You may think Alex Jones is on the side of the little guy, because he spends a lot of time selling that image of himself. But an article he published today blows that idea to shreds.…
There, he tells us of reporters informing “liberals” on the street that the upper 1% pay 40% of federal income taxes. Those people on the street are allegedly shocked, with one saying that the “bottom could pay more”.
Jones wants you to believe the wealthy are already paying their fair share and the little guys need to pay more? Wow. Hard to believe he dared to post that. Is it because Jones is now rich from hawking his vitamins and other products and doesn't want his taxes to be raised?
This is lying by statistics and it only works on idiots who don't know how to respond. One way you can respond is that this top 1% is admitted by the mainstream to own over 50% of the wealth in the US. It was reported as 51% in 2018, and it just got much worse in the past 2 years
Even by their own accounting methods, it would be up to around 55% now. But even those numbers are deflated, since they are made up by the government and places like Forbes.
Who owns the government and Forbes? That's right, the very rich. So do you really think they are going to tell you the real numbers? I would guess the top 1% owns more like 80%, with the top 5% owning something like 95%. And even that may be understating it.
But whatever the numbers are, we know the rich are not paying their fair share. Under Trump, the top rate was lowered to 23%, which is lower than the poor are paying. Just so you know, the US once had a top rate of 90%.…
This country had a graduated or progressive income tax until the time of Reagan, when it began to move to a flat tax. But since the rich have many more write-offs, loopholes, and dodges, they end paying far less as a percentage than lower incomes, and sometimes nothing.
In fact, the richer they are, the LESS likely they are to be paying taxes. J. P. Morgan admitted to paying zero taxes in years that he was making millions.
If you don't believe me, you can go to theintercept, where they admit some of this. Problem is, that article is written by Jon Schwarz, one of Michael Moore's proteges. So he is playing the opposition.…
I only send you there because he quickly makes Alex Jones look like a spinner, even while spinning himself. The truth is far worse than Schwarz admits.
We know the middle class is being raped by the billionaires (and upper millionaires) like never before, so we know that focusing on one income tax statistic must be misdirection.
It is true that raising taxes on the wealthy won't solve that, since it is like a band-aid on a decapitation, but it would be a good start. What we have to do after that is get the hands of the top 1% out of the worldwide treasuries, where they are stealing freely.
No one mentions the fact that while the very wealthy may be paying large sums into the treasury, they are taking even greater sums out of it. They are basically stealing your taxes right out of the treasury, and they are taking far more out than they are putting in.
How do you think they continue to get wealthier? That's how. The very rich are scamming the taxpayers in so many ways the list would be endless.
Fake wars, fake science projects, fake research projects, fake stock markets, fake banks, weapons we don't need, a bloated military, an even more bloated Intelligence, fake medical projects (like vaccines and masks), and on and on.
So they forget to tell you that your taxes are going straight to them. Which of course skews all tax statistics. What you forget is that the rich people own the government and ARE the government. So while your taxes go to them, their taxes also go to them. You see how that works?
Everything you read online or in books is misdirection. On the “right”, you are told the rich are paying plenty, while on the “left” you are told taxes need to go up. But you now see how both sides are scamming you.
The very rich don't really care if their taxes go up, because they already have their snorkels in the treasury. Their taxes go to them, so higher taxes on the rich just creates a bigger loop back to them.
But if they can control both sides of the argument, and keep your eyes off the truth, you won't remember that. They want to keep you arguing about the tax structure, and missing these deeper truths.
So whose Side is Alex Jones on? Obviously on the side of the rich. Otherwise he would never publish that article. Which is why he calls himself a conservative.The rich are conservatives, remember? They want to CONSERVE their wealth. That is where the word came from. Look it up.

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You have to be kidding me!
That is the one thing the US system has been most successful at, precisely because it has spent so much time and energy on it. The US system perfected this control far beyond anything the Nazis, Russians, or Chinese ever imagined.
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The governors should want to return to a 1950s style governance, where the population was completely clueless. Trust in government and media was VERY high, because the rulers were almost invisible. Propaganda was actually far lower, because it was less necessary.
People weren't asking questions and weren't suspicious, so they didn't need to be diverted all the time. Three TV stations was enough. So in most ways, the governors have just created their own problems.
They thought technology would help them control us, but technology has allowed us to see through them. In that sense, they don't need to fake an alien invasion, they need to fake a collapse of media somehow. They need to defund 24-hour news, Hollywood, and most TV stations.
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