This thread by @kwamurai is worth responding to. The idea is that government by any system end with that system being corrupted by insiders, gamed or goodhearted in some way.

Right now we're seeing lots of this in The West, a whole bunch of systems are getting gamed.
The implied solution is that you shouldn't have any systems, just some kind of Conan-the-Barbarian leader whose word is law.

But I think this is the wrong lesson to learn from the subversion of Western institutions.
Western institutions like the academy, the press, the bureaucracy etc simply weren't designed (or didn't have time to evolve) to deal with subversion. They rely far too much on people using judgement - the editor of a journal, the staff in a newsroom, etc.
You can't subvert Conan the Barbarian the way you can subvert an organization, but systems of government based on single individuals have other weaknesses; assassination, individual variation, etc.
Besides, we have seen countries and empires run by monarchs fall to communist ideology; Tsarist Russia fell to The Bolsheviks. Yes, there is some path dependence here but a bunch of European Monarchs ended up fighting against each other in the Early 20th century...
... despite all being related and all having relatively similar values.

Big powerful ug-man in charge is very much a tried-and-tested way of ruling human tribes, but the history of that looks quite messy; there's always another ug-man with a bunch of warriors...
... who want to fight to get access to status, resources, mates, etc.

Where does this leave us?

You have to have systems. But we shouldn't see Universities and legacy media as the last word in systems.
I keep seeing this urge on the political right: something about modernity went wrong, so we need to put humanity into reverse gear.

Be ruled by a Conan. Live on a farm. Unironically believe in a Bronze-age god. Etc.
I think this is wrong; reverse gear isn't a viable option. The only viable option is steering.
On some more specific points:

> " Instead of trying in vain to escape from power, we should create a system that incentivizes it to do good. In a monarchy, for instance, the king's power is tied to the long-term wellbeing of his country."

Having kings and queens is not the only or best way of creating good incentives.

Remember, in 1914 the various kings of Europe all declared war on each other and sent their subjects to meatgrinders like The Somme.
Now it's reasonable to pin the blame for WWI on the various systems (political, bureaucratic, etc) that the kings of Europe sat on top of.

But that also seems to undermine monarchism. What's the point of a King if he's not in charge?
You have a bunch of countries with kings (Britain, Germany, Russia) that all get into a stupid suicide pact, but it turns out that none of the kings get any blame for it?

I thought the point of monarchy was to not obscure power?

Of course the reality of it ...
... is that Europe just before 1914 was run on a bunch of systems where input from the Monarchs was just a single variable.…
Monarchy already didn't work for early 20th century empires. And we want to go back to it in the 21st?

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