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EXO fanfiction rec thread
🧡 | Setting Free The Anchor
🖋️ | suluism @ goldenexofest
🚢 | baekhyun/minseok

“That’s it, then. I can’t keep holding my breath waiting for you. I need it to sing.”

🧡 | Where Giants Fall
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"The jokes about being okay were the real jokes."

🧡 | text
🖋️ | trulyfine (ssstrychnine)
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"(13:43) I hope today was better for you"

🧡 | ₩4,500
🖋️ | minijhi
🚢 | baekhyun/jongdae/minseok

"If you’re hoping for a white knight, maybe try the store next door."

🧡 | How To Pet: A User's Guide
🖋️ | drainbamage954
🚢 | jongdae/luhan

"Chen looks at the food, then at Lu Han, then at the spoon. He hits Lu Han with the spoon."

🧡 | Tessellation
🖋️ | lawlipoppie
🚢 | baekhyun/sehun

"Sehun isn’t Baekhyeon’s guilt. Sehun isn’t Baekhyeon’s curiosity. Sehun isn’t Baekhyeon’s greed."

🧡 | untitled (ain’t no shame in being an under-thirty sugar daddy)
🖋️ | incendir
🚢 | baekhyun/minseok

"i see exactly what’s there when i see you, nothing more and nothing less"

🧡 | Toffee
🖋️ | lawlipoppie
🚢 | baekhyun/sehun

“I have toffees. At home,” he babbles on, when Baekhyeon remains still.


“The candies. It’s why I tasted sweet.”

A blush.

🧡 | unbeleafable
🖋️ | taonsils @ effectivefest
🚢 | chanyeol/junmyeon

"Sometimes I knock the order book off the counter and get so upset with myself I don’t shower or eat for two days. You should probably have low expectations too."

🧡 | Lollipop Division
🖋️ | zeraiya
🚢 | baekhyun/chanyeol

"Now they lived as parallels."

🧡 | running blind and naked (in a brave new world)
🖋️ | zeerafuu @ runandgun
🚢 | kris/tao

"Wu Fan is in the shower when the world dies."

🧡 | Make Them Hear You
🖋️ | sparklepox
🚢 | jongdae/junmyeon

"The next morning, he leaves a note with the same procedure he's been using. All it says is, Yes."

🧡 | Four
🖋️ | sparklepox
🚢 | jongdae/minseok/yixing/luhan

"In the midst of this tangle of limbs, listening to the other three breathing, it feels like they're complete."

🧡 | You
🖋️ | sparklepox
🚢 | baekhyun/minseok

"They're so mismatched that it shouldn't work."

🧡 | Let's Make A Night (just you, you, and I)
🖋️ | suhossineun
🚢 | baekhyun/jongdae/junmyeon

"He’s never felt this wanted, this safe."

🧡 | Exodus
🖋️ | unniebee
🚢 | chanyeol/jongdae

"If you’re reading this, I guess it worked, right?"

🧡 | bound for light
🖋️ | onyu
🚢 | baekhyun/junmyeon

"Feelings complicate everything."

🧡 | maybe you'll let me borrow your heart
🖋️ | airplanewishes
🚢 | baekhyun/jongdae

"How can you fix something when not all the pieces are there?"

🧡 | Make a day feel like a minute (The Heavy Noize mix)
🖋️ | maayacola
🚢 | baekhyun/chanyeol

"Why do people never mention that Gold Jacket Guy is hot?"

🧡 | Baekhyun really really likes kissing Kyungsoo
🖋️ | lawlipoppie
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"Can you talk with something other than your mouth, it’s distracting"

🧡 | i'll take you home
🖋️ | tinyyy @ exohousewarming
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"In a span of a week, Kyungsoo colors the vacant spaces of the flat in his own personal hue."

🧡 | we've got one thing in common (it's this mouth of mine)
🖋️ | teddyescher (shikae)
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"In the end, he gives in, because, hell, his self-restraint was shot to hell the first time he dialled the number on purpose."

🧡 | Circles in Circles
🖋️ | Sugar_and_Salt
🚢 | baeksoochenyeol

He'd always known how to swim, until some day someone had tied an invisible, heavy weight to his feet and arms. Then he had slowly, pitifully drowned over the course of a year.

