I'd like to add a few things to last nights thread on protection from "Vaxxed Pinheads".. Anyone wondering what a "Vaxxed Pinhead" is, It's an individual with a brain the size of a pinhead that allows themselves to get stuck.. An irreversible mistake that proves just ..cont
How utterly stupid they really are... Not only have they allowed irreversible damage to their genome and immune system, their thoughtless actions now threaten everyone around them.. Not to mention the emotional hardships caused to those who can no longer be around them..cont
ALL of you need to start seriously thinking about how you're going to go about protecting your self and your family against the new threat of contamination by these idiots.. As I began describing last night, because the waste (shedding) coming off this vaccine..cont
Is from Nano Particles, or Molecules, with electric charges on them, I would thing an Electromagnetic field surrounding your entire Being should prevent those particles from entering your body.. If it doesn't entirely prevent them from entering, at least it'll ..cont
Cancel out the electrons damaging their integrity enough to make them harmless.. It's called "Magnet Therapy" and I made a thread describing how to install it on your body.. Here are a couple of more things that should help.. You can purchase a headgear made out of copper..cont
With Quartz Crystals.. You can either purchase it online or make it yourself.. It's not difficult.. You'll need copper pipes beat and pounded into the shape of your head.. Quartz Crystals placed on the temples and forehead of the headband... YouTube used to have..cont
Have tutorials on how to make these.. Also ankle bands and wrist bands with Quartz Crystal implants.. Learn how to charge the crystals in the Sun, than program them.. Next, Look Up and learn about Pyramid Power.. You'll want to construct a scaled down version of..cont
The Giza Pyramid.. You'll need at least a 5-6 foot base, large enough for you to sit in. If you get real serious about it, you can build it large enough o fit over your bed.. That way you can have the benefits of Cosmic Energy as you sleep.. build it out of copper pipes...cont
FRAME ONLY!! Do NOT cover it!!! Make sure you align one side of it with Magnetic North.. After completion, if it's not over your bed, schedule sessions with you inside meditating.. You'll absorb cosmic energy while meditating.. If over your bed, you'll absorb it all night...cont
Speaking of Beds and Sleeping.. I discovered a major BOO, BOO in one of my tutorials.. There's a good reason why you point your head in a specific direction, ANYTHING BUT towards the North!! WHY?? Because of the Magnetic Pull on your body, causing blood to be pulled...cont
Into your brain.. My instruction described pointing your head to the North.. WROOOONG!!! Point your head any direction BUT North!!! You can go online and get the different affects to the body for each direction if you want to get technical about it.. cont
Because the way the Earths electric grid is set up, when you get up in the morning DO NOT get out of bed on the Left side. ONLY to the right side of the bed. You should follow up and learn about the different affects to the body depending on where the body is placed and how..cont
Now, more than ever, you need to learn the relation between YOU and the Earth.. Everything the 1% is planning to do to you involves Electricity... Learning how it all works will benefit you in figuring out how best to protect your self depending on your location...cont
The joke about "Tin Foil Hats", is really no laughing matter.. Because of the wide use of DEW's to attack and harass specific people for various reasons, you would be wise to consider making a headset of TinFoil that can be used over and over again.. If 5G ever..cont
Get's fully implemented, there will be a grip of people getting headaches etc,, Having a TinFoil hat may be the difference between a splitting headache and relief.. You can also incorporate steel wool into a hat.. Take the steel wool and unroll it into a strip...cont
A Seamstress would be nice.. Someone that has the talent to make clothing, etc, with magnets and other metals sewn into the fabric... DON'T forget about "Grounding" !!. I can't stress this enough.. Also referred to as "Earthing".. It's when you remove your socks and shoes..cont
And walk on the Bare Earth or sand for at least 30 minutes a day.. The longer the better.. This will allow negative electrons to flood your body.. They are limited after the introduction of Rubber Soles and "Concrete "Jungles that now exist today.. Without being..cont
Grounded on a regular basis, all the Positive Electrons your body absorbs during the day, end up with no place to go.. This then causes "Free Radicals" to form, a destructive form of electricity that causes organ failure.. Most ailments in Human Beings are caused..cont
By Vibrational Frequencies that are Wacked Out!! Each Chakra responsible for a different bodily function, needs to have the frequency in harmony.. Correct the frequency and cure the problem.. Of course other factors include diet, exercise and proper sleep, are also required!!
