I get that people feel betrayed Missionary Rabbi Guy and that that is serious. However, the idea that some schmuck was so bothered by the fact that there are people out there who have different religious beliefs than him that he put in years and years of his life 1/n
Living a complete lie and doing insane levels of research, committing themselves to an extremely restrictive lifestyle, all for a plan that amounts to "and then, when they accept me, I break out the Jesus stuff" and is *immediately* shut down the moment his kids mention Jesus?
That is never not going to be hilarious to me. He did all that work! All for an objectively stupid plan!
I guess he assumed that if you earn a certain amount of trust and authority you can break out the Jesus stuff and people will follow you. Which is insane!
Do you have any idea how much shit any rabbi gets into for making the barest positive intimation about the guy? There is literally no level of authority in which you can get away with that
If the gadol hador accepted by all Jews, told everyone to accept Jesus, the assumption would be that he had a head injury. At best! You think being a some random mekubal is gonna get you some souls? The Jewish people have object permanence, you dummy
This has got to be the highest ratio of effort to success of any plan in history. I mean, I can barely get out of bed in the morning and this guy is becoming a recognized expert in Rashash Kabbalah as a *cover*? LMAO
Imagine if Chabad put as much effort into getting tefillin on people as this guy did to mention Jesus exactly once
"we've been friends for thirty five years. We attended each other's weddings. I gave you a kidney. Our children married each other. But I'd like to ask you, *whips out tefillin*... You Jewish?"
All this because it bothers people that somewhere out there, there are people who don't worship your God. Damn. Universalism is a hell of a drug.
Imagine the moment he got caught! Laying the groundwork for *years* and then it's go time and you have your kid try and convince a classmate that Jesus loves them and they go straight to the principal. Imagine the "ah, fuck" look on his face as he realizes he wasted his life
כן יאבדו כל אויביך ה'

By which I mean lmao get fucked Undercover Missionary Guy

• • •

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27 Apr
How did the missionary guy get discovered wrong answers only
"that's what's so beautiful about yiddishkeit everyone gets along"
"You know what goes great on these latkes? Ketchup."
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High school. Was waiting with the date at a bus stop to catch a bus to see a movie. She goes "I think that car was my grandfather's". Car stops. It is. He asks her what she's doing and who is this. Waiting for a bus and no one. He offers her a ride. She accepts.
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What's infuriating about ami magazine going after Avital Chizhik-Goldschmidt is not that ami magazine is gross. We knew that.
It's that, after constantly telling people "no you can't criticize the community when you're not part of it" (not just ami, but a lot of Haredi voices and apologists) and "you need to go through the proper channels"....
That's how they react to someone who has always been a part of the community, defended the community when appropriate, and has largely colored inside the lines, so to speak, starts raising some critiques.
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