🧡 | Death with Dignity
🖋️ | summerwines
🚢 | baekhyun/jongdae

"He thinks, at times, it might be better for them not to be so dependent on one another. But really, having it any other way, at this point, would be too unbearable."

🧡 | Jongin Was Supposed to be Flirting With Momo
🖋️ | MitchMatchedSocks
🚢 | jongin/sehun

"He looked like something out of a movie, or porn, or carved out of marble, and Jongin completely forgot what he was supposed to be doing."

🧡 | cock envy
🖋️ | horse-exobooks
🚢 | jongin/sehun

“I knew Jongin liked his chicken, but damn, this organic lifestyle shit has gone too far.”

🧡 | Baekhyeon bites Sehun's butt
🖋️ | lawlipoppie
🚢 | baekhyun/sehun

"He pulls away, and he sees the faintest, prettiest pink in the form of tooth marks. They disappear fast - fade into a peach, and then into nothing."

🧡 | say anything (but say what you mean)
🖋️ | roommate (onyu)
🚢 | chanyeol/kyungsoo

"It's not falling that he's afraid of; it's the resounding 'thud' in his ears that makes him realize how hard he's fallen that cripples him in fear."

🧡 | Sweet Ink
🖋️ | sincelight
🚢 | baekhyun/chanyeol

“I keep the mullet; you make me scones and I’ll let you fuck me next time.”

🧡 | Afloat
🖋️ | Daphnean
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo/kris

“Then let’s do it. Let’s poly the fuck out of this shit.”

🧡 | It Takes a Village
🖋️ | suhossineun
🚢 | jongin/junmyeon/minseok

"He has never been touched quite like this, held like he was small and precious. No one has ever protected him like this."

🧡 | beta blockers
🖋️ | tintatalk
🚢 | chanyeol/kyungsoo

he continues to rub his thumb into the soft skin next to the beta’s knee. It’s a movement that makes Chanyeol feel small and precious like he isn’t six feet tall and, well, not small. Or precious.

🧡 | Office Antics
🖋️ | areum-daun
🚢 | baekhyun/chanyeol, jongin/kyungsoo, sehun/luhan

"Twelve guys and one software startup."

🧡 | Breakfast With The Fuzz
🖋️ | surgicalfocus
🚢 | baekhyun/chanyeol

"Who gives a shit about ambition… you do plenty of good, worthwhile things. Making me really happy was the very least of them."

🧡 | Night Stands
🖋️ | noonaofdarkness
🚢 | baekhyun/chanyeol

“Don’t be upset, because you’re still really hot and all... but you’ve been rubbing my knee cap for the past three minutes.”

🧡 | Pretty Pretty
🖋️ | lawlipoppie
🚢 | baekhyun/jongin

"It’s the promise of pleasure in his touch, but in his eyes lies the promise of something else, tender, hopeful."

🧡 | not your mama's vigilantism
🖋️ | colorfunk
🚢 | baekhyun/jongdae

"Kim Jongdae by day, Electro Kid by night."

🧡 | too long since i've been a fool
🖋️ | tinyyy
🚢 | chanyeol/kyungsoo

"Chanyeol has a catalogue of music for Kyungsoo in his head (– ...) But for times like these, he prefers silence."

🧡 | I’d Rather Stay and Burn Forever Than Find...
🖋️ | oneforyourfire
🚢 | chanyeol/sehun

It’s not the first time they’ve cuddled, but the first time like this. Sticky, sweaty, sated, balanced on the cusp of something looming and important.

🧡 | hard enough to bruise
🖋️ | curledupkitten
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"Baekhyun always wins, but Kyungsoo never lets him think he has the upper hand."

🧡 | reel love
🖋️ | curledupkitten
🚢 | jongdae/jongin

"Jongdae has so many words. Jongin doesn’t mind. His voice is so pleasant to listen to, curling around each word like it’s a secret and dragging off in tiny exaggerated whines."

🧡 | fire drills
🖋️ | curledupkitten
🚢 | baekhyun/junmyeon

"not how i imagined seeing you naked for the first time"

🧡 | (they call it) puppy love
🖋️ | curledupkitten
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

“Only now, Kyungsoo’s too big for cardboard boxes, and he’s starting to notice that being around Baekhyun makes him feel that same kind of safe.”

