The governors should want to return to a 1950s style governance, where the population was completely clueless. Trust in government and media was VERY high, because the rulers were almost invisible. Propaganda was actually far lower, because it was less necessary.
People weren't asking questions and weren't suspicious, so they didn't need to be diverted all the time. Three TV stations was enough. So in most ways, the governors have just created their own problems.
They thought technology would help them control us, but technology has allowed us to see through them. In that sense, they don't need to fake an alien invasion, they need to fake a collapse of media somehow. They need to defund 24-hour news, Hollywood, and most TV stations.
They need to turn our attention back to our own little lives and away from them: to our Little League games and soapbox derbies and local picnics and backyard barbeques.
They should be encouraging us to go to pubs and get married and have sex and be happy, because only then will we truly be off their hands. The history of the past 60 years has been a disaster, but mostly for them.
They have traded control for increased misery profits, but as they themselves admit, control comes before profit. Without control, profits will collapse.

• • •

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1 May
You may think Alex Jones is on the side of the little guy, because he spends a lot of time selling that image of himself. But an article he published today blows that idea to shreds.…
There, he tells us of reporters informing “liberals” on the street that the upper 1% pay 40% of federal income taxes. Those people on the street are allegedly shocked, with one saying that the “bottom could pay more”.
Jones wants you to believe the wealthy are already paying their fair share and the little guys need to pay more? Wow. Hard to believe he dared to post that. Is it because Jones is now rich from hawking his vitamins and other products and doesn't want his taxes to be raised?
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27 Apr
Naomi Klein is a former Miliband Fellow at the London School of Economics. Her articles are published by places like The Nation and Harpers. These Intel fronts have been pushing propaganda over and over. That is what they do. That is why they exist.…
The London School of Economics was founded by Fabians, including George Bernard Shaw, Sidney Webb, Beatrice Webb, and Annie Besant.
Annie Besant led the Theosophy movement at the time, which was an Intel creation. Beyond that, these people were involved in the rise of the misnamed Labour Party, which—like its counterparts in the US—claimed to be pro-Labor while being a cloaked tool of the Industrialists.
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25 Apr
Almost 80% of suicides are male, and around 70% are white males. And that isn't 70% of the 80%, that is 70% of all suicides are white males. You hear a lot about the high rate of suicide among Native Americans, but the rate among white males is 15% higher even than them.
The age-adjusted suicide rate among white men is four times that of white women.
Even more shocking is the mainstream response to this. If you ask why this is happening, the first thing that comes up on the web is a study from Yale, which blesses us with this analysis:…
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25 Apr
Trump has now urged his supporters to get the vaccine, proving he is also a puppet of Gates and the others. Proving this is not a red versus blue question. This will come to haunt him and those behind him.
It is guaranteed to backfire, and will be just another arrow in the body of this entire current scheme. It will now be impossible to sell Trump as the savior, saving everyone from the evil liberals.
When hundreds of thousands are killed or permanently damaged by the vaccines, Trump will not be able to claim innocence. As vaccine deaths rise, the rulers will have to groom a new savior, having him speak out against the vaccines.
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24 Apr
When Louis Pasteur died, he left instructions that his laboratory notebooks be passed along to his heirs with the provision that they never made the notebooks public.
However, his grandson, Louis Pasteur Vallery-Radot, who apparently didn’t care for Pasteur much, donated the notebooks to the French national library, which published them.
In 1914, Professor Gerard Geison of Princeton University published an analysis of these notebooks, which revealed that Pasteur had committed massive fraud in all his studies.
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24 Apr
Health officials believed that the cause of the Spanish flu was a microorganism called Pfeiffer’s bacillus, and they were interested in the question of how the organism could spread so quickly.
To answer that question, doctors from the US Public Health Service tried to infect one hundred healthy volunteers between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five by collecting mucous secretions from the noses, throats, and upper respiratory tracts of those who were sick.
They transferred these secretions to the noses, mouths, and lungs of the volunteers, but not one of them succumbed; blood of sick donors was injected into the blood of the volunteers, but they remained stubbornly healthy;
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