@personasama arcade-projects.com/threads/minigu… So the base supergun that I use is a Minigun, which is designed to avoid a lot of the common electrical pitfalls you'll find in poorly designed stuff that can risk damaging your other equipment, consumer speakers in particular.
@personasama I really like it and it's served my needs pretty well as a beginner. You'll have to invest in at least a power supply and video cables of some sort in addition to the base unit, plus either Neo Geo controllers or adapters, as well as possibly an upscaler depending on your setup.
@personasama Sometimes you can find pre-assembled kits for sale like on ebay; unfortunately, my seller doesn't seem to make them anymore, so I can't recommend anyone personally. The thread I linked to does still have some life, so it may not hurt to poke in and ask if anyone's selling. But...
@personasama There's a new option that's more beginner friendly: axunworks.com/product-p66950… The person behind it is apparently reputable and, crucially, it comes with the video cables and a power supply that can offer all of the different voltage types arcade boards demand.
@personasama That supergun was recently highlighted on RetroRGB, although Bob mentioned wanting to more thoroughly test it. Still, it sounds to me like it's more likely than not a good supergun that can spare someone like you a lot of hassle doing additional research for other parts.
@personasama I'm by no means an expert, so I'd definitely seek out additional opinions, especially on more technical concerns, but definitely don't hesitate to DM me if you have more questions. Hopefully what little I know helps you come to a decision faster than I was able to, ahaha.

• • •

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More from @iiotenki

2 May
For those keeping track, I now own *three* dating-themed arcade PCBs. In terms of how I'd rank them:

1. Seishun Quiz. A real looker and WAY charming.
2. Daisu Kiss. Gay as hell and the minigames are legit fun!
3. Magical Date: There's a reason Taito didn't make real dating sims. ImageImageImage
I've talked about it before, but arcade dating sims are nearly an oxymoron because the environment and context arcade games typically have to inhabit is practically antithetical to good dating sim design, which is why you basically see none that are straight takes on the formula.
I like buying these for research, but it's in the sense of seeing how these games apply a dating veneer over arcade design, rather than expecting a real sim. Even the arcade port of Tokimemo strips out all of the raising gameplay that's nigh integral to that series' idendity. Image
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28 Apr
My latest Japan package came in, bringing lots of early birthday goodies I'll show later, but wanted to quickly show off the first three issues of Hibikino Watcher, the Tokimemo 2 promotional magazine that came with the EVS append discs to enable most of the girls to talk to you.
These are among the last of my Tokimemo white whales, although it was mostly waiting for a deal. The pending PSN shutdown made me finally get them and while that's obviously postponed, I suspect the price of these will shoot up once it is gone, so I'm still glad I nabbed them.
The discs themselves *are* dumped and available readily online, which wasn't always the case. If you wanna do it the proper way so you can hear girls other than Hikari and Kasumi say your name, PSN definitely remains the cheapest; all three discs are in a bundle for 600 yen.
Read 10 tweets
26 Apr
Even in this staunchly Amagami household, sometimes you just gotta kick back and have a more wholesome Kimikiss sort of night, y'know? ImageImageImageImage
Don't read into these posts too much. The Kimikiss LP will still remain in hibernation until Amagami's is absolutely done.

Anyway, finally going for the game's other gremlin, Eriko. I quite liked her anime portrayal, so I'm keen to learn how she was depicted originally. c: ImageImage
Obviously I've long gone on the record saying Amagami is when this team really mastered expressiveness in their character portraits, but Kimikiss has always had very good "I don't respect your nerd ass right now and I'm not going to hide it even a little" faces. I live for them. ImageImage
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25 Apr
@dark1x For sure. I'm not trying to dismiss that there were genuine struggles or misfires made by Japanese publishers during that era, too. I think some of these things were compounded by slowness on western tool makers to localize their products, but that's another topic for another day
@dark1x And I do see a slow sea change happening within my own sphere of influence as well. That I can even talk about the games that I do and not immediately get laughed out of the room is real progress in western discourse that I'm grateful for and I don't want to overlook it.
@dark1x For me, it just feels like, there are some conversations among Japanese games that have been going on for a very long time and I think people sometimes mistake that reduced accessibility or insight into it as a given game lacking intention as a work.
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24 Apr
I debated whether to weigh in on it because my feelings on the matter are complex, but it's bugging me, so what the hell. There's been a lot of chatter about how Nier Replicant's reception is indicative we're fully past the, let's say, Phil Fish phase of Japanese games criticism.
Trust me, as a localizer, I get where that excitement comes from. It's the rare instance of a game widely misunderstood in its time not only getting a second chance to make a case for itself, but to do so in an environment where its director has since gained much acclaim.
More people "get" the original Nier now and that's great. It has a lot of important things to say about games, their stories, and how they're told. But I think it's premature to say it suggests foreign discourse has become fully or even much more comfortable with Japanese games.
Read 17 tweets
22 Apr
retrorgb.com/mechapwn-explo… Genuinely surprised I missed this somehow until now, but it sounds like there's a great softmod that works on a decent swath of PS2s that, among other things, allows you to permanently remove the region lock for both PS1 and PS2 games.
Not a universally necessary solution, but for someone like me who doesn't run games off a hard disk (AFAIK, those programs aren't 100% compatible and I suspect many of my Japanese games would run into issues), it's great now that replacement Swap Magics are long out of print.
Still requires that you have a way to run homebrew such as Freemcboot, but if you're one to even casually toy around with a physical PS2 in this day and age, you probably already have that. The rest of the process sounds simple and it's even reversible, which is always nice.
Read 4 tweets

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