A paragraph @POTUS should have added to his speech last night: "As we move towards more and more people vaccinated across this great country of ours, we have to realize that outside our borders most of the world is still waiting for a vaccine." 1/
"What we see happening in India right now should concern us all and I’ve directed our agencies to work to help the world’s largest democracy get through this crisis." 2/
"But elsewhere on the planet Russia and China are stepping up to get vaccines to countries in need. The US and our allies in Europe and elsewhere cannot let our globe’s autocracies claim the moral high ground, showing more generosity than we are at the moment." 3/
"Therefore, I am calling for a global vaccine summit, and will bring companies and countries to the table with our own best experts to figure out a way to get a vaccine to everyone who needs one within the next two years across the planet." 4/
"We face multiple challenges in this regard, the lack of manufacturing capacity, the need to share knowledge and know-how more quickly and easily, a bottleneck in raw materials, a thicket of patents and trade-secrets that keep COVID19 vaccines from being a truly public good." 5/
"Surmounting these challenges will be difficult, but this isn’t a scientific problem, waiting for discovery, but an engineering one, an industrial one, and it’s a failure of political will—all addressable, all can be overcome. " 6/
"The past year has sent world leaders looking inward as they worked to protect their own citizens from this virus. Now we have to rally to ensure we vanquish this virus once and for all. For what I am sure about is that none of us are safe until all of us are safe." 8/
"A virus emerging from one corner of the planet swept over us all of us last year with rapid ferocity. Leaving SARS-CoV-2 to fester anywhere on Earth risks a resurgence here at home. We cannot ignore this global challenge any longer and I commit myself to this task today." 9/
Dear @POTUS, dear @JoeBiden. It's not too late to say these words to your fellow Americans, to make a promise to the world. end/

• • •

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27 Apr
You know @JamesCarville fake populist schtick is getting on my nerves. He's been living high on the hog since 1992 and likes to pretend he's still a tribune of the common man. Like Ted Cruz. Or Josh Hawley. 1/
So he goes after faculty lounge politics (elite-bashing) and wokeness (which is just straight-up good old boy race-baiting). It's GOP-adjacent, I'll translate for him: he's doing the right's work on race and class for them. He's no friend to anyone who cares about justice. 2/
Girlfriend, you're history and you're toxic. You sold out old school Democratic values for a quick win in 92, with the can't beat-em-join-em reaction to the Reagan era. 3/
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26 Apr
Let's be clear. I support @POTUS and think he's done a good job thus far as president, EXCEPT on global #COVID19 vaccine access. 1/
We have several potent, safe vaccines against #SARSCoV2 now. It's really miraculous. Didn't think we'd be here with these choices now. But for billions around the world, these miracles are just something to read about. They will not get vaccinated anytime soon. 2/
What we have here in market failure. Straight up. Americans invested in these vaccines, directly through last year's billions of dollars to the companies, the support over the years to the research at NIH that made them possible. 3/
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17 Apr
@WesPegden @orinmoore So, Wes, denialism is a broader concept, discussed here: "There is an overwhelming consensus on the evidence among scientists yet there are also vocal commentators who reject this consensus, convincing many of the public, and often the media too..." 1/ academic.oup.com/eurpub/article…
@WesPegden @orinmoore "...that the consensus is not based on ‘sound science’ or denying that there is a consensus by exhibiting individual dissenting voices as the ultimate authorities on the topic in question." 2/
@WesPegden @orinmoore "Their goal is to convince that there are sufficient grounds to reject the case for taking action to tackle threats to health." 3/
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16 Apr
.@WVGovernor, @EricJTarr4WV, @MooreCapitoWV, @claymarsh, @AyneAmjad. #WestVirginia just ignored #WestVirginia's own health advice. Here is a statement from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources from a few years ago. 1/ oeps.wv.gov/harm_reduction…
"Data collected by the West Virginia Health Statistics Center showed that West Virginia ranked #1 in drug overdose deaths in 2015, with a rate of 41.5 deaths per 100,000 people. Deaths attributed to opioids, namely heroin and fentanyl, are on the rise in the state." 2/
"Additionally, West Virginia currently ranks #1 in the country in incidence of acute hepatitis B and hepatitis C." 3/
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15 Apr
So, @WVGovernor @claymarsh @AyneAmjad @EricJTarr4WV have blood on their hands. Syringe exchange works. It prevents HIV transmission. It does not increase drug use or crime. That's the evidence. 1/
I mean really, what the fuck? #WestVirginia is in the midst of an opioid and HIV epidemic and these bozos decide that gutting harm reduction in the state is their go-to strategy. It's inexcusable nonsense. 2/
And @WVGovernor @claymarsh @AyneAmjad @EricJTarr4WV are ready to flush millions of dollars down the toilet. The costs of HIV, HCV treatment alone mount into the millions. This is on them. Every cent. Every dollar. Every death. 3/ wvpolicy.org/saving-lives-a…
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11 Apr
.@DouthatNYT: in my youth, I was part of a Catholic evangelical group. But the homophobia, sexism, racism among its leaders shocked me. I walked away, never came back. This kind of pious hatred became policy for some denominations in the 80s, 90s. 1/ nytimes.com/2021/04/10/opi…
So who walked away from whom? Preach homophobia from the pulpit, tell women they can't make reproductive choices on their own, support policies that hurt rather than help people through the @GOP and you have box-office poison. Who wants to be scorned as a matter of faith? 2/
If there is any spiritual stirring in my soul at this point it's people like @RevDrBarber and @RedLetterXians who point the way, not the noxious variety of American Christianity that has been in ascendancy for 3 decades now. 3/
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