On the one hand, I kind of agree with Jonah that Twitter has an outrage problem and "you have to care about this thing with me right now" is dumb

But it's also an expression of a bigger question: Are we all on the same team?
People on the right are quite tired of not receiving the kind of grace that Jonah (appropriately) grants to Glenn Kessler.

They reasonably ask "Where is this grace for me?"
I don't think he's said a single nice thing about Ron DeSantis and has certainly never shown him the kind of gentle grace he showed Glenn Kessler, who really was quite cruel to Tim Scott and never apologized or retracted a word of it.
To which he might say "I don't have to be on anyone's team!" and that's fair enough.

I too fit poorly into boxes.

But, especially with a culture of cancelling, people want to know who has their back, not "well I don't like this guy, but I guess he deserves a fair shake"

• • •

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29 Apr
I had a funny / crazy conversation today

Since starting back at school "full time" (5.5 hour days, 4 days a week), my 8-year-old daughter made a new friend

She discovered this weekend that her friend lives in the house right next door
Turns out there are two girls in that house, their ages mirroring my daughters' ages

So I head over today to talk to the mom & invite them over for a picnic this weekend

Get to talking, I mention I've been vaccinated, she has too (she's a nurse)
I mention that, having been vaccinated, we're basically done with everything. She breaths a visible sigh of relief, mentions that she's the same way but it's hard to know how people feel about this stuff.
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27 Apr
One thing I would love people who think Florida is cooking the books to really think about is:

How, exactly, are they doing this?

Walk me through this process.
Deaths are reported to the state from the county health departments

Are you saying that DeSantis is changing the numbers from the county health departments?

So we would get the right number if we added up the individual counties individually?
Or are you saying every county health department in Florida is in on the scam?

So even the blue-est of the blue counties in Florida is in cahoots with DeSantis to lie to their constituents?
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27 Apr
We need reform at the CDC and I honestly have no idea how we could do that

Trump set Deborah Birx to that task and it looked for a while like she was getting results...
... until ProPublica allowed the bureaucratic lifers at the CDC to undermine Birx and take a dump on her reform efforts

ProPublica does a lot of good work, but their hit piece on Birx was disgraceful. In that moment, they became a political tool

The only way reform happens within our government bureaucracies is firing people en mass

They'll bitch and moan and leak details and news orgs will dutifully write their little sniveling articles, allowing the incompetents to act as ghost writers for their hit pieces
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27 Apr
one of the weirdest things about this crisis is running into smart people who follow the data who have come to the *exact same conclusions* but have never met each other or otherwise crossed paths
This is hard to explain, but there are a couple hundred people out there who closely follow the data and, absent any central authority (like the CDC or the professional media), have come to their own independent assessments and they all agree on 90% of everything
None of these people are in media, none of them are in professional politics. They're all just... people who follow data

And it's extraordinarily strange that they are all saying the same things, but those things are things you very rarely hear from the professional journalists
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26 Apr
Do you want to know why most of the kids going back to school are white?

B/c districts with children of color are deep blue and many have been convinced that sending their kids to school is a death sentence

Is this structural racism? Maybe. If so, it's coming from team blue.
"the kids returning to school are mostly white.




1) Ron DeSantis, who demanded that every school district have in-person options, is a hero to people of color

2) Rebekah Jones, who continues to screech that children must stay home, is a flaming racist
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26 Apr
This is where I feel really disconnected from "the discourse"

Twitter is filled with people who think Florida is changing the state website from "15 million dead" to "15 thousand dead" (as if that is how this works) but I've never actually met this person is real life
I long ago looked at a dozen Florida data conspiracies and quickly concluded this was all just a dumb hatchet job by malicious idiots and then moved forward, never giving it a second thought

But there's a whole subculture of people who believe this is a watergate level scandal
And yet these people seem to be entirely "online"

I've never met a human in person who told me this or even mentioned it in passing
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