Ok @clearing_fog @sisu_sanity @Ex67T20 @csFraudAnalysis @BullMeechum3 we’ve all talked often about:
1. The infiltration at DOJ from former Alfa Bank attorneys from Kirkland and Ellis: Barr, Benczkowski, Clark, Rosen.
2. The mysterious data transfers between Trump Tower, Alfa Bank
...and Spectrum Health.
3. The many Russia connections between Erik Prince, Paul Behrends, Dana Rohrabacher, Opus Dei, Robert Hanssen, yada yada.
4. The Andy Khawaja Allied Wallet laundering large cash donations into campaigns disguised as multiple small payments
5 Wirecard et al
But @Ex67T20 just tipped me off to the fact that former Kirkland and Ellis Alfa Bank attorney Brian Benczkowski quashed the investigation into the mysterious data transfer.
I just happened to be reading this @NewYorker story about the mysterious data transfers.

And got to this part: “In one tranche of data that he gave them, they noticed that a third entity, in addition to Alfa Bank and Spectrum Health, had been looking up the Trump domain: Heartland Payment Systems, a payments processor based in Princeton.” Image
“Heartland...had recently been acquired by Global Payments, which, in 2009, had paid seventy-five million dollars for United Card Services, Russia’s leading credit-card-processing company; two years later, United Card Services bought Alfa Bank’s credit-card-processing unit.” Image
So speculative theory: Were the mysterious data transfers the stolen identities from Spectrum Health that Heartland Payment Systems would need to launder fictitious small donations into the Trump campaign?
Did these Heartland DNS lookups correspond with Trump sudden rush of small donor contributions?

Is it possible that these data transfers were Khawaja’s alleged operation in process?
Is this what German Kahn’s son in law was discussing in Russian over encrypted apps with Russian spy Konstantin Kilimnik?
@Ex67T20 do you happen to know if any of the Kirkland and Ellis alums were in charge of the van der Zwaan case?
FYI for anyone following along who is not already familiar, there was quite a crop of former Kirkland and Ellis attorneys who formerly represented Russia’s Alfa Bank (owned by oligarch German Khan) who were brought in to DOJ during the Mueller investigation.
Just thinking aloud here, but if the Mueller investigation uncovered evidence of the GOP conspiring with hostile adversaries to launder dirty money into political campaigns, that would certainly explain their urgency to maintain control at DOJ.
And to get Kavanaugh and Comey Barrett on the Supreme Court. 🤔
Not that there is any shortage of criming and treasoning that needs to be covered up.
At the risk of wandering into tinfoil hat territory, I’d also like to mention that one of the founders of Alfa Bank, Pyotr Aven, is the primary benefactor of the New Economic School who hosted/funded Carter Page’s trip to Moscow.
Also remember when the founder of RT (Russia Today) was beaten to death in DC? He lived in CA but was in DC to attend a gala fundraiser to honor Alfa Bank’s Pyotr Aven.

Mikhail Fridman, Petr Aven & German Khan of Alfa Bank are suing Buzzfeed over the publication of the Steele dossier containing claims that they were involved in a Russian govt campaign to influence the results of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. 🤔

Circling back to the root of the donation laundering idea: Andy Khawaja, who has since been indicted and arrested for funneling foreign money into US political campaigns, alleges that large donations from foreign sources are laundered into campaigns by...

...disguising them as micropayments beneath the $200 reporting threshold.
“He says that to keep it secret, they disguised the money as small donations from Americans, using stolen identities and ‘virtual credit cards’ or gift cards...” Image
“... donations of less than $200 do not have to be reported to the Federal Election Commission.”
You might also notice that this article mentions the RNC’s donation platform at the time, Stripe, saying: “The RNC and the Trump campaign accept donations through the credit card processing company Stripe. Stripe say they use ‘machine learning to recognize fraud’.” Image
The Manhattan Attorney’s Office who are looking for evidence of potential money laundering & election fraud have subpoenaed documents relating to Stripe.

“one of Stripe’s big investors is Thrive Capital, the founder and managing partner of which is Josh Kushner. Josh Kushner, who was apparently not named in the subpoena, is the brother of [Trump’s] Son-In-Law Jared Kushner.” Image
Another major investor in Stripe is Yuri Milner.
“Stripe is raising a new round of funding, according to sources with knowledge of the talks...one of the leading investors in the deal is Yuri Milner’s DST Global.”

As in, the same Yuri Milner who, as NYT reports, used Kremlin cash to invest in Facebook and Twitter, both of which were used by Russia to wage information warfare and military grade psyops against western democracy.

Just want to take a quick moment to acknowledge that Stripe banned Trump, after his involvement with inciting violent insurrection on Jan 6. However, the RNC’s new fundraising platform, WinRed, still uses Stripe as the card processor.

“...WinRed, the small-dollar fundraising platform for Republican candidates and political-action committees...is a Stripe customer, and Stripe processes payments submitted over WinRed” Image
One of the cofounders of Stripe is Patrick Collison. In 2016, Russian state propaganda outlet Sputnik published this interesting story about his involvement with Russian “entrepreneurs”.

