I'd like a proper socialist/marxist read on Beauty & The Beast's song "Be Our Guest." Lines like "Life is so unnerving, for a servant whose not serving," cry out for dissection in a college sophomore term paper.
The whole idea that the labor force is sitting around waiting to serve the ruling elite reinforces classist ideals, portraying serving the ruling elites as a kind of raison d'etre for the proletariat
Can I write for Jacobin now?
I should start a burner account where I just tweet out terrible marxist takes on pop culture.
The issue is that nobody would get the joke, it would just get a bunch of tankies RTing and agreeing

• • •

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2 May
I do want to return to this question of PRC rationality @PeterDombrowsk6 because I don't trust that notion at all. People before the Iraq War likely thought "Well, the US is rational" but can you really make the argument fully now?
Taiwan is an emotionally charged issue. Can an issue be emotionally charged and fully rational?

Japan was probably considered rational before WWII, but was Pearl Harbor a rational move? It had it's own logic, but I'm not sure how rational it is.

And what even does rational mean? Who defines or sets the parameters of what is rational? When I say you are overcomplicating the issue, it's because I see too many people who assume they know what China sees as rational. I assume the opposite, I just go by what I see.
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2 May
This idea that we might barter away part of our position in the world to China in exchange for a Climate Change deal: I mean, either it's an existential threat to humanity (which, last I checked, would also impact China) or it isn't. It has nothing to do with anything else.
*Asteroid races toward earth*


Don't make no sense. Let's stop pretending it does.
Clarifying that nobody in the Administration has suggested anything like this, but it's a view at the fringes and was an worry expressed by some opposed to John Kerry's role as Climate Czar.
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1 May
I suspect Known Agenda's agenda is to win the Kentucky Derby.
Soup & Sandwich is gonna make me rich
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1 May

"Japan lies beyond the effective reach of China’s A2/AD capabilities and could thus be supplied from its eastern ports."

The Rhineland and Sudetenland are not core U.S. interests, this appears to be arguing. Image

"All that said, even if Chinese conventional capabilities did grow as a result of control over Taiwan, it wouldn’t matter as much; because the United States would no longer be committed to protecting Taiwan, the odds of a major war with China would drop precipitously."
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1 May
I know I complain and profess to hate politics and especially this era of dumb that we live in, but I was just catching up on the Gaetz case because it's a train wreck and ... wow. Image
Since sadly I think we'll never get to hear him say "Bond, James Bond," this will probably be the best line of his career.
By the way, James Bond DESPERATELY needs a rethink.

1) Daniel Craig hates this role.

2) The world is dark enough, I don't need my Bond to be moody right now.

3) Just start the whole franchise over again, update it, make it interesting, or just stop making the movies.
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1 May
I don't know why I'm suffering through these mild, flu-like symptoms when locking myself away and never interacting with humanity again was a perfectly viable alternative to being vaccinated.
I would like to report that I feel very, very sorry for myself right now. I feel not terrible but just icky enough to not be having a great day.
Just feels like a touch of the flu. Headache, aches, a few chills. It feels a little like the day after you know you drank way too much, but you are thankful that the hangover isn't as bad as it could have been.
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