🧡 | raise your expectations
🖋️ | curledupkitten
🚢 | chanyeol/junmyeon

in the heat of summer, chanyeol walks in, and joonmyun starts to wake up.

🧡 | the touchline
🖋️ | curledupkitten
🚢 | junmyeon/luhan

lu han is afraid of heights, among other things.

🧡 | Dogs don't cook, but neither do you
🖋️ | Sugar_and_Salt
🚢 | kyungsoo/luhan

"You know, roommates aren't allowed in here," he complained weakly, mostly to gain a little more time to think.


"Yeah..." (...)

"But what about pets?"

🧡 | that summer magic
🖋️ | curledupkitten
🚢 | jongdae/junmyeon

jongdae spends most of his on-shift time at Everland amusement park wishing that, as advertised, his dreams would actually come true.

🧡 | (after a while) you learn
🖋️ | curledupkitten
🚢 | baekhyun/junmyeon

there are very few things harder for joonmyun than being honest with himself.

🧡 | the heart where i have roots
🖋️ | curledupkitten
🚢 | chanyeol/jongin

jongin hadn't realized what chanyeol would give up for them both to be happy.

🧡 | in the territory of the dragon king
🖋️ | curledupkitten
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

there are so many ghosts on this island. maybe that's why do kyungsoo has come: so his personal ghosts can get lost among them.

🧡 | and the rest is rust and stardust
🖋️ | curledupkitten
🚢 | junmyeon/sehun

"sehun has always been hesitant to unpack."

🧡 | five oceans
🖋️ | curledupkitten
🚢 | baekhyun/junmyeon

somewhere between newport and punta del este, baekhyun falls in love with sailing all over again. or falls in love, sailing. possibly both.

🧡 | eternity
🖋️ | astroblemish
🚢 | baekhyun/jongdae/kyungsoo

"Because if there’s any colour that’s strong enough to deal with Red, it’s black."

🧡 | Coffee, Sugar, and Cream
🖋️ | suhossineun
🚢 | baekhyun/junmyeon/minseok

"Baekhyun is almost purring, looking so, so pleased with both Minseok and Junmyeon in his arms like this."

🧡 | Pink, Purple and Blue
🖋️ | felentae
🚢 | jongdae/minseok

"He should probably stop calling him "the octopus guy" in his mind though, that's probably like really offensive."

🧡 | side by side
🖋️ | curledupkitten
🚢 | jongin/junmyeon

"Joonmyun had always thought heartbreak was exaggerated, but it feels just as terrible as advertised. It’s worse because he doesn’t even have the right to feel it."

🧡 | implicitly
🖋️ | zannen
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"The inside of Baekhyun’s mind is less chaos than usual. It’s quiet, content. And the sensation of sharing minds is no longer such a strange thing anymore. Less of an intrusion and more like… home"

🧡 | the means to an end
🖋️ | astroblemish
🚢 | jongdae/luhan

“Heteronormativity means the man is the only one giving the gift anyway.”

“Wait,” Jongdae says, indignant. “Why would you be the guy?”

“Because I’m taller,” Lu Han answers. “Duh.”

🧡 | lovesick
🖋️ | astroblemish
🚢 | chanyeol/jongdae/kyungsoo

“This feels like what hentai aftercare would look like.”

🧡 | on the road between us
🖋️ | astroblemish
🚢 | chenyeol

There's just so much he could do with his life and he wants to do none of it; it feels like wandering in a fog blindly with no map or compass, and not even a single light to guide the way.

🧡 | three of a kind
🖋️ | astroblemish
🚢 | baekhyun/minseok/yixing

"Baseball comes with rules and regulations for Minseok to follow; loving two people at once does not."

🧡 | what's it gonna be?
🖋️ | astroblemish
🚢 | baekhyun/chanyeol/jongdae/kyungsoo

"They’re all just different brands of the same sort of love, at varying levels, and that’s okay, (...) because for the first time in a very long time, Jongdae feels full."

🧡 | fried eggs & vertigo
🖋️ | astroblemish
🚢 | baekhyun/jongdae

"Baekhyun falls, and then he falls again. And again. And again. And again."

🧡 | anything hurts less
🖋️ | astroblemish
🚢 | baekhyun/jongdae

"Jongdae kisses him, closed-mouthed and quiet, and Baekhyun doesn’t need to hear him say it back, because he knows Jongdae feels the same way regardless. The silence is enough, for now."

