Do you see why that is so funny? They told us there were no police helicopters available there. Police had to come over on floaties, remember?
Then we find that police in nearby towns were told to stand down. They said they weren't necessary, since Delta was on the way. But Delta couldn't communicate with local police, because their new system wasn't compatible with the old system of the police. That makes sense, right?
Then we find (1:46:00) out a local police helicopter was available from some other nearby city than Oslo, but they were told to stand down as well. They had a sharpshooter ready, but were told he wasn't needed.
Which is true, as it turns out. He wasn't needed, since the whole thing was a vaudeville production. But very strange nonetheless. Dammegård pretends to cry at this point, he is so overcome by the fake event.
The Bell 720 helicopters of the nearby Rygge squadron were said to be without fuel, and no fuel was available. Are you starting to get the picture?
At minute 1:49:00, we find that Delta missed the turn for the ferry, ending up at the campground just beyond, where 37 boats were anchored. They could have commandeered any of those in this emergency, but instead they backed out and drove 9km north, away from the event.
We are supposed to believe these guys didn't even know where the island was. They finally commandeered their little rubber boat there and overloaded it, requiring rescue.
Notice that in the background of the film we can see many larger boats they could have commandeered, including some already in motion (so you can't tell me they didn't have the keys).
At 1:53:00, we see the Delta team finally arrive in two small white boats commandeered from up the shore. Also there is a van, and Dammegård tells us that van has never been identified. But it clearly says on the side.
At minute 1:55:00, Dammegård shows pictures of two helicopters flying over the island during the event. They are not medical or media choppers. Also not confirmed to be police or military. Dammegård says they are black ops.
I would agree they are probably Intel choppers coordinating and filming the fake event, but I will continue to assume they are involved in the theater until Dammegård shows me the slightest sliver of evidence otherwise.
At minute 1:57:00, Dammegård is pushing the multiple shooter scenario, and he quotes the blondehaired girl on the island whose father was “high ranking police”. Dammegård says he gives her story more credibility for that reason. What? I give her less for that reason.
She was coached by her father to create this alternative theory, creating more confusion and more fear. She says four or five shooters were on the island. But is that four or five real shooters, or four or five fake shooters? We aren't told.
I can believe there were multiple people playing the part of shooter, since they would aid in the filming. Dammegård has nothing to say for or against that idea, of course.
Ambulance crews were refused entry to the area, tending to support my theory of no real injured. Dammegård's theory is that the people were allowed to die on purpose, I guess because they were unimportant.
Dammegård then breaks down again, but only for about 2 seconds. I would say he needs more acting classes himself. Maybe he can work with Robbie Parker.
Parents did not get autopsy reports, again supporting my assumption that there were no deaths.
The War Center of Norway was less than 10km (6 miles) north of where the Delta team found the rubber boat, where the ferry was stranded, and where the helicopters that later made it to the island landed.
At 2:14:00, Dammegård says he went to the prison where Breivik is held. I thought he was going to confirm Breivik was there, but no. He only tells us CIA is nearby, and that Breivik may be mindcontrolled.
I agree that CIA is there, since they are everywhere, but Breivik doesn't need to be mindcontrolled if he is just an actor. Curious, though, that this is not a high-security prison. It looks like an old mini-mall.
Dammegård and his friends are snooping around, and no one cares. We can be sure Breivik isn't there. Maybe he now lives in Mallorca.
At 2:16:00 Dammegård puts up a picture of Jens Stoltenberg, and I think that maybe he is going to tell you something like what I told you: Stoltenberg, Breivik, and all these other bozos are closely related going back centuries. Nope. He only points you at the Bilderbergers.
So he is pulling an Alex Jones on you. He also points you at Gro Brundtland, making you think she is at the top of some food chain. But, as in the US, these politicians are nowhere near the top of anything. They read from Teleprompters.
They are hired to take your fire and act as targets for your hate. Think Trump, who does the same thing. But they are just the top actors in the government. They make no decisions.
Their hidden cousins from far higher up in the peerage—with far cleaner and older Jewish blood—are the ones running things. But you won't ever find them to shoot them, since officially they don't even exist. They aren't listed in birth or death records.
I don't mean they live underground or something, I only mean they are completely cloaked. They don't make the Forbes' lists. They aren't found in the online genealogies. They aren't listed in housing records. Their existence can only be inferred.
They could be located, but only after a very successful and thorough revolution. Meaning, as things stand, they aren't too worried. But they are happy for you to hate on Trump and Gro Brundtland and those people. That is why those people are there.
After two hours and twenty five minutes, we are expecting some sort of sum-up or conclusion from Dammegård, but we get nothing. He simply shows a graphic saying “may the universe be filled with peace and joy. . . .”
So, as in the mainstream story, there was not one sliver of evidence the shootings were real. You will say the dead bodies are evidence, but I have seen no dead bodies and don't believe in them.
I don't trust any of these Labour Party families to tell me the correct time, and I think you can see why. Given all these other lies, stacking in a pile to the Moon, are you just going to take their word for it that these bodies are who they say they are?
My assumption is that there are no bodies, and if any bodies exist, they were taken from local morgues. If they can fake a bombing of government buildings, they can fake a few empty coffins, can't they?
Or, they can take a group of kids that have been tapped for Intel, about to go undercover, and say they are dead. They fly them out of the country for a while as they train for Intelligence, then assign them foreign duty for several years.
Their highschool friends are told they are dead, and they may believe it, but their families of course know the truth. If they come back to Norway later, they came back under new names, with different hair, beards, or whatever.
They get older, gain weight, go bald, and their old friends wouldn't recognize them if they saw them.
When you saw your friends at your highschool reunion, did you recognize them? Some of them maybe, but that was due to the place. If you just passed them at the market, would you know them? In most cases, probably not.
So these things happen. We know people fake their deaths. CIA admits it. What this means is that you need to demand more proof of anything you read or are told. Anything this fishy should take you back to a zero-point, where your belief is non-existent.
Given a pile of lies this big, you should believe nothing. Take nothing on faith. And you should be especially skeptical of someone like Dammegård, who shows you a huge pile of lies, then expects you to take the next thing on faith.
He shows you everything else about the event is outrageously false, then expects you to believe these kids are dead. But I just watched his whole presentation, and I don't believe it.
It is strictly illogical to believe they are dead when every other fact about this event has crumbled at your feet. That is my summation, take it or leave it.

• • •

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