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28 Apr, 24 tweets, 13 min read
When you follow someone on Twitter:

You choose who influences your thoughts.

Here are people I'm testing out this month:


• The first of three of the most brilliant people on Twitter who have a criminally low amount of followers
• This guy's mind 🤯🤯


• Just like Jeremy, low-key one of the smartest people on Twitter
• She has great takes on critical thinking and behavioral psychology


• Rivals Jeremy for percentage of tweets that make me smirk at their wit
• One of my favorite new follows



• Her tweets make you rethink how children should learn
• One of the most inspiring accounts about what the future of education can look like


• Elegantly crafts deep dives into the fascinating parts of business history


• One of the highest ratios of "wow, that's clever" tweets
• He's completely rethinking how people teach themselves new skills



• One of the clearest thinkers and communicators in the critical thinking space
• Buy her book on the topic. I'm about to read it.


• Brilliant writer and storyteller
• She wrote one of my favorite blog posts of the year:


• Everyone knows his books. But have you seen his Masterclass course? One of the most charismatic, insightful, and calming people to listen to
• Would love to talk with him about storytelling at some point


• The fiction writer on this list who puts a big smile on my face. He's who inspired my Creativity Faucet essay. (See my pinned Tweet.)



• Amazing robot videos and other clever shenanigans
• She inspires millions to create


• The most fun, charismatic, and awesome Twitch/YouTube personality?? Yes, I think so.
• Come for the chess strategy, stay for the memes


• This is my favorite storyteller on YouTube
• Inspires me to this day
• Brilliant thinker, storyteller, poet


• Deep-dive SpaceX livestreams
• Excites the heck out of you with his enthusiasm and joy for space travel


• The prototype for a compelling cross-medium storyteller and craftsperson
• Was hoping to catch him on Clubhouse at some point 😂


• Infographics and memes filtered through a brilliant mind
• Seriously, these infographics are great


• This is the guy who made those glitter bomb videos on YouTube!
• Also, super charismatic video presence that's worth reverse engineering

Category: STARTUPS


• Runs Y Combinator
• Sharp, no-BS insights on product and life as a founder

@njcostelloe and @maiale

• Nick, Matt, and I grow @growthtactics together.
• Nick is one of the best minds in how to make life more adventurous.
• Matt is a brilliant strategist and a top notch mango in a sea of bananas.


Great journeys to follow
@shivon builds Neuralink
@stylebender reverse engineers MMA
@gdb builds general AI



And, as for me:

No, I'm not related to Ben Shapiro.

I generally tweet about writing and startups:

P.S. I don't follow many people because I use Twitter lists instead.

That's how I "follow" new people every month.

This video explains it:

How can I forget the dude I admire so much I'm starting a podcast with him!


• • •

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26 Apr
10 of my founder friends are forces of nature.

Their startups are now worth $400M+ each.

4 behaviors I've observed:
Effective people optimize for what compounds—not just quick wins.

They train themselves to get a dopamine hit when they help their future selves—even if they receive no immediate benefit from the action.

What compounds:

• Building audiences
• Relationships
• Investing $
In school, we learn by being curious and by accepting when we're wrong.

As adults, we forget we're still students—of life.

Effective people recreate environments where they're still told they're wrong:

They befriend blunt, independent-minded thinkers who'll call them out.
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21 Apr
I've decided I'm not starting another startup.

Thread: How to tell when you're working on the wrong thing.
Here's what happened. I spent an hour listing out everything I care about: 

Human connection, self-education, leverage, and so on. 

In the process, I surprised myself: for me, there's a much better way to achieve these goals than starting another startup.
So I'm sharing the framework I used—to maybe help others come to similar realizations.


What should you actually be working on in life?
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11 Apr
Have you seen this bio on Twitter?

"Forbes 30 Under 30. 1M IG followers. MBA."

Here's why your eyes roll at this:
This thread introduces a mental model for spotting superficial credentials and avoiding superficiality yourself.
In that bio above, each of those statements is an attempt to signal one's ability and worth.

• Forbes 30 Under 30
• 1M Instagram followers

These signals, however, are vanity metrics—because each can be *gamed.*
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3 Apr
Elon Musk is on record that he makes decisions using the same technique as Jeff Bezos.

I found YouTube videos of them explaining it.

A thread on thinking more clearly:
This thread is about mental models.

Yes, Twitter has enough of these.

BUT, people never answer the question:

How do I use mental models for everyday decisions? How do I put them into practice?
Mental models are frameworks for thinking.

They simplify complex situations so you can reason through them easily.

They help you make good, long-term decisions without needing to know everything about a situation.
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29 Mar
I figured out how to avoid nearly all meetings.

My calendar is now free and clear 😂

There were 4 realizations:
Your perception of importance decays:

We think events are most important when we first schedule.

But, once 2 weeks pass, we realize they aren't critical.

Insight: Schedule non-urgent meetings as far out as possible. A week before the event, you'll often realize you can cancel.
On a call, when asked for a follow-up favor, I say:

"After the call, please email me what you need. We'll take it from there!"

Realization: They rarely follow up.

Which means the real-time favor they asked wasn't important to them. Which means I avoided unnecessary homework.
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27 Mar
Who's @Julian?

A thread on who I am and the weird stuff I spend my time on.
I care a lot about producing lasting work.

I spent most of 2020 rewriting the content on my website. Very little new content was produced.

The web has a lot of creators but very few caretakers.

Some people act quickly when inspiration strikes. I'm the opposite.

I act late—once I realize my inspiration for that idea is not perishable.

If I'm confident the idea will stick in my head, it means I'll be happy iterating on it for the long-haul.
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