🧡 | let's get carried away
🖋️ | apersea @ sooenaemoured
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"Baekhyun doesn’t know how long they can keep this up."

🧡 | (I suppose it’s) some kind of an affliction.
🖋️ | iwantchocopie
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"𝘕𝘰 𝘰𝘯𝘦 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦𝘴 𝘺𝘰𝘶. Kyungsoo wonders if he's telling that to Baekhyun or to himself."

🧡 | elephants in the alley
🖋️ | nerveless
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"When the temperature inside his dingy apartment climbs to 37°C, Baekhyun cracks his bedroom window open and slides through onto the rusty fire escape."

🧡 | straight to the heart, please
🖋️ | unactivist (goldcake)
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"I miss you, too," Kyungsoo blurts out, stiff and uncomfortable. For a man of few words, of scarce expressions, of closely guarded emotions, Kyungsoo breaks open.

🧡 | troublemaker
🖋️ | horse-exobooks
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"Baekhyun only knows the word castration in Korean because Kyungsoo taught it to him the first week they’d worked together."

🧡 | A Song of Birth (A Song of Newer Things)
🖋️ | jumpthisship
🚢 | chansoo

“Oh my god, he’s just my neighbour. My very nice hedgewitch neighbour, who is helping me revive my garden.”

“Park, I really hope that’s a euphemism,” Baekhyun says gravely.

🧡 | On This Planet Spinning
🖋️ | jumpthisship
🚢 | chanyeol/kyungsoo, baekhyun/yixing, minseok/luhan

"(...) terrible things can result in suffering, but they can also bring people together, and they can start change for the better."

🧡 | Plant Life
🖋️ | jumpthisship
🚢 | jongdae/junmyeon

"Joonmyun inherits his grandfather's property in a tiny, struggling town, and leaves the city behind to become a farmer."

🧡 | Unbreakable
🖋️ | jumpthisship
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo, minseok/luhan

"All hell breaks loose when pictures are leaked of Byun Baekhyun, Korea's Favourite Rockstar, in bed with another man."

(members only lj post)
🧡 | Life Will Write The Words
🖋️ | jumpthisship
🚢 | chanyeol/kyungsoo

"He kisses Chanyeol softly, because it’s what Chanyeol deserves. He kisses him, because he is so bad at saying the right words, but maybe. Maybe he can do a hard thing instead."

🧡 | Press Start to Play
🖋️ | jumpthisship
🚢 | chanyeol/kyungsoo

"His presence makes Chanyeol feel safe and protected, even though Kyungsoo can't defend him."

🧡 | Blue Skies and Sunshine
🖋️ | jumpthisship
🚢 | kyungsoo/sehun

"It feels like they’re on vacation, and if they were, Kyungsoo would be really happy. This place is seriously gorgeous. It just doesn’t feel like home."

🧡 | Chat Connected - Say Hello!
🖋️ | jumpthisship
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"It just doesn’t make sense. How can loud, obnoxious Baekhyun be the same thoughtful, interesting guy Kyungsoo’s been talking to and crushing on? It’s ridiculous."

🧡 | ea$y money
🖋️ | horse-exobooks @ runandgun
🚢 | chanyeol/kris

"It’s impossible to pay the rent in this economy."

🧡 | caution tape romance (ova series)
🖋️ | horse-exobooks @ ohunlimited
🚢 | jongin/sehun

"Sehun has never chosen a person over food in his whole life. Is this love? Is true love not knowing if you want to eat the Cheeto or be the Cheeto?"

🧡 | under false pretenses
🖋️ | tatoeba
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"Baekhyun’s suddenly not so sure that he’ll be able to keep his real feelings separate from the pretend ones, and that (...) might be more trouble than anything."

🧡 | what if this storm ends?
🖋️ | roommate
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"One big leap of faith that might as well be the last flight of stairs to where Kyungsoo is supposed to be — away from the past and living in the present..."

🧡 | (ELE)Mental
🖋️ | jumpthisship
🚢 | chanyeol/kyungsoo


🧡 | a feeling you give me, an everglow
🖋️ | jiwon
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

“The day they graduated, Baekhyun accepted that there’s really no reason for Kyungsoo to stay.”

🧡 | City Street Lights (series)
🖋️ | xo_thefirst
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

Kyungsoo still doesn’t know how Baekhyun can be the ray of light in what could be a dismal profession.

