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1 May
👍piece from @zackbeauchamp on Biden's continued embrace of Trump's awful trade & immigration policies. But I don't agree that it's unclear or puzzling why he's doing this. The GOP's gone full nativist, & the Dems' progressive wing is also mercantilist ().
Biden's staked his entire presidency on ensuring a rapid economic recovery & investing for the medium-term on jobs, ⬇️ inequality, etc. He's doing that w/ the barest of majorities & trying to hold a fractious coalition together, while picking off enough votes to get-reelected.
Pushing for free trade & open immigration now is = pushing for health care reform w/o fixing the economy in 2009-10. I'd love to see a full-throated embrace of globalization & the use of 🇺🇸's unmatched financial power to offset distributional effects. The politics are difficult.
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26 Apr
If only there were electoral systems capable of aggregating the national population into parliament in a proportional manner without creating zero sum competition between arbitrarily drawn subnational geographic units...
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26 Apr
👇Once again, the thing that should be driving headline media coverage of the GOP nonsense about “infrastructure” is on the op-ed page instead of on the front page
The entire approach is just taking GOP talking points at face value and framing media coverage entirely around them. It’s a pervasive problem:
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26 Apr
Biden didn’t promise 100% unity, and he certainly didn’t promise compromise or unity with lying authoritarians. Baker and the rest of the mainstream media pursuing this pointless line of nonsense know this, and they are intentionally pretending otherwise.
It would be useful to hear from Baker exactly what Biden was supposed to do that he hasn’t. Compromise on a woefully inadequate economic relief bill? Publicly forgive the 1/6 seditionists for their actions? Falsely admit that Trump won? This is a content-less gotcha critique.
It also ignores the fact that Biden has advanced policy after policy supported by large supermajorities of voters. Perhaps Baker might focus on that. Of course, that would require covering politics as policymaking and substance, rather than theater and horse races.
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12 Apr
If you can’t see how things add up, after badly miscalculating the politics & economics in 2009, & after a wide range of people in 2021 have repeatedly explained it (hint: stop analyzing it as “stimulus”), then all that’s left is to imply your critics aren’t being “quantitative.” Image
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4 Apr
When (Hoover) Institutions show you who they are, over and over again, believe them
Maybe platforming Niall Ferguson on currency and debt issues in 2021 is something that ostensibly serious media outlets want to reconsider? 🤔
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