“That [Santorum’s] bigotry was rooted in religion perhaps gave him a pass, and your network chose to pay this man to pontificate to millions.” -⁦@AndrewLSeidel

#ChristianSupremacyIs@CNN⁩ shamefully platforming a racist Christian nationalist religiondispatches.org/claiming-that-…
On the Pilgrims in Holland - “But freedom meant that others, including members of the flock, were free too, including to leave the sect. Some did. The Pilgrims didn’t want religious freedom, they wanted a government that would enforce their stringent brand of Christianity.”
“So they fled religious freedom so they could establish theocratic enclaves in the wilderness. The same can be said of the Puritans, who regularly banished and even executed people over theological disagreements. This is not freedom, but religious tyranny.”
Thankfully, as @AndrewLSeidel adeptly demonstrates in The Founding Myth, the Puritan model is not only not the model our constitution is based on, but was viewed by the founders precisely as an example of what not to do. Christian nationalism is a lie and a threat to democracy

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28 Apr
Closely related to the evangelical taboo on “gossip” is the intense pressure evangelical authorities put on subordinates—incl. parents on children—to be “positive.”

It’s common even among those who don’t embrace the prosperity gospel.

It’s about the church’s “witness,” you see
And this is absolutely part of what was going on at Ramsey Solutions, where even an employee’s spouse mildly questioning a company policy on social media—without even naming the company—was grounds for firing the employee, as @kateshellnutt highlights:

Of course, as many pointed out on Twitter and as I argue in the article linked below, Shellnutt’s framing of her article in terms of “gossip” will only hamper evangelical efforts to prevent abuses of all kinds


#wednesdaythought #EmptyThePews
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26 Apr
One thing I'm proud of that I very much never anticipated doing is writing a couple of series of secular reflections for @crystalcheatham's @OurBibleApp--and now I'm speaking at the virtual launch party for the book that's come out of the app! Join us!

When I talk about practicing pluralism, by the way, this is what I mean. Crystal is a queer Christian and one of the coolest and most impressive people I know. I think it's great that she created a digital devotional of sorts that wasn't by and for white conservative Christians
When she invited me to contribute, wanting to include some straight up non-believing secular representation in there, at first I put her off, thinking I would be terrible at writing inspirational literature and just not seeing it. But over a year later, she asked me again
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22 Apr
Not gonna lie, two years later, it still hurts to recall how people I liked were willing to just lies and ghost me at the drop of a hat.

And Twitter gets awkward, seeing people I still consider friends have friendly interactions with the ringleaders, or getting tagged w/ them
Not that I expect everyone to know or remember everything about that whole ugly episode. Obviously, that would be an unrealistic and unfair expectation. But the repercussions of the whole thing still suck
*to believe lies
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19 Apr
This is day 19 since the original sex-outside-straight-Christian-marriage-is-"dehumanizing" tweet

If someone feels this compelled to keep repeating that something is "stable" and "non-excluding," I think you can be pretty sure it isn't.

The obsessive repetition says more about the people doing the repeating than it does about the world outside them or the people they target
To me, the paradigmatic Protestant example is always good ol' Martin Luther himself. Now there was an obsessive, neurotic, paranoid personality. Read his very testy and adamant "On the Bondage of the Will," a polemic against Renaissance Humanist Erasmus. It is wild
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18 Apr
Read the quoted thread + this one:

Some of you don’t know that in 2019 a faction of what had been #exvangelical Twitter tried to “cancel” me—but were shown to have lied and contradicted themselves. They scapegoated a trans woman they just didn’t like
It caused some serious upheaval in my life, and only one of them made amends. The rest refuse to own that they did anything wrong; they still call me a “grifter” and such as friends occasionally bring to my attention (I generally try to ignore them)
I came out of it okay after a few of the worst months of my life, but the whole thing has made me really wary of survivors’ communities.

This thread isn’t meant to be a freakout over “cancel culture.” The people freaking out about that are rich and in no real danger
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17 Apr
Note that all this lofty rhetoric about the “telos” of the human being ultimately boils down to an unconvincing moral consequentialist argument.

This is just a more formally sophisticated version of the narrative arc of the Creation “Museum,” or the Baptist tract “Killer Kids”
If humans are “just animals,” the thinking goes, or if we think we are, we will behave “like animals,” and murder and rape and do ALL THE DRUGS.

Obviously 🙃

That conservative Christian apologists always eventually fall back on moral consequentialist appeals is very telling
In making this move, Christian apologists tell on themselves in several key ways.

Firstly, they’re admitting that they cannot make a convincing, let alone “objective” case for their beliefs using reason and logic.

Secondly, they show a disturbing lack of ethical imagination
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