"We are aware that there are many really talented developers and entrepreneurs in Russia. I have spent time myself in Moscow, and so we look forward to helping them operate."
👀 Spent time in Moscow? How very interesting. 🤔 Image
Does this sound like money laundering?
“Stripe Atlas allows entrepreneurs to incorporate a US company, set up a US bank account, and accepting payments with Stripe, according to the company’s website.” Image
So one of the big “mysteries” after the Jan 6 insurrection is how certain anti-democracy GOP lawmakers managed to raise so much money.

“Donations from political action committees to some of...Trump's biggest allies in Congress tumbled during the first 3 months of the year amid...backlash over the January 6 US Capitol insurrection...But small-dollar donors have helped to fill their campaign coffers in many cases” Image
“A CNN review of newly filed campaign finance reports shows the share of donations from political committees fell between the fourth quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of this year for roughly 120 members of Congress who objected to certifying Trump's loss in January.” Image
“But small-dollar donations soared for many...Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican who has faced intense criticism for her extremist views, raised $3.2 million - more money than the other House members who voted against certifying President Joe Biden's win on Jan 6” Image
“Nearly $2.6 million -- or 80% of Greene's contributions -- came in amounts of $200 or less, federal filings show.” Image
“In addition to Greene, three Republicans objectors took in at least $1.5 million in small donations during the first three months of the year: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan” Image
And where are the anti-democracy lawmakers scoring all of these small donations? Take a wild guess. -> WinRed.

“the latest filings show that small-dollar donations from individuals, many made online through the Republican party’s WinRed platform, have more than made up the gap for GOP candidates, especially those loyal to the former president. Hawley, Cruz, Greene, Gaetz and Jordan” Image
So just to summarize:
1. Many of the most dangerous divisive anti-democracy politicians are raising big money through online small donations beneath the $200 reporting threshold.
2. On the GOP side, they’re taking these donations through Stripe.
3. Stripe transactions have subpoenaed by investigators who are looking into money laundering and campaign finance fraud.
4. Stripe’s investors include Josh Kushner’s brother and a Russian who used Kremlin cash to attack democracy.
5. One of Stripe’s cofounders brags about having spent time in Moscow and helping Russian “entrepreneurs” establish US corporate entities with US bank accounts.
6. Andy Khawaja who has been indicted and arrested for laundering foreign funds into US political campaigns...
...claims that he taught convicted lobbyist George Nader how to disguise large foreign payments as small micro donations beneath the $200 reporting threshold.
7. Suspicious data transfers occurred between Trump Tower, a Russian bank with connections to Putin, Spectrum Health...
...and a payment processing company connected to Russia.
8. There is evidence of a coverup concerning the investigation of the suspicious data transfer that included DOJ appointees who had worked for the Russian bank, lying to the FBI by lawyers related to the bank owner...
...and aggressive legal threats against anyone asking questions about the suspicious data transfer by the law firm who represents the Russian bank, while some involved with the coverup had worked for this exact same law firm.
If you think it sounds far-fetched that the Russians would finance campaigns of US politicians in exchange for favors, then remember that this is precisely one of the things that Lev Parnas, Igor Fruman, David Correia, and Andrey Kukushkin were indicted for. H/T: @fairchild01
@clearing_fog @sisu_sanity @csFraudAnalysis in case you were wondering, yes Heartland Payment Systems has a prepaid gift card program. 🤔

And Stripe has a program to create virtual prepaid cards on the fly.

@FBICincinnati I’ve attempted to share this circumstantial evidence of ongoing foreign campaign finance fraud with you, but was essentially told that OSINT evidence isn’t worth your time. I hope that you are looking closely at each of these donations to determine their origin.
Remember when we couldn’t believe that the Trump campaign could be so brazen as to dupe their donors into unwitting recurring donations? Well it makes perfect sense, if the bulk of those donations were from fake donors using Russian funded gift cards.

Who cares about a 1% chargeback rate from real people, if the other 99% are from fake donors using Russian funded gift cards?

Andy Khawaja alleges that the Chinese had all of the data. This would certainly explain why Chinese and Taiwanese residents would be making donations to the Proud Boys.
In this thread above, I mention Josh Kushner and Yuri Milner as early Stripe investors. I coulda/woulda/shoulda included Peter Thiel and his self-described “PayPal Mafia” associates among the Stripe investors too.
The timeline of Thiel’s association with Opus Dei, his work as a derivatives trader at Credit Suisse, the $10 billion Parmalat financial fraud, and his investments in PayPal, Facebook, & Stripe is somewhat interesting.
I mentioned above that Alfa Bank sued Buzzfeed over their publication of the Steele dossier which included unverified HUMINT suggesting that Alfa Bank had been tasked by Putin with helping to undermine the 2016 election to help Trump.
I should also mention that Alfa Bank and former Kirkland and Ellis partner John Durham also sued & investigated the internet researchers who found, published, and analyzed those data transfers.

Just this week, Alfa Bank lost an appeal in their attempt to subpoena records from one of the analysts, Jean Camp.

Alfa Bank spends a lot of resources weaponizing the court system to threaten and intimidate anyone who brings their Putin-directed agenda to light.

• • •

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