🧡 | harbor
🖋️ | roommate (onyu)
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"He's dropping anchor right here, making port in the warm cocoon of Kyungsoo's embrace. They are the next big wave. They are unstoppable. They're home."

🧡 | So Caught Up In You
🖋️ | thesockmonster
🚢 | jongin/sehun

"Jongin tells himself there's nothing special about Sehun, but he's always been a bad liar. The low simmering of an attraction has already crawled under his skin."

🧡 | wild rock bands i have known
🖋️ | nerveless
🚢 | chanyeol/kyungsoo

"He liked to joke that the reason he took the job at the record store was because it was his last resort and no one else would hire him. It’s only partly a joke, in all honesty."

🧡 | i just wanna rock (you all night long)
🖋️ | nerveless
🚢 | chanyeol/kyungsoo

Kyungsoo wonders where Kris keeps the resignation forms.

(sequel to "wild rock bands i have known")
🧡 | true blue
🖋️ | zannen
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"There is still, he tells himself, a chance that this will be easy."

🧡 | Autumn Light
🖋️ | tinycecropia
🚢 | chanyeol/kyungsoo

“Since I’m always saying how nobody wants to kiss me. I thought you were just being a good friend, you know, taking one for the team, right?”

🧡 | if you don't, don't
🖋️ | zannen
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

“I don’t want to take the risk that I might not be good for you, Baekhyun.”

🧡 | “I got you a present.”
🖋️ | zannen
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

“Don’t tell anyone,” he says, “but you’re my favorite.”

“You’re my favorite, too,” says Baekhyun. “Tell everyone.”

🧡 | a tenderness
🖋️ | zannen
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

“Five seconds from now, same place as last time?”

(companion piece to the drabble recced above)
🧡 | cohabitation
🖋️ | zannen
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"‘He can’t even make rice I shouldn’t want to fuck him’"

🧡 | You may not ever get your shit together (but ain't nobody gonna love me better)
🖋️ | jakkanim (now orphan account)
🚢 | chanyeol/kyungsoo

“Well, maybe you don’t like to make out on wednesdays, and today is a friday, so...”

🧡 | September
🖋️ | sweetpea73
🚢 | jongdae/kyungsoo

"This pretty boy with distasteful tattoos was not what he needed in his life."

🧡 | love is like coffee (burnt, bitter, and best at 3AM)
🖋️ | sweetpea73
🚢 | baekhyun/jongdae

"What I’m trying to say is: I hope I’m your cup of tea, because I love you a latte."

🧡 | margherita
🖋️ | zannen
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

“Something as insignificant as holding hands shouldn’t make him as happy as it does, but here he is fighting back a dopey smile anyway. He’d probably be a little embarrassed if he weren’t so pleased.”

🧡 | always remember when shadows fall
🖋️ | minijhi
🚢 | baekhyun/everyone (ot9), minor baekhyun/chanyeol

"Sehun knows, in this moment, that Baekhyun never forgot that day either."

🧡 | (Don't) Just Add Water
🖋️ | minijhi
🚢 | baekhyun/jongdae/kyungsoo

"Lying in bed half-an-hour later, Kyungsoo wonders how he’d come from dreaming about cuddling with Jongdae, to cuddling Jongdae's plant instead."

🧡 | Ivory and Wire and Pearls
🖋️ | ho_sehun
🚢 | baekhyun/kris

“It's not weird,” Kris assures, lowering his voice to meet Baekhyun's. “I said you looked nice, didn't I? I don't say that to just anybody.”

🧡 | Baby it's cold outside
🖋️ | wangbaozi
🚢 | baekhyun/kris

"Kris looks at Baekhyun and thinks, despite all the chaos of exams, he has a little snippet of heaven and digs in to the sweet."

🧡 | Steal Me Not, Here My Heart Lies
🖋️ | minijhi
🚢 | baekhyun/jongdae

"He loves Jongdae so much, and he can’t bear the thought of Jongdae not knowing, the possibility of him never knowing that Baekhyun didn’t leave him."

🧡 | i need to tell you something ( i really, really, really )
🖋️ | minijhi
🚢 | baekhyun/yixing

"He wants to hear Baekhyun’s laughter, the clear, delighted noise that never fails to brighten Yixing’s day. Perhaps that, instead, is Seoul’s best track."

