1. There is a trend within Reformed Evangelicalism of taking doctrines related to Christology & Trinitarianism and applying them to men in order to firmly root patriarchal ideologies into the culture of the a church. It is important that we recognize these trends & rebuke them.
2. We’ve seen this play out with Trinitarianism as reformed evangelical theologians started arguing that Christ, even in His pre-incarnate state, was submissive to the father. There was an inability to see Father & Son relations apart from power dynamics & w/ that Husband & Wife.
3. We are now seeing this again regarding the Offices of Christ. For many this is obvious wrong, but I was to put some Systematic & biblical theology behind why is this wrong as I’m aware that many of you have been spiritually discipled in spaces that teach these things.
4. The three-fold offices of Christ (Prophet, Priest, & King) begins in Genesis 1 with God & these offices are reflected by Adam.

-God is Prophet (He speaks creation into existence)
- God is Priest (He walks with his People)
God is King (rules over created order).
5. Adam, as vice-regent & representative of the human race serves in each of these offices as well.

- Adam is Prophet (he speaks names over all living things & declares the glory of marriage)
Adam is Priest (He represents humanity)
-Adam is King (He is called to take dominion)
6. These offices didn’t apply to the marriage union of Adam, he and is partner were one flesh & they ruled over the created order together. Adam held these offices as a representative of humanity & Christ carries them as the new & perfect representative of humanity.
7. Throughout scripture, we see people hold one of these offices. We see prophets, priests, & Kings. All, however, were sinners & none could hold all offices (including Adam) in pure faithfulness before God & in relation to others. None except Christ, The Son of God incarnate.
8. It is a gross misapplication of these offices to apply them to a marriage or a home when in scripture they are applied to the people of God as a collective & finds its fulfillment in Christ. Husbands are NOT mini-Christs. They are sinners w/ more in common with Adam.
9. More than that, through the Christians union with Christ, they become prophets (Romans 10:14), Priests (I Peter 2:9), and rulers (Revelation 5:10). And these offices apply to all believers, men & women. Context matters! Theology matters! Marriage is a partnership! ✌🏽❤️
10. With all that said, this article goes a step further that the already harmful & dangerous place I’ve addressed. It says “all men” & not just husbands. Therefore, this article is not only toxic in regards to marriage, it’s sociologically toxic. It seeks to subjugate ALL women.

• • •

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24 Apr
1. The white church’s most ancient sin is not racism, it is Greed. Racism was merely the fruit of the root of Greed. Greed is what led to the justification of human trafficking, current political allegiances, & even the ongoing need to maintain power over minorities & women.
2. So many debates could be squashed or at least more honestly engaged of folks would stop trying to reason with folks intellect & rather appealed to their souls. It’s not a knowledge or information problem going on, it’s a spiritual problem. Folks are given over to greed.
3. Greed is what keeps people from acknowledging systemic racism. Acknowledgment means they have to face their wealth social privilege, Greed leads them to desire no one else share in said equity. Greed ultimately leads folks to look at all that is good and say, “MINE!!!!”
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23 Apr
1. My best friend was stabbed to death. I found out shortly after moving back to Atlanta. When I was in High school, I used to carry a double edged razor blade in my mouth. At 15, at school, I pulled it out & put it at someone’s neck for throwing my blue bandana on the ground.
2. I did it with an armed officer just about 10-20 feet away with his back turned. I didn’t care. I also used to pack a .38 to school on occasion. It was well known in my school that I used to bang. At different points, I had teachers & security guards come at me abt it.
3. I often think abt what would’ve happened if the police officer turned around & saw what was happening behind his back. Emotional rollercoaster with the Chauvin trial & then seeing a decent amount of Christians dismiss the life of a girl w/ a knife killed.
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22 Apr
1. Dear Sistas, I’m sorry for all the hypocrisy & misogynoir you’re seeing from black men regarding #makhiabryant. It’s expected from white men, but to see it from brothas, I’m so sorry. You regularly fight for us & many of us throw you under bus at quickest opportunity. Shameful
2. It’s really not complicated, and don’t let folks, especially men, even black men, gaslight you. The faithful response of an officer who sees kids fighting, and one with a knife, is not to shoot her 4 times, it’s to seek to disarm & de-escalate. Body-can changes nothing.
3. That black men would share tears for #TamirRice & not #makhiabryant as if both aren’t children. Both were perceived to be armed & bullets were fired & questions asked later. One may have been truly armed, but prob is perception. Black children are perceived as black adults.
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20 Apr
A prayer:
1. Father, I come before you in the name of your son. Lord, So many of your people are in anguish right now. How long O’ Lord must we wait for justice? How long will you allow racist men oppress us in your name? Father, we need you, we’ve cried out for too long O’ God!
2. We know, you are a righteous God. You are a God you hates injustice. You are the God of the marginalized, oppressed, & disenfranchised & Lord we cry out to for vindication, advocacy, & peace. Lord, our souls have cried for too long! Will you give us rest, Lord God?
3. Lord, there are powerful people who claim to represent you, who are filled with racist hate. They have been killing us for generations & those w/o blood on their hands seek to wash the hands of those who slaughter us, in your name? Will you not put an end to this? We suffer!
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15 Apr
1. The Police problem in our country is not just racial, it’s also social-economic. Poor non-black minorities AND poor white have also, collectively, known the realities of police abuse of power. Same goes for our justice system. Police largely move according to perception.
2. If they perceive you to be of a lower socio-economic demographic, they’ll assume you lack any recourse or advocacy & they’ll abuse their power cuz they believe they can. Assumptions are often racialized so they are more quickly to assume poverty onto Black, indigenous & POC.
3. Don’t tell me you love the imago dei in all if you are indifferent to police brutality, legal system corruption, & justice bias. Don’t tell me you love the poor if you are indifferent. Ayo, don’t tell me you’re a Christian if you are indifferent & apathetic.
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15 Apr
1. My dad (criminal defense attorney) once told me abt a case he had where a black teen was pulled over for a taillight. The officer, after cuffing him, grabbed kids genitalia & as the boy moved his hands to protect his private parts, the cops hands he was tased. All on dash cam.
2. I actually saw the video, I watched as the officer sexually assaulted the teenager & then tased him for trying to protect himself. They then pulled his arms up to his head while handcuffed & he screamed out in agonizing pain. Several officers were on site, others helped.
3. After investigation, my father discovered that that this wasn’t a singular event. There were numerous young black teens who experienced same thing by this cop but couldn’t afford lawyer, so they just paid fines for “resisting arrest” & went on with their traumatized lives.
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