Proof of genocide against Acadians here and in this book VERITAS Acadia. When will the war on us stop?
@JustinTrudeau @cafreeland @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @ChiefSAugustine @AFN_Updates @NCAI1944 @MikmaqRights #mmiw @LaVoixacadienne @UN4Indigenous
For centuries you deny this as genocide.…
You keep Cornwallis scalping laws unrecinded in your law books. Nova Scotia Government told me it was a Federal issue. Harper Government told me it was Provincial. Canada didn’t exist when it happened but still complicit to allow this.…
Canada hides history of the man who kept my people as slaves up to the age of my parents. Charles Robin the Jersey “Codfather”. Canada hides the fiefdoms we have on the land. My people bound to slavery to feed slaves the dry cod. I am Acadian Mi’kmaw.…
View 52 minutes to see how KKK and Orange Order kept my people systemically illiterate. Speaks to cruelty of Charles Robin.…
My family is in this report by ROSEMARY E. OMMER
The Truck System in Gaspé, 1822-77*
The name Lantin is a variant spelling of my family name Lanteigne. He was one of the rare guys who didn't have debt.
Lanteigne had the largest parcel of land and blueberries to pay down debt to Charles Robin. Just because we lacked debt didn’t mean we had money. My father grew up poor. Upper right hand corner. He was 12 when he got his first pair of new shoes. First clothing not handed down.
My entire family are Métis and we were kept poor because of it. Lanteigne and Galliens are my line. Deemed the bottom that feeds the top by the Bishop in historical documents.…
My people were and still are the first Métis in Canada…
Our bloodline sealed the nation of Mi’kma’ki & Vatican Concordat of 1610. The Deportation left few survivors and isolated us. We were forced by Indian Act to hold status. We had to marry in to hold land and it was controlled by Charles Robin who exploited us.
My family story here. My family subject to rapes and murders. My cousin just died of that.…
We had a lot of systemic abuse. I made this video to give my kids our history but it got over 27,000 views because we are many survivors starving to hear our own history told.
We are survivors of rapes by priests. We have a baby of the priest in my family still. My uncles raped by priests. My Aunts raped. One gang raped. My dad’s sister and brothers lost to suicide. Forced marriage and incest issues. Robins company owner married our women to exploit.
Fiefdoms never stopped when Canada formed. John W Dick raised Mennonite became a Toronto Businessman and owner of this fiefdom. He retains the legal right to kill servants with property ownership. The Seigneur of St.John laundered money in Jersey.…
Canada’s system attracted corruption. Ghislaine Maxwell’s dad Robert Maxwell had money at a St. John NB law firm. His lone of 100 million defaulted when he died. Jeffrey Epstein took advantage of unincorporated lands for tax evasion.…
The Queen apologized for the deportation of Acadians. It violate lnternational law to do it. Proven with Warren Perrin here.…
Signed off by Canada’s Governor General.
Canada and US were British when the Act of Settlement 1701 hid the prehistory of North America to create an English only narrative. The reality is deportation began in Acadia and went to Standing Rock with Jeffrey Amherst wiping out all the Vatican trade nations.
King Solomon lodge 54 in Nova Scotia was the lodge where all the Colonial illegal genocide was planned with Charles Lawrence, Edward Cornwallis, Jeffrey Amherst, Lord Monkton etc. Read of it in the words of the lodge itself.…
The 44 richest people in Canada just made $63 billion off of Covid 19. This is by design.
The names of many of Canada’s richest are the same names on the grave stones in Nova Scotia. They never had inheritance tax. They destroyed the Acadian headstones to raise their own history controlling media, judiciary and governance.
Chuck Strahl an Enbridge lobbyist who ran CSIS worked with Clem Chartier to create a Metis Nation that disenfranchised Metis people along both Coasts where the oil pipeline opposition was strong. Clem wrote the forward and gets on the cover and the book lied about my people.
