Hey disabled pals why are we shitting on an octopus when there's an entire industry that periodically churns out -- and congratulates itself for -- harmful and misleading "entertainment" centered on our marginalization and extermination?!

I just think that maybe cephalopods aren't the problem...?
What is there to gain from asserting dominance over octopodes? We need to be demanding better from an industry that actively harms us. No octopus has ever denied my worth as a disabled person or profited from my marginalization. As far as I'm concerned we're on the same team.🐙♿
My value as a disabled person isn't made more secure by devaluing nonhuman animals (or anyone or anything else). We need to be fighting systems of devaluation instead of reshuffling and reinforcing them.

• • •

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22 Apr
It's an indictment of the education system that students will sometimes reach out to tell me that I must have made a mistake when marking because their score is *too high*. 🧵
I teach at a low-barrier institution. My students are more likely to be racialized, immigrants, disabled, low-income, non-traditionally aged, English language learners, and/or have significant demands on their time and attention (work, children, etc...) outside of school.
I'm not an easy marker. As a TA, I would often have to revise my marks upwards to bring them in line with those of other TAs in the same course. As an instructor, my averages are on par with other instructors' averages.
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22 Apr
Just having a pj picnic with my cats in the sun but, sure, go ahead and abledsplain "quality of life" to me... Corin smiling and squinting in bright sunlight with a bowl i
Ok gonna try to hashtag this... (Let's see if it works! 🤷‍♂️) Show me how you're cripping your best life today! #CrippingMyBestLife
(Looking at you, @BeingCharisBlog)
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19 Apr
I told my GP how fucked up it is that I would be denied care in a triage situation due to my health status yet I'm somehow not eligible for the vaccine.

She deadass responded, "I guess it depends? They might also take age into account..."
Excuse me but if my survival depends on the fucking fine print THEN I SHOULD BE ELIGIBLE FOR A GODDAMN VACCINE!
I want nondisabled ppl to understand what this pandemic has been like for disabled folks -- how much their casual disregard for our lives and wellbeing has radicalized us. They can't hide behind ignorance and good intentions anymore. It's not that they don't know; they don't care
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18 Apr
So I just came out as trans to my ex husband (the manliest of cis men), and his response was to ask "will this discovery bring back that beautiful smile?"

I said yes but that his kind response was making me cry happy tears and he said he was happy for me, crying as well, and wishing me all the happiness in the world.

Lemme just round out this image for people: my ex is shaped like The Incredible Hulk, works in trades, and enjoys sports, beer, bbq, fps video games, and fishing.

He signed off tonight with "Good talk and congratulations on your new discovery. I'm very happy for you. 👏👏👏"
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31 Mar
One issue that I have with the current approach to vaccinating chronically ill and disabled folks is the simplistic understanding of both specific conditions and possible COVID-related impacts. 🧵
Some of us may not necessarily be more likely to die but may be much more likely to experience serious, longterm disability-compounding complications.

As usual, #EDS provides a great example of why the current approach is flawed.
Doctors hear EDS and think "just joints". Those of us with EDS know we also experience dysautonomia, mast cell dysfunction, immune irregularities, cardiovascular issues, and CFS/ME/longstanding fatigue -- among other things.
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30 Mar
This is not a judgement but an observation/appreciation post: I realized that I know a lot more bi, femme she/theys than I do lesbian she/theys (regardless of presentation).
And I think this dynamic is fucking rad because it is instructive of the differences among gender, presentation, and attraction in ways that are so marvellously untethered from binaried gender and cisheteronormative expectations.
So I just want to give a shout out to the bi femme she/theys. You're holding it down for all of the queers, and I love you.
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