1. Did You Know The Great Reset In Ireland Has Been In Place Since July 2020 ?

They have been trying to keep a relative low profile but the wheels are well and truly in motion. Let's jump in.

🧵 1/26
2. The Great Reset only came into existence on June 3rd 2020 which was announced by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. Speakers were Prince Charles, UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres & IMF Head Kristalina Georgieva

3. The first mention of The Great Reset in Ireland took place on July 6th 2020 and the most recent one on April 16th 2021. It is IAPI who have been driving this behind the scenes. To date they have had 6 events online.

4. IAPI are the Institute Of Advertising Practitioners. All of Ireland’s leading advertising agencies are registered with them and IAPI act as the central cog for sending out information about events etc.

All Great Reset events can be found at

5. The Great Reset in Ireland is being run by ThinkHouseHQ (TH) who are working in conjunction with a UK company called The Purpose Disruptors. The Irish arm is headed up by Laura Costello of ThinkHouse.
6. Thinkhouse are heavily involved in “Sustainability & Climate”. They call themselves a “Youth Marketing Company” and they work with brands and organisations to help them understand and connect with youth audiences.
7. IAPI stated on July 24th that they hoped to recruit more Irish agencies to take action on climate crisis. They had a “Great Reset Gathering” at the end of July which was co-hosted by UK company Purpose Disruptors (PD).
8. A White Paper was also written which was sent to all the agencies to “help deepen people’s understanding and sets out the need for people in the industry to ‘reset ourselves’, ‘reset out work’ and ‘reset our impact’

9. The brief asked that "the industry creates something to celebrate accidental climate heroes and encourage them to make it a badge of honour"

I'm assuming all of the agencies were to read the white paper before they could submit any work for the upcoming GR ad campaign in 2021
10. The white paper itself was co written by ThinkHouse & PD. Although it doesn't mention the WEF, its fingerprints are all over it. It's pretty hardcore. In the opening paragraph

"Our industry has been complicit in environmental destruction. All of us have been complicit"
11. They talk about a small "window of opportunity" to shape the future we want for our industry & society. We need them to grab this opportunity to help shape a society that puts mankind and our planet’s needs first and join The Great Reset.

Klaus Schwab said the same thing.
12. Davos also gets a mention in the White Paper: "Davos 2021 is to be held under the theme of The Great Reset “to improve the state of the world in the context of human dignity, social justice and societal progress"
13. It also states "Remember: there is no “back to normal” – this experience doesn’t come to an end, it continues – we progress"

Universal Basic Income, Sustainability, Diversity, Inclusivity & Black Lives Matter all get a mention in the White Paper as well
14. The White Paper also talks about

Reset how we travel, Reset what we buy, Reset what we eat (promoting a largely plant- based diet) Reset how we use energy, Reset our connection to nature:

All of these are central to WEF & The Great Reset
15. On Thursday 10th September they held a Zoom call where they had over 150 Irish marketing people on as they launched the Great Reset in Ireland. This was all facilitated by IAPI the Institute Of Advertising Practitioners.
16. So what was the call all about ?

I must have some kind of a death wish as I listened to it so you don’t have to. The call was primarily about climate change and here are some of the soundbites to save you having to top yourself

17. “We can make a difference to the future of life on earth bound by the common cause of climate change

We are bound by a common cause of climate change & have a love of clean air,trees & oceans”

Others on the call openly admitted to crying on previous calls. Seriously
18. At the end of the call the final nail in the coffin was “Every movement starts this way just like Black Lives Matter did”.

I expect more than half on the call were very heavily involved in the climate protests in 2019 (thanks Greta) and the BLM marches last year in Dublin
19. WEF & GR buzzwords such as sustainability, community, extinction rebellion, carbon footprint and environment were constantly plugged. It almost seemed like a type of brainwashing was taking place.
20. One very interesting point to come out of the call was how the advertising agencies try to influence their clients and brands. They basically admitted that they try to integrate and push sustainability when doing the advertising campaigns. Expect to see more of that in 2021.
21. In a blog post from Nov 3rd on IAPI we can see who is involved in The Irish Great Reset. RTE being the most prominent name. This may partially explain why they are so wedded to the idea of lockdowns.

22. Between November and April it has all been very quiet. To be honest I was expecting the climate change Great Reset ad campaigns on billboards and MSM to be in full swing. It looks more likely to be rolled out later on in the year.
23. As of 28th April 2021 Purpose Disruptors have launched The Great Reset Fortnight, a series of events and workshops designed to empower communications professionals to accelerate the fight against the climate crisis.

24. These sessions will be the first of their kind in Ireland with the aim of reshaping the advertising and marketing communications industry to only promote attitudes, lifestyles, behaviours and brands aligned with a net zero world by 2030.

UN Agenda 2030
25. We can see that GR Ireland has very specifically been installed for the next phase post corona or in conjunction with it. These guys are very well mobilised and deeply wedded to their cause without realising the bigger picture which potentially makes them more of a liability.
26. You know the drill 😀 I write these 🧵 in my spare time and would really appreciate if you could retweet the very 1st tweet. Likes are great but retweets are required to reach as large an audience as possible to expose what is really going on behind the scenes. Many thanks.

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Also a shout out to @teenheard as well for all the work they are doing

I have left everything in its original form as much as possible so hardly anything has been edited.
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1. “What Is Happening Behind The Scenes In Irish Secondary Schools” (Part 1)

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When you have finished this 🧵 please do return to this very 1st tweet to retweet. Thanks

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2. Before I dive in I especially want to thank @Irishsecondary for going above and beyond the call of duty in sending me so much material.

I have decided to split this 🧵 into 2 parts. The 2nd one will be completed and sent out tomorrow.
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Part 2 of the 🧵 will deal with information that has been sent to Irish Secondary from other parents and children.
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1. This is a quite brilliant talk by Dr Roger Hodkinson on Covid. The good doctor first came to my attention last year when he appeared on a phone in radio show in Canada. He then became more mainstream due to an interview he did with @breesanna

New 🧵 1/13
2. I haven’t transcribed the original phone in one on the radio but there is a link to it here if you fancy listening to it. I have transcribed his latest one though.

3. If you prefer you can listen to the whole 30 minutes or just go to 16.40 to listen to Dr Hodkinson. Probably quicker reading than watching anyway.

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