Joongdok Royalty AU:

A world where princesses, witches, dragons and magic exists, KDJ wonders why he was fated to be a mere librarian with the lowest magic rate (3%, just enough to dust his books daily).

He had been left with his local bookshop after his father passed
away and mother ran off in the middle of the night when he was just 10 years old. He worked at the royal library during the day and at night he worked for the villagers in lending them books.

Kdj stared up high at the castle walls that always loomed over him with
intimidation. For over 15 years he had come and gone through these walls yet he never met the royal family. Not even a glimpse, only an oil painting in the middle of the fancy library to see them. He knew the prince was around his age and rumours made him glad he never met the
cold hearted man. He shivered at the thought and walked on, getting closer and closer to a group of people escorting something.

Why were there so many guards? Kdj scowled at the faces he recognised who had insulted him days before.

"Watch out!" Something shiny and bejeweled
tumbled out the fumbled velvet box, hitting the ground with sparks of gold elements and rolling down the path.

Kim Dokja watched it roll faster towards him and he bent downㅡ

"Hey! Don't touch that!"

Too late. Kim Dokja's pale slender fingers picked up the heavy crown,
unknowing to the gasps and frozen witnesses at this scene.

The librarian tilted his head and simply dusted off the dirt from the crown, blinking at how.. expensive it looked.

"What is going on?" A low menacing voice asked with authority, the crowd parting like the
red sea at the hands of moses.

The prince! The prince was hereㅡ

Kim Dokja was not a fan of this prince but he had no wish to be killed on the spotㅡ so he bowed his head, heart thumping loudly as the footsteps came closer to him.

"Lift your head and state your name."
Kim Dokja wondered why the prince sounded so bratty?.. all he was was that he was lucky to have been born from royal parentsㅡ

Kim Dokja lifted his head and stared straight at the prince.

"My name is Kim Dokja."

Yoo Joonghyuk was surprised that someone spoke with so
little manners to him. A cruel grin widened his lips.

"A mere librarian" he glanced at the badge that indicated Kim Dokja's occupation on his dress shirt. "Yet you could pick up my own crown with your bare hands?"

Kim Dokja frowned. What. Was it supposed to be impossible?
Something like Thor's hammer?

Kdj felt everyone's eyes on himㅡ many in disbelief and shock, others in fear of the Prince who had a snarky smile on his handsome face.

"Your Majesty, the high court waits your presence.." A high ranking official spoke up with a humble step forward, head bowed.
The prince nodded and turned to leave with his herd of people, leaving Kim Dokja with a confused and annoyed look.

With a shake of his head he headed to his beloved library and began to dust away. Working here had many benefits for him, he could rent out any number of
books he wanted and read to his content. It was quiet, the sun came in to warm the sofas and he didn't have to bow his head since no one ever came in.

That was, until that evening. Just an hour before his shift ended, the heavy double doors to the library opened and the
Prince entered. There was no one else with him it seemed and kdj hid. Wellㅡ he was busy stocking up the back shelves with books..

His superior, Mr. Lee who was known as the book keeper greeted the royalty with much surprise.

"Is there a book you seek specifically, my Prince?"
Yjh's eyes scanned the area.

"Not a book, but a person." He answered and spotted the warm dark hair moving between shelves.

The man left the elderly librarian and cornered the escaping kdj to the deepest corners of the labyrinth of a library.

"You dare to run?"
Kdj raised an eyebrow.

"You can't run in the library." He said and dusted another book.


Yjh crossed his arms over his chest and stared at kdj.

"I heard you only have 3% of magic energy."

"Did you already stalk me, my prince?" The last two words were teased out
in a fake tone of voice.

"Don't speak unless I tell you to. Holding my crown with bare hands requires only one of the highest percentages to do so, but why were you able to hold it when even my own mother cannot?"

Kdj paused.

"Maybe your crown is f-"

"Fake? Do not be
ridiculous in thinking someone could steal something from me, Kim Dokja."

Kdj crossed his arms over his chest and looked at the prince.

"Did we become friends again? Here I thought we were going to be strangers and use honorifics. Joong.hyuk.ah."

Yjh visibly clenched
his jawline at this and reached out to place a strong hand on kdj's shoulder.


Kdj suddenly felt an immense wave of brooding power wash over him, his knees buckling and causing his knees to crash down onto the floor. He hissed in pain and glared up at yjh who
had the nerve to grin down at him.

"You and I are not 'friends'. But I will be seeking you as.. a personal library advisor." He smirked.

Kdj shook his head. Why on earth did he need a library advisor? What did that even mean?

Yjh left shortly after taking out a book on
'Magical contracts and restrictions.'

That evening, kdj left for home in a hurry, not wanting to risk bumping into that evil prince.

He shut the door to his home and jumped into his bed, curling up to sleep after the long exhausting day. Yjh's power had soaked up his
energy, eyes drooping as the bracelet his mother gave him before she disappeared twinkled against the moonlight that danced through the window.

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Kdj dreaded going back to his beloved libraryㅡ he despised having to walk into those castle walls with the guards sneering and laughing at him for his low magic percentage or his lower quality clothes.. they even teased him for his name, how it had fated him to be forever
trapped in a room full of books, as if that were a curse.

He slung his bag over his shoulders, the contents being books he had to return, a notebook, portable lamp for reading in the dark, and a humble lunch of bread with strawberry jam. He even packed a few extra for
Mr. Lee who in return gave him royal tea and let him borrow more books than the library's rules said.

Just as he was about to leave, a knock made his poor wooden door trembleㅡ such heavy knocking could only mean one thing in this kingdom; the Royal guards.
Kdj cautiously twisted the knob of his door and opened it just a smidge, a large figure of a man, even bulkier than the prince's, stood in front.

