Hanuman Jayanti falls on the Shukla Purnima of Chaitra month. Hanuman is an incarnation of Shiva and the greatest bhakt of Sri Ram.
On this day, Sri Hanuman was born to Kesari and Anjana.
Once, Maharshi Vishwamitra visited Indra’s court. At that time, apsara Punjiksthala was performing a dance. Maharshi did not pay any attention to her. When Punjiksthala tried to disturb him, he cursed her to be born on earth as a female monkey.
When she asked for forgiveness, he told her that she will become the mother of the greatest bhakt of Prabhu on Earth. Later, she was born as the daughter of Kunjar (king of the monkeys) and got married to Kapiraj Kesari. Her name was Anjana and she gave birth to Hanuman.
Once, Ma Sita told him that she was applying sindoor on her forehead for Prabhu’s long life. Hanuman, then smeared his entire body with Sindoor to ensure Ram's immortality.
On this day, people also apply sindoor on their foreheads from Hanuman’s body as it is deemed auspicious.

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26 Apr

Dedicated to Shiva, as Mahabaleshwar.
This place is called Dakshin Kashi and considered as one of the seven Mukti Sthala (place of salvation) in Karnataka.
Devotees perform the last rites of their deceased relatives here.
Once, as a boon to Ravana for his penance, Shiva gave his Atmalinga to him. The only condition was that the atmalinga should not be kept anywhere on the way to Lanka.
On the way, Ravana stopped for sandhya pooja and for this, he needed to put the atmalinga down.
Ganesha appeared disguised as a child before Ravana and offered help. When Ravana went away, Ganesha put the atmalinga down on the ground.
On coming back, Ravana tried to pull the lingam but failed. Due to pulling, it’s shape became like cow’s ear (hence called gokarna).
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25 Apr

While main deity is Shiva as Kapartheeswarar, the kshetram is famous for Ganesha, known as Swetha/Vellai Vinayagar (white Vinayak)

During samudra manthan, Vasuki snake (used as rope) started spewing venom.
Unable to bear the intense heat, Devas rushed to Siva. He told them that this was because the task was started without getting Ganesha’s approval.
So the Devas created a Ganesha murti from white sea foam and worshipped it.
It was later taken by Indra to Indralok.
But once Indra had to come to Earth to pray to Shiva to seek relief from a curse inflicted on him. So he brought the murti of Ganesha with him. When he came here, he wanted to take bath before puja. So he gave the murti to a boy to hold for sometime. The boy was actually Shiva.
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24 Apr

Also called Speaking Hanuman.
Once, Hanuman was asked by Rama to establish himself in 7 different places. So, swayambhu (self-manifested) murtis of Hanuman emerged and Yalagur is said to be the head of all these 7 murtis. Image
It is said that a pujari had a dream to break open the stone he was performing puja on. When he did so, a murti emerged which was broken. Hanuman guided him to put the pieces together for 7 days in a place. The anxious pujari could not wait and opened the door on 7th day itself. Image
He found a hanuman murti complete on upper part but incomplete in lower part.
Later a shrine was built there and even today we can see the unjoined parts in Yalguresh murti.

There is a belief that Yalguresh can tell whether one will succeed in his task or not.
@GunduHuDuGa Image
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22 Apr

One of the 32 Narsimha Kshetram of Andhra. It has a unique form of Narsimha, appearing like a shivlingam

It is said that Narsimha’s fierce nature is soothed by worshipping him with Varaha, considered a peaceful deity
The shrine is believed to have been constructed by Prahlada. With time, it crumbled.
In Treta yuga, King Pururava was passing from here in his vimana. The vimana was attracted to this place by a mystic power.
When the place was unearthed, the deity was found.
Pururava’s wife, Urvashi, had a dream that the deity should remain covered in sandalwood paste for the whole year except on Akshaya Tritiya.
This practice has continued till date.
The mukhya mandap here, has a pillar kappam stambham believed to possess curative powers.
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12 Apr

Amavasya falling on Monday is Somvati Amavasya. It is said that if a man is suffering from a prolonged disease, his wife can fast on this day n circumambulate a peepal tree as a ritual, praying for his recovery and prolonged life.
Once a Rishi told a brahmin that his daughter did not have the line of marriage in her hand. So she should try to please Sona, a washerwoman, of nearby village. If Sona applies Sindoor from her head on the head of the Brahmin’s daughter, her problem would be solved.
The girl started going to Sona’s house early morning and finish all household work before Sona got up. One day, Sona found out the truth and pleased by her humility, she applied sindoor on the girl’s head. That very moment, Sona’s husband died. That day was Somvati Amavasya.
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12 Apr

Panchbhootasthalam representing vayu element, also called Dakshin Kailasha.
As per Shiva’s boon, Vayu is incarnated here as Shiva and worshipped as Kalahasteeswara.
The kshetram is also associated with Rahu and Ketu.
The Kshetram is named after 3 devotees of Shiva- a snake, spider and elephant who worshipped a lingam in the forest. Elephant did jal abhishek with water from its trunk, spider protected it from dust by weaving a web on it and snake adorned it with his jewel.
Once, the web and jewel got washed away when elephant sprayed water on the lingam. Angered snake entered elephant’s trunk and bit him but died in the process. The agitated elephant trampled the spider accidentally. Shiva gave moksha to all three.
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