🧡 | sehnsucht
🖋️ | legendaryguitarman (181cms)
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"Kyungsoo knows that if he leaves now, Baekhyun will have no one."

🧡 | punch drunk love
🖋️ | legendaryguitarman (181cms)
🚢 | chanyeol/kris (baekrisyeol)

“Um,” said Chanyeol as Baekhyun tossed his underwear away and crawled onto the bed beside Chanyeol, cupping Chanyeol’s cheeks in hands, “isn’t this, like, a bit gay?”

🧡 | heart vacancy
🖋️ | 181cms
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"Baekhyun is a puzzle that Kyungsoo hasn’t figured out how to crack yet, hasn’t even thought about how to solve because it’s never crossed his mind that he would have to."

🧡 | how to love
🖋️ | legendaryguitarman (181cms)
🚢 | baekhyun/jongdae

"For Jongdae, ‘love’ was the worst thing in the world because everything he’d ever wanted was in front of him, glaringly obvious and almost tauntingly so."

🧡 | Memoriter
🖋️ | lawlipoppie
🚢 | baekhyun/sehun

"Baekhyeon, when he’s like this with him, has his own place, his own curl, filling all the dales of Sehun’s body with his presence, serene, warm. They could stay like this for hours."

🧡 | Burn Up My Heart
🖋️ | sweetpea73
🚢 | jongdae/kyungsoo

"If Kyungsoo was honest, it was a little hot seeing good-boy Jongdae licking a joint like that."

🧡 | Three of Us
🖋️ | caffeination
🚢 | baekhyun/jongdae/minseok

"Minseok doesn’t believe in miracles."

🧡 | Lipstick Red
🖋️ | caffeination
🚢 | baekhyun/jongdae

"(..) the word friend doesn’t sit right. Granted, most friendships usually don’t start out with one person lying to the other about their gender, then going on a date with them for a joke."

🧡 | stop the world, i want to get off with you
🖋️ | legendaryguitarman (181cms)
🚢 | baekhyun/kris

"He wasn’t supposed to feel so much for something so little, for something that was supposed to be a one-night stand."

🧡 | Loyalty is a Funny Thing
🖋️ | caesiumlight
🚢 | jongin/sehun/yixing

"Now, Sehun comes to the conclusion that serving Jongin no longer fell in line with protecting Yixing. And there’s never been a question as to who he’d choose to save."

🧡 | Hold Me Closer, Sleepy Dancer
🖋️ | surgicalfocus
🚢 | baekhyun/chanyeol

“Tell me something, please,” Chanyeol said quietly. “Earlier, when we were dancing, and I told you that I loved you… did I dream that, or was it real?”

🧡 | Gimme Gimme
🖋️ | Giinemonogatari
🚢 | chanyeol/kyungsoo/minseok

"He’s love deprived and lonely, in need of snuggles, he wants in on that."

🧡 | small enough for this ride
🖋️ | Giinemonogatari
🚢 | chanyeol/kyungsoo

"When Chanyeol specially feels like he could fit in someone’s pocket, he loves Kyungsoo’s weight over him, shadowing him and covering him like he’s half his size."

🧡 | Route 99, Stop No.4
🖋️ | Giinemonogatari
🚢 | baekhyun/minseok

"Minseok is beautiful. There is no argument to refute that. Baekhyun is fucked. Same statement from above."

🖋️ | suddenwhispers
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"It’s a rather slow day at the store."

🧡 | fond
🖋️ | zannen
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

Now, Kyungsoo winds his arms around him, presses his lips to the top of Baekhyun’s head, murmurs, “It’s okay, shhh, I’m here.”

🧡 | gold room
🖋️ | zannen
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"Kissing Baekhyun doesn’t feel like an admission of defeat, like Kyungsoo always thought it would. It feels just the way it’s supposed to: soft, comfortable, perfect."

🧡 | Shazam!
🖋️ | mataariki
🚢 | baekhyun/jongdae

"A fist in the face was not the answer that Baekhyun had been looking for."

🧡 | Puppy Love
🖋️ | miss_aztec57
🚢 | yixing/kris

"Wu Fan clears his throat and looks around, eyes settling on an elastic band. He grabs it off the bench and takes Yixing’s hand, looping the band a few times before it sits properly on his finger."