Give it some time.. If you all start concentrating on educating your selves about the way the Human Body functions, you can tell your Doctor to take a hike.. Then, when a guy like Fauci gets up and starts lying to you, You'll KNOW whats up!!

• • •

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1 May
If anyone else wants to push my buttons, here's how ya do it... You insist that the information I'm giving you proves that I'm a Lunatic with a Tin Foil Hat perched on my pointed little head.. This view of the information I provide will do one thing.. Allow YOU to be placed..cont
In my Cooler so you can contemplate your ignorance.. How long will you sit there??? Until I get Tired....
Like I was trying to describe to all of you before... This Phony Baloney Bullsh#! that's happening all around you, should by now be wearing you out.. Granted there are those who enjoy it.. Like it's some excitement to spice up their Miserable Lives.. I GET IT!! ..cont
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30 Apr
Whatever.... Let's talk some more about this new problem with Vaxxed people being a danger to unVaxxed People!! There are a couple of things you should be doing immediately to protect your self.. Number one, create a Electromagnetic field around your entire body.. Number 2...cont
Research how to do a Metal Detox correctly and DO IT!!.. You might as well plan on doing one at least once a month..If the method your using allows it, do it more than that.. You are absorbing Nano Particles daily, the sooner you get a force field installed the better!!...cont
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30 Apr
Hello Everyone, I just want to pop in here real quick and give you a suggestion for protection against Vaccinated People.. I'm finding that the thing causing concern is airborne "Nano Cells".. Coming from The Spike Protein Debris..In other words, "Hazardous Trash".. Because .cont
The Nano Cells are electric, I'm going to suggest creating an Electromagnetic Field around you.. Get some small powerful magnets, the ones found in old Hard Drives, and figure out how to attach or hang on specific locations of the body. The Ankles, Waist, and Neck or Chest.cont
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29 Apr
The only thing you need to know, to understand the deepest metaphysical secrets, is this,... For Every Outside There's an Inside, and for every Inside there's an Outside.. And, Although they're Different, they go Together... There is in other words, a secret conspiracy...cont
Between All Insides and All Outsides.. The Conspiracy is This,... To look as Different as possible, Yet Underneath to be Identical.. Because you don't find one like the other... Like Tweedle Dum & Tweeldle Dee agreed to have a battle.. I'll repeat, AGREED to have a battle..cont
So, There's a secret... What is Esoteric, What is Profound, and What's Deep. I'll call it the "Implicit"... What's obvious and on the open I'll call "Explicit"... I and my environment and you and your environment are explicitly as different as different can be...cont
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OK, OK, Have a seat ladies and gentlemen.. Class is now in session.. I trust all those with the problem of Internal Combustion have brought a fully charged fire extinguisher with them.. If not, please exit the class.. I have suggested this over and over, yet the results...cont
Are pretty dismal for people actually doing it.. That is, giving yourself a crash course in Medicine.. The first topic you should consider is "Immunology".. This is the study of your immune system, something alot of people take for granted.. they seem to only think about it..cont
After they've contracted some disease.. Politicians and those in the Medical Community, depend on you being ignorant of this field..Just this last year has shown you a good example of how well it helps to have an entire world population that doesn't know jack..cont
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23 Apr
Good Afternoon, Good Night, and Good Morning Everyone... About a week ago I made the decision to STOP talking about COVID-19 and everything connected to the subject !! My reasons were pretty simple.. Since it was introduced on to the World Stage it has become the dominant..cont
Subject everywhere you look..Over the past year I've watched as "Normal" people have transpired into something else all together.. They can hardly be considered "Normal" now.. They wear a mask 24/7 and do everything to avoid Human contact.. The latest craze to get the Jab..cont
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