"Kim Dokja-ssi?" His tone was much kinder than his stance, giving a small polite smile.

"I am Lee Hyunsung of the Crown
Prince's private guards, I have been assigned to walk you between your home and the palace."


Kim Dokja cocked his head, unable to frown as it wasn't this Hyunsung-ssi's fault for being assigned this. What was the point of a guard? No one was out to get himㅡ
"Um.. Hyunsung-ssi, is there a reason why? I really will be fine alone.."

The man rubbed the back of his neck, smiling a bit sheepishly.

"I apologise but the orders were simply given.. No one asks questions about it." He replied.

Kim Dokja pitied everyone who worked directly
for the prince.

"Very well. Let's go now." He sighed quietly and began the short walk to his workplace, a shield of a man right behind him.

As soon as they were within palace walls Kim Dokja insisted Lee Hyunsung to go back to his post despite his willingness
to walk the librarian all the way to the library.

After finally being freed from the kind guard, kdj rushed to his safe place, slumping into a chair and resting.

"Ugh that arrogant prince.." he muttered lowly.

"I do hope you're talking about a prince in a neighboring
country, Dokja-gun." Mr. Lee chuckled as he handed him a cup of warm tea.

Dokja smiled sweetly as he took a sip. "Of course~"

"I'm also sorry to say but today I've been called to assist the Officials in translating some scripts so you'll have to take care of the library."
Mr. Lee looked apologetic but kdj was more than happy to do so. Doing library jobs were a joy to him and alone as well? He could truly indulge in a book or four in his favourite seat!

"Here Mr. Lee, your favourite sandwiches of mine." He grinned as he handed him a small
clothed bundle of bread.

Mr. Lee graciously accepted and chuckled, patting him on the back before he left.

Kim dokja sighed loudly and relaxed, closing his eyes for a bit.

The clock chimed 3 in the afternoon, the librarian on a short break from stacking more books
and rearranging misplaced ones.

The doors to the library were pushed open, the creaking echoing between passages of bookshelves and reaching kdj. He peeked out to see that it wasn't Mr. Lee.

It was the Crown Prince, again.

How much time did he have on his hands?! Shouldn't
he be out doing something??

Kdj didn't have to be cornered and told that the Prince was looking for him. So he sneaked away.

Weaving deeper into the library, the chase of cat and mouse began. Yjh who had his stupidly high magic rate and keen sense, and yjh who could
be as quiet as a mouse and knew every nook and cranny of the library's layout. He gritted his teeth as yjh kept coming closer and closer to catching him, kdj fleeing the library itself and running down the hall.

He slipped into the servants' passageways, one where surely
the royal prince wouldn't try to come into as it only lead to the hidden yet dirtier quarters of the workers?


Yjh pushed rignt in, ignoring any whispers or glances. Kdj gulped and ran.

Soon enough his stamina was out and the librarian collapsed on the bench of the
rose gardens.

"Stop.. chasing.. me..!" He panted out to the prince who hadn't even broken a sweat.

"I simply wanted to talk to you. I thought we were going on a walk." He shrugged.

Kdj glared at him.

"Even sending poor Hyunsung-ssi to walk me like I'm some child.."
Yjh looked at him.

"I have to protect what's mine." He said.

Kdj barked out a laugh and rolled his eyes.

"Don't be an idiot, calling whoever you want as yours? You think I'll just fall head over heels for you just because you're a prince? What, because we used to be
childhood friends? You're so bold Yoo Joonghyuk."

The prince grinned darkly, stepping closer to him till kdj could literally see the golden aura he had from his magic protection. He held in his breath, wondering if yjh was going to say something that would mean his death.
Yoo Joonghyuk grabbed his neck, fingers closing around his throat a little too firmly and pulling him in.

"So eager to reject me? I was talking about this." The prince's other hand gently touched the simple silver necklace around kdj's neck. It didn't have any
magical properties or proper market value at allㅡ

"Do you remember when I gave you this?"

Kdj looked away, gripping onto the wrist of the hand that held him firm.

"Shut up and let me go."

Yjh did as kdj asked and the librarian hurriedly hid the necklace back beneath
his shirt.

"I gave it to you for your 8th birthday, when you would receive the number of your magical percentage."

The small circle pendant of it would generate whatever number kdj's rate was, and despite being disappointed in the number 3 showing up, kdj still wore it.
Yjh looked at him.

"I didn't expect to see it on you."

Kdj folded his arms, standing up to walk past him.

"We all don't expect a lot of things, Yoo Joonghyuk."

He left the prince standing there with an unreadable expression, heading back to his library so he could pack up
and leave.

He saw Hyunsung-ssi once again, waiting for him and this time he quietly accepted it, walking with the guard back to his home.

Up in one of the towers, the prince returned to a private meeting.

"You really think this librarian of yours is going to make
other countries fight a war for him?" Han Sooyoung, his right hand general questioned with doubt.

Yoo Sangah by her side as the kingdom's best strategist tapped her chin.

"If he really does has a hidden potential.. enough to be on par with Joonghyuk-ssi.. then I would say
other countries would want him too." She murmured.

Yoo Joonghyuk nodded, resting his chin on his hand as he looked over the maps and formation of his troops.

"I have to protect what is mine."


• • •

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On the 3650th day, 10 years
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Yjh takes him home and clothes him in clothes much too big on him as there was only his to put on and
fed him his staple food of plain rice and the eggs he had stolen from birds' nests.

Kim Dokja?

Was the name that he barely managed to get out after a warm meal.

They spend their time, farming and picking herbs. Going to shrine where yjh noticed kdj seemed much livelier
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𝙒𝙚𝙡𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙢𝙮 𝙋𝙖𝙜𝙚!

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