🧡 | side by side by side
🖋️ | tatoeba
🚢 | baekhyun/jongdae/minseok

"Their hands on him, their hands on each other, it’s dizzying, it’s beautiful, it’s everything Baekhyun’s wanted for weeks now."

🧡 | (is this) more than you bargained for
🖋️ | seafoamblues
🚢 | kyungsoo/luhan

"A headache. That's all Lu Han is, Kyungsoo convinces himself. One giant headache."

🧡 | positive entropy, negative enthalpy (spontaneous reaction)
🖋️ | astroblemish
🚢 | jongdae/sehun

"...it’s not exactly reassuring so much as it is heartbreaking but, well, at least Sehun gets to be the little spoon. Always a silver lining."

🧡 | Baekhyun on the Cliff by the Sea
🖋️ | minijhi
🚢 | baekhyun/jongdae/minseok

“I could stay here with Jongdae, and we’d raise a kitten and a little squid, and that’s all I’d ever need. It would be pretty magical too.”

🧡 | Yo, that ass is fat
🖋️ | lawlipoppie
🚢 | baekhyun/sehun

"Baekhyeon is more than a little lovelorn. He just wants solace, cuddles, someone to share blushes and kisses with and hold hands and maybe touch dicks on occasion."

🧡 | For a Thousand Years
🖋️ | suhossineun
🚢 | chanyeol/junmyeon

"Not only is the young prince starved for good conversation and companionship, but also touch, it appears. Chanyeol’s heart sometimes really, really aches for the young man."

🧡 | don't be shy (don't think too much)
🖋️ | w_anderingheart
🚢 | jongdae/junmyeon

"But then again, maybe Jongdae finds him just as interesting as Joonmyun finds Jongdae. Sly looks, light words, a smile that was open but unreadable."

🧡 | the new guy
🖋️ | horse_exobooks
🚢 | jongdae/sehun

"I've heard Kyungsoo goes ass to mouth," Jongdae says, right before Sehun takes a sip. Sehun chokes on nothing, tipping the glass of wine and spilling it all over his pressed khakis.

🧡 | Leverage
🖋️ | London9Calling
🚢 | junmyeon/sehun

“But please don’t come on my Star Wars comforter again. I forgot to change it before we started.”

🧡 | temptation & fate
🖋️ | astroblemish
🚢 | baekhyun/jongdae/minseok

“You’re a vampire, he’s a werewolf, I’m an insomniac, we’re all creatures of the night, we’re meant to be."

🧡 | o children, rejoice
🖋️ | xiseoks
🚢 | baekhyun/minseok

"He has Minseok by his side again, and he is unchanged for the most part. He could forget. He could dismiss everything so easily, like he has done before."

🧡 | Luminen
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"Baekhyun, as always flustered when it fits his own schedule, sweeps the room with light like an overcooked kitchen lamp at midnight, an explosion in the middle of nothing and a star in the sky."

🧡 | Burger King For Life
🚢 | baeksoo

‘’McDonald’s shit anyway. Their coffee’s like cat piss and last time I was in their drive-through I accidentally said ‘bye, love you’ to the worker because I’d just been on the phone with my mom.’’

🧡 | Nisi Dominus
🖋️ | lawlipoppie
🚢 | baekhyun/chanyeol

"Baekhyun misses Chanyeol. He misses more than he’s ever missed. Simple as that."

🧡 | House Edge
🖋️ | lawlipoppie
🚢 | baekhyun/jongdae/kyungsoo

"In Seoul, he’s toughened, skin and mind covered in scales. By now, being submerged in glass shards merely tickles. But it’s also so much easier to smile."

🧡 | midnight bonfires
🖋️ | astroblemish
🚢 | jongdae/kyungsoo

"(...) things with Jongdae always feel so natural and easy, Kyungsoo only questions them once it feels like it’s too late."

🧡 | Lightweight
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

‘’You’re different tonight,’’ Baekhyun remarks while Kyungsoo comes down from his last laugh.

‘’How so?’’ Kyungsoo asks.

‘’Almost like you’re…. unguarded.’’

🧡 | Limb to Limb
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"Being a human is exciting, but apparently also tiring for both his mind and body. Perhaps spirit too."

