So, there's a little woodsy park not far from where I live. It's probably about 20 acres or so of mostly woods, with a baseball field, playground, tennis courts. I've walked through it well over a hundred times, and thought I knew all the trails in it...
... Today my kids wanted to go exploring in the park, and my youngest said that a friend had said there was "something cool" if you went a secret way. So we figured we'd go check it out...
We trekked around, and climbed over some rocks, and went through some parts of the woods where the trail sort of fades out... and... then... just as we were at a point pretty far from any official trail... we found an amazing little spot.
Someone had made an amazing hangout spot in a little area under some trees. There are a bunch of hammocks (some pretty high up in the trees), some chairs, a bench, a table and some stools, umbrellas, and even a tent. There's even a lighting system (battery powered).
At first I thought maybe we had stumbled onto someone's property alongside the park, but there's a little sign hanging on the tree with a phone number. The sign said: "If found, welcome. Have fun!"
I texted the number and thanked them for creating an amazing spot, and they wrote back: "Glad you could have fun! Feel free to use it as much as you want." Wish I'd known about it a year ago, as it might have become my pandemic office... 😀
Anyway, the moral of the story: go exploring sometimes and have some adventures. You never know what you might find (literally) off the beaten trail.

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22 Apr
I've done that stupid thing again where I try to make a nuanced point on the internet (I know, I know...). People are rightfully upset with Facebook trying to brush off its big data loss as just "data scraping" which is different from a breach... but...…
... there is a difference between a data breach and just data scraping, and if we demonize scraping, that will create huge problems, and could give big companies like FB *much* more control over data. But that shouldn't let FB off the hook...…
The real issue is what kind of data was exposed for scraping, and whether or not there was some expectation of privacy in that data. And *that* is where FB failed. The issue should be what kind of data and whether it's public or not.…
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21 Apr
Here's how little I Google myself. Apparently 3 years ago I was deleted from Wikipedia for being "non-notable" and I had no idea.

Though it seemed entirely based on one person who really doesn't seem to like me based on the edits in question.
Because I'm procrastinating... decided to dig deeper into the user who first heavily edited and then deleted my Wikipedia page 3 years ago. Turns out at the same time he *also* heavily edited the Techdirt page to make Techdirt look bad.
Turns out, he was also accused, multiple times, of being a paid editor. 🤔 Though he denied it. He stopped doing any editing soon after. Truly bizarre.
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21 Apr
So this is amusingly stupid. Over at @FoxNews there's a predictably ridiculous article "grading" various big internet websites for their supposed "censorship." It's not scientific or anything, just designed to pretend to be. But... (short thread, so stick with me...)
If you dig into the details, basically all of those bad grades are because these platforms took down accounts or demonetized accounts of well known grifters/disinformation peddlers. But of course, these "researchers" interpret any moderation for policy violations as "censorship"
So, back to the Fox News piece. Amazingly, many of the comments on it are mocking the author, @dangainor for publishing such garbage.... However... if you scroll down, you'll also see something else interesting...
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12 Mar
I just turned it on and am already regretting turning on this ridiculous hearing of the newspapers and Microsoft whining that Google killed news. C'mon.
Apparently Section 230 killed news because... it created competition in the news space.
So, @ggreenwald gets to testify before Congress about a "loss of trust in media" the day after he made up a fictional argument claiming that *I* (who he lumped in as "corporate media" despite being independent way longer than him) wanted him censored. 🙄
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18 Feb
I got tired of responding to every bad take regarding the Facebook Australia news on Twitter, and have now written a longer post about it. Just don't try to share it on FB in Australia.…
Two years ago I asked if people wanted a better Facebook or a "dead" FB, and a *lot* of people said a dead FB. But after seeing how people responded to the Aussie news, I honestly think some people would argue FB shutting down was ALSO an "abuse of power"…
And just to respond to the point that now everyone who didn't read the article is making: YES, FB is probably the worst defender of the open web we could have, because it's long been an enemy of the open web. But what it's doing here is still a defense of t he open web.
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16 Feb
Section 230 has been around for 25 yeas now, and is under attack. But some of us who think it's important are throwing it a bit of a birthday party next week:
We have both authors of 230, Chris Cox and Sen. Ron Wyden coming to talk about the past, present and (hopefully) future of 230, so it should be quite interesting.
We're using a cool platform for virtual events that allows for networking and talking with people at your (virtual) table. Things like that exist, in part, due to laws like 230, and it's a fun way to make a virtual event *feel* like an in-person event.
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