Race doesn’t equal nationhood. Henry VIII introduced that with Oath of Succession but we’re not English. We are Indigenous with trade that goes back centuries. Mi’kmaw chiefs were many races but all are Mi’kmaw.
Trade with Mi’kmaw in Acadia goes back to 10th century at least and included global spice trade and slave trade and all the babies born from these interactions. Canada silences Black, Asian, European and South American history with Act of Settlement 1701.
Read the racist drivel of Conrad Black who still spins Colonialist propaganda. Baron Black of Crossharbour, Knighted by Queen Elizabeth was also bailed out of jail for Fraud by President Trump thanks to a letter written by Alan Dershowitz.…
I am still here. You can digitize all the records and erase the history and level the traces of us on the soil as you did once before but you will never extinguish truth. Acadians still here. Still Indigenous and still bearing witness to the genocide.…
I was asked to give my witness statement regarding the ongoing genocide in Canada at the International Criminal Court. I would much rather see @JustinTrudeau transfer assets to Indigenous people to end toxic agreements and to rebuild a #justrecovery.
My view: We need to repair the ship not sink the boat. Westminster has the power to pass simple votes to undo the mess. They have no constitution. Work collaboratively to get to faster solutions. End UK Act of Settlement and Oath of Succession to free us all.
The Westminster solution to end Colonialism by simple vote is do able. If we want to bury the hatchet for real, include Westminster in good faith to end the root causality. Doing so can free many people globally. It is time to advance peace.…

• • •

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30 Apr
CER allows Insurance companies to not be named. Trans Moujntain LP claims CDEV is independent but obvious conflicts exist with Trans Mountain Co. We need the names to assure fiscal & judical prudence! @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @EngineersCanada @FERC
I saw the use of shell companies evident with the Isle of Man Schemes and KPMG. Harper was involved with that mess.…
Fraser Milner Casgrain became Dentons. Largest law firm. Dentons solicitors for BP (Kinder Morgan) Enbridge (Line 9) TransCanada (Keystone XL etc.) & linked to KPMG tax evasion. Bird Construction owned by Enbridge VP Richard Bird had a KPMG partner on board. Mr. Greg Doyle.
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The CER (Canada Energy Regulator) decided that Trans Mountain Pipeline LP’s has the right to hide the names of their insurers from activists.…
States here Trans Mountain Corporation is accountable to Parliament through the Canada Development Investment Corporation (CDEV). As a wholly-owned subsidiary of CDEV, we are governed by an independent Board of Directors.
The CDEV is a "holding company" with wholly owned subsidiaries including the Trans Mountain Corporation. A subsidiary of CDEV purchased the "entities that own and operate the Trans Mountain Pipeline System".
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@HarveyCashore I came across the KPMG issues as a delegate of the Enbridge Line 9 pipeline hearing. I built this website to chronicle the issues.
Fraser Milner Casgrain became Dentons. Largest law firm. Dentons solicitors for BP (Kinder Morgan) Enbridge (Line 9) TransCanada (Keystone XL etc.) & linked to KPMG tax evasion.
The guy to watch is Kyres…
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My view: we need to end sexist and racist Masonic influences in Canada’s military. Canada has studied this issue to death. Time for real change. @HarjitSajjan @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland
This is a National security risk.…
The Italian mob and masons are linked today.…
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US Special Envoy for Yemen Tim Lenderking will travel to Saudi Arabia and Oman on Thursday for talks with government officials about efforts to end Yemen’s civil war, the US State Department said.… #peaceforYemen #divestwar #YemenCantWait #justrecovery
This past March Canada committed support with humanitarian partners to provide life-saving food and support health care, clean water and sanitation for people in Yemen.…
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South Africa’s ANC allowed looting, president says. Ramaphosa said it cost the economy tens of billions of dollars after crucial institutions such as the revenue service and state power monopoly were hollowed out.…
We see similar issues in Canada with the privatization of public services.…
Canada’s oligarchy is out of control with looting today. This isn’t sustainable. #cdnpoli
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