The Q-nuts, #CPC have hooked up w/ RW nutjobs to form a common front against something they know little to nothing about. Those screaming about censorship/dictatorship, like the American owned Postmedia/SUN chain, step right over the Charter and the realties of a minority gov.
Here is the Charter Statement concerning that bill. It was released in November of 2020. Odd that it's become a searing emergency at the same moment prov & fed conservative parties are tanking in the polls. Just a coincidence I guess. Read or STFU.…
As an aside: Could it be that the American owned Postmedia and SUN chains are seeing themselves in this bill? That they're afraid any new 'broadcast' licensing might end their interference in Canadian affairs? Or are they simply defending hate speech as a business model? 🤔

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2 May
"Fear" I've been saying this for a long time, since well before COVID, since before the RW morphed into Nazis and rebranded as alt, since Harper used fear of the 'other' and more going back, I guess, 15 years now. Fear fed by a click hungry complicit irresponsible media.
The rallies, the protests and the opportunistic politicians are all manifestations of crafted fear. COVID is invisible to them, it's an unknown, a strange thing they can't punch or kick. They can't shoot it or run over it with their cars. They can't yell at it, threaten it or
force it leave them and their lives alone. It's a monster lurking in the background, in the shadows of uncomprehending minds. So they bury it deep. They join with other frightened liked minded people and demand it go away. They party as if it doesn't exist & is just a hoax or
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1 May
OK, I'd like a short word(s) with the nationalistic denizens of BC. I posted a heart felt tweet about feeling heart broken with what a COVID mess Canada is in. I've had several BCer 'we're better than everyone b/c we're not conservative so don't lump us into the 'west' barkers
Just for one sec, just one goddamned sec try to understand that it's not about you, you, you. I talked about Canada. Horgan is not as bad and the con premiers but he's mucked it up too. So stop with your "we're perfect" bullshit, you're not. #Factmatter
Nationalism takes on all forms and this me, me, me, me, me provincialism is just as ugly and divisive. I am a Canadian who comes from a province in Canada (live in many.) If you don't like that don't follow me, I have no patience for this parochial bullshit. Grow up.
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30 Apr
Was just daydreaming about jumping on the motorcycle and driving across town to a bar called "The Flintstone Bar" That's the local bar where a couple of folks who went to Bangkok to party for a few days hangout. They didn't wear masks or social distance there or when they got
back there. About 10 days after their goodtime in Bangkok a cluster of 141 new infections were traced to that bar. The partiers infected an entire bar full of people who infected another bar full who infected... Since then, Apr 3, we've had a total of 1,583 new infections.
The provincial governor has ordered a near total lockdown again. Everything that had fully reopened Feb 1st is closed again. All b/c a couple of assholes wanted to party without a masks or distancing. I guess they showed us what's what.
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15 Apr
Many, many people come onto this nightmare of a platform to ask for things. Things that range from political support to cash.

So why not?

I need $130K to make my life perfect. (58% of the pay Auston Matthews gets for appearing on the ice for 22 minutes of one game this yr)
What would I do with $130K CAD? Good question.

I'd buy the condo I'm renting right now for $86K securing my living space here.

I would put $33K in a long term bank account to be used to qualify for my retirement visa, so I would never have to worry about deportation again.
I'd pay off my credit card (not big just annoying)

Buy a new 2,000 watt electric motorcycle.

Since my condo would be paid for I would use rent money to buy health insurance which the prov I vote in stopped (fuck him they say, let him die on the street, he made a choice)
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15 Apr
JFC – I am so sick and f**king tired of this bloody place. An American CNN talking head, one who's been yelled at over his arrogant self-indulgent bullshit (his marketing hook) from all sources, who just got an earful from Canadians for supporting a misleading, distorted
'news' article has struck back by demeaning Canada's PM. Whether you like it or not, Trudeau is Canada's Prime Minister and the face of Canada. An American asshole has decided he will insult and demean Canada, treat the country as you would an unruly kid in the playground
at day-school b/c he got called out for his bullshit. That's to be expected from an American who has no idea what Canada is all about and who seems to be unaware of what a disgusting mess his own racist, bigoted, fascist, disease infested, shithole of a country he claims to be
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14 Apr
Nearly everyday I'm called names, yelled at and demeaned by Trudeau haters. The gist of all of their BS is I'm too stupid to see how corrupt Trudeau is. They're not big on free speech. I check their TLs and the vast majority of it is retweets of the American owned Postmedia.
As a side note: I am not Justin Trudeau, not a Liberal but I am a progressive humanist who opposes the anger and hatred that is the Conservative's stock and trade. Not sure how yelling at me is going to change that but...
If I'm bored I might challenge them to teach me all about Trudeau's 'corruption.' So, instead of giving me their opinions they link to Postmedia/Post Millennial or hate propaganda from Ezra. I ask if they understand what the word 'corruption' means in relation to politics.
Read 4 tweets

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