🧡 | It Rains In Hell
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"The thing is, you don’t have the luxury to swipe left or right as to who you'd wanna go through eternal damnation with, but Baekhyun can’t complain about his bargain."

🧡 | Sleepy Corners
🖋️ | Bbaegi
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"He didn’t know how a kiss that was flavored with sleep could make him lose that exact taste for a long part of his night."

🧡 | The Puppiest Strawberry
🖋️ | lawlipoppie
🚢 | baekhyun/sehun

“Just get me because I’m discounted today,” he says. “90% off.” Like those things that are slightly damaged. The scum. Sehun is blemished to the bone.

🧡 | until spring blooms again
🖋️ | astroblemish
🚢 | baekhyun/jongdae/kyungsoo

Just post a billboard outside their apartment building at this rate, advertising the fact that their marriage is currently being renegotiated because of one (1) Baekhyun Byun

🧡 | Say Jump, Say How High
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"It was as if Baekhyun sought that kind of attention, the push just right at the edge, but never crossing it completely, and never leaving it untouched either."

🧡 | horizon line
🖋️ | astroblemish
🚢 | baekhyun/jongdae

"In Baekhyun’s world, he and Jongdae never got anything close to happiness, and in this world, they’re denying it from each other out of fear of nothing."

🧡 | Your pubes are cute
🖋️ | lawlipoppie
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"The bright side about this is that he doesn’t need a new job if he’s going to prison. Or if Baekhyeon turns him into dust. Kyeongsu doesn’t need a job either if he’s dust."

🧡 | Get Cocky
🖋️ | MitchMatchedSocks
🚢 | jongin/sehun

Thank god, Sehun was giggling too. This is what true bros were for. Keeping things lite™ even after a little abnormal dick fondling.

🧡 | The Star of My Heart
🖋️ | krispy_kream
🚢 | chanyeol/kyungsoo

Kyungsoo is dressed a tad too nice because he’s got a hopeless, stupid crush. What the fuck is Chanyeol doing?

🧡 | (won't you) come my way
🖋️ | storyop
🚢 | chanyeol/kyungsoo

It’s pretty incredible how the majority of his decisions are bad ones. Especially this one, even if he does really (really, really) like the way Chanyeol smiles into every one of his kisses

🧡 | Dust to Flowers
🖋️ | Bbaegi
🚢 | baekhyun/junmyeon

"Warm. So warm. That was the kind of warmth Junmyeon liked. The warmth of Baekhyun’s voice. Not July. Not May. Not August. Baekhyun. Just Baekhyun."

🧡 | A Heart at Peace
🖋️ | strange_seas
🚢 | jongin/kyungsoo

"His mind is full of Jongin, and his mouth is full of mine, and the door in his heart that had once been marked no is now swinging wide open on the whisper of yes."

🧡 | hear them howl
🖋️ | astroblemish
🚢 | baekhyun/junmyeon

“When his mother had said what are you going to do with yourself if not practice magic, Junmyeon? Junmyeon had said I’m going to practice law.”

🧡 | I'll Chew You Up, and I'll Spit You Out
🖋️ | latinaeinstein (oneforyourfire)
🚢 | minseok/luhan

“Lu Han likes boys that won’t ask for his number the next morning or call him baby. He likes deadlines and expiration dates."

🧡 | Pledge myself to you
🖋️ | lawlipoppie
🚢 | baekhyun/sehun

Baekhyeon beams, sudden, humongous and sprightly. He kisses Sehun, a flurry of smacks, ending with one slow, profound meld. This is his yes. Without anything being asked, this is his yes.

🧡 | call me daddy, call me baby
🖋️ | okamiwind
🚢 | chanyeol/junmyeon/sehun

"They signed on the dotted line, a kiss that felt like indulgence and tasted like money."

🧡 | this time (we'll make it work)
🖋️ | tatoeba
🚢 | baekhyun/kyungsoo

"Only you could accidentally get yourself into a relationship with your own crush and not even realize it, Baekhyun."

🧡 | Warm Enough for You Outside, Baby?
🖋️ | noonaofdarkness
🚢 | baekhyun/chanyeol

"I’m already yours. But you could be mine, too."

🧡 | Close ain't close enough
🖋️ | winter__child (Park_Noodle)
🚢 | baekhyun/chanyeol

"Scenting is hardly a routine, at least in Chanyeol